October 8th, 2010 | 154 Entries

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154 Entries for “left”

  1. I have only this one life left it is the only one I have so what have I left to do and what have I left undone which way shall I turn to the right or two the left someone said recently it is not about right and wrong decisions, but about right and the best decision.

    By spttyowl URL on 10.08.2010

  2. I left my wife with 44 children and they all live in a peanut stand and I still do left….

    what’s left of me? A hallow child.

    By mindwhisperer URL on 10.08.2010

  3. I’ve been left here, to live alone. To die alone. I’ve been left behind. To live for myself. To die for myself. I’ve been left… and I’m so alone. I’m left… and I’m sorry.

    By Amanda on 10.08.2010

  4. I can’t take these emotions anymore. I want what I can’t have. It’s unbearably painful to have you so close. It’s time I left these thoughts behind.

    By thenakedblurr URL on 10.08.2010

  5. Should I turn left? It always feels like the right thing to do when making a directional choice. I don’t know why this is.

    By Kizarvexius URL on 10.08.2010

  6. I left him once, twice, and a third time. It wasn’t until I looked behind me that I never fully let him go. Once that day came I could leave him completely, it was a bittersweet release.

    By Dawn Stevens URL on 10.08.2010

  7. There’s no one left. For as far as the eye can see, winds tear through the desolate city streets, stirring papers. It is the only sign that time is not standing still.

    By Saronai URL on 10.08.2010

  8. are you left handed? they say that people left-handed have another kind of brain. the other side of the mirror. they have a different reality. they move through layers, they reach for normal while we reach for different.

    By inoxia URL on 10.08.2010

  9. whats left over? whats left over to say, do, understand, accept and hear?

    By GG on 10.08.2010

  10. She was left behind again. She hates how this always happens, hates how they think she can’t be useful and is only good for looking pretty and being a supporting friend. And so she gets left at home while the other two are out saving the world. But most of all…they’re out there growing closer, while she’s left in the dust.

    By Breanna URL on 10.08.2010

  11. I am left handed. I like to think it makes me somewhat unique. Apparently lefties only make up about 9% of the world’s population which is pretty awesome. However, it is hard to find left handed scissors and I can’t cut with my right hand like most lefties can do. I do everything left handed. Literally everything.

    By Teeps on 10.08.2010

  12. left behind. it happened so long ago but the sting has not subsided. no longer the smell of lilacs in a warm summer breeze. now all that’s left is cold disintegration.

    this is wrong. this shouldn’t be. i want home. but where is home?

    By valentina juliette URL on 10.08.2010

  13. Being left-handed was sucky when I was little. I always got stuck with the green-rubberized-handled dull rusty scissors. Eventually I wised up and learned to cut right-handed.

    Same with mousing – I mouse righty.

    It’s the hundreds of small adaptations like these that shorten a lefty’s life by 9 years.

    By Mel DuPont URL on 10.08.2010

  14. My sister is left handed and my Dad used to be until his crazy German parents held his left hand behind his back whilst he wrote with his right hand. Hitler didn’t like lefties. They live 7 years less than righties, proven fact?

    By Rach URL on 10.08.2010

  15. Left, left, left, right, left. Are you left handed or right handed? Is life more difficult for left handed people. My left handed son thinks so.
    Me, I just think he has a chip on his shoulder.

    By mauveone URL on 10.08.2010

  16. they always say that creative people tend to use their left. but ive always used my right, am i not as creative as the left? no. until i started painting, playing pool, seems i can use both. how about you? with only your left?

    By a1000ships URL on 10.08.2010

  17. when i left you i didn’t know i was leaving the life i was supposed to have, and now when i see myself floating in this world, like a ghost, i know you were my god and i was your wife.

    By Adeea on 10.08.2010

  18. She took a left turn at the corner. She had thought it was a dead end at first, but that was before she got to the stoplight at the other end. This was where she turned off from Madison street, going about ten meters from when she started at the house.

