February 25th, 2010 | 235 Entries

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235 Entries for “lawyer”

  1. A lawyer is someone who defends the “guilty”. he gets paid no matter what so why should we trust the,? “Patty?”pete said worried. “I don’t think we are going to win this case.”

    By Serina on 02.26.2010

  2. my dad was a lawyer, and her worked hard to get into law school. however, after all was said and sone, he realized that all he’d really gotten from the job is that he’d learned to dress better. he didnt have a passion for it, he wished he’d studied journalism or cimenology…….but it was too late.

    By kdkdkd on 02.26.2010

  3. fake, but can really help you. liar liar is a hilarious movie. best comedy of jim carrys career.
    movies like my cousin vinny and the matt damon one are really cool. but i dont think they are accurate at all chicago

    By david on 02.26.2010

  4. asshole that lies. It comes from the word lie lieyer lawyer not from law i’m sure. I wanted to be a lawyer then i decided that i didn’t wanted to be an ass

    By Daniel on 02.26.2010

  5. Someone who takes money, lies, and has sex with their client’s wives.

    By Streetlight on 02.26.2010

  6. I know a lot of lawyers. I’ve dated a couple of weird ones. There’s this one lawyer, he’s an asshole. I called him an asshole, and my friend got all defensive about it. I think they both have tiny you-know-whats, and that’s what makes them assholes. One lawyer I dated

    By Alexis on 02.26.2010

  7. lawyers are grimy people in most cases with no sense of morals. They eye is always on what they can gain by taking the case instead of who they can help.

    By Lori on 02.26.2010

  8. cheap, sleazy, scum bags, I once had a lawyer who way over charged me and I was still busted. Guilty as charged. Never trust a dirt ball money grabbin piece of shit.

    By eeekman on 02.26.2010

  9. Suits and fancy drinks, maybe New York. Honestly, most guys don’t ever get so far as to be characters in a Grisham novel. Representing winos and child rapists and maybe being threatened or roughed up by your own clients. Shame they had to pay for law school.

    By Chloe on 02.26.2010

  10. it is the person in court they lie they cheat they are good at what they do simple cuz the are a layer. lawyers are smart