    By miatetangco URL on 10.08.2010

  19. If I was to imagine my life as a wandering trail with forks and offshoots and a constant flow of different choices, then I often wonder what would happen if I’d made a left where I made a right, or stuck to one trail when I strayed, and I think of how many bad decisions I could fix if I could change one turn.
    But then I think of all the good decisions I might never have gotten the chance to make.

    By Rob URL on 10.08.2010

  20. You and me. That’s all that’s left. But I’m not sad. Because even if I lost so much, I’m glad you were the one who stayed right beside me.

    By Patty on 10.08.2010

  21. I make honest decisions, do what feels right and good, and who’s left? The people who I want standing beside me. Life’s a sieve.

    By Phalanges URL on 10.08.2010

  22. I left my heart in san francisco, prague, paris and rome. I left home at 17, had to struggle to make it on my own. I lean left in politics. I left money where I should not have and it’s gone…damn it!

    By Renee King URL on 10.08.2010

  23. I left my purse on the subway. I was headed toward Trafalgar Square when I realized that it was still on my seat. I didn’t care.

    By Shabby on 10.08.2010

  24. There is nothing left but the corruption of the soul and society, in this way, there is nothing but our own primal urges. We are no longer humans as we’d like to percieve but mearly animals. No, less, we can do better.

    By Andres Galindo URL on 10.08.2010

  25. i am not left handed. i think sometimes i wanna be. i can do a lot of stuff with my left hand. i can paint my nails really well. i can use eating utensils. and i can write like a first grader. i think thats pretty cool considering im not left handed,

    By tracy on 10.08.2010

  26. today we took a left turn and it turned out it was the worng way… going left was very scary on a one way street… when i see this word it reminds me of the song to the left to the left

    By nubia on 10.08.2010

  27. my left hand… look left see bookself…the opposite of right.. not up or down idk

    By kayla URL on 10.08.2010

  28. I ran rapidly to the left, just dodging the snowball, to watch it fly past my head and hit the teacher.

    By Birchy URL on 10.08.2010

  29. I ran rapidly to the left, just dodging the snowball, to watch it fly past my head and hit the teacher. We laughed as pieces of snow flew everywhere and the teacher whizzed round, her face redder than a tomato.

    By Birchy URL on 10.08.2010

  30. Going left means to act crazy or get upset. Sometimes you have to go left on ppl to let them know you mean business. Confrontation can be healthy.

    By zeej84 URL on 10.08.2010

  31. left.
    well i already did this one. but hadn’t signed up yet.
    so basically, i want to leave.
    and there’s an empty cup to the left of me.
    i guess i’ll never know what was in it.
    you’ll never know what my first post said.

    By thomas URL on 10.08.2010

  32. It’s hard to write with my left hand, but i try to write with it everyday.I try to do everything with my left now so it could get stronger.

    By BaBoo on 10.08.2010

  33. It was all I had left, those memories. They paraded through the dark corridors of my mind, taunting me, torturing me with the scent of lost innocence.

    By BasedOnFiction URL on 10.08.2010

  34. I was left behind at a gas station. The fumes were stealing upon my mind, and I felt alone. A young man held my spot in the car where my parents used to see me, and I was replaced. Was this because I wasn’t beautiful enough?

    By Siege URL on 10.08.2010

  35. I turn book pages to the left. I keep on reading and turning until I’ve finished the story.

    By T on 10.08.2010

  36. Let me forgive your leftist tendencies for a moment and address the parade. We can’t have another year of fortitudinous digressions without proper fundamentals. Think about that for a moment and perhaps peek at me with your timbre.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 10.08.2010

  37. I left my wings on the bus. I still have my halo to make me feel right.

    By @xmisterparkx on 10.08.2010

  38. I never turn left when given the choice. Just right. Because it’s… you know… “right”. No fucking clue why.

    By Kelley on 10.08.2010

  39. to the left, to the left. i see your face- so commonplace- an ordinary event such as one might happen everyday. but somehow this is different, but who can ever know why

    By random on 10.08.2010

  40. Blue is my right hand and
    yellow my left;
    blue for the perfection of life and
    yellow for the love.
    You have learned to hold both hands
    and have green eyes;

    By Irina URL on 10.08.2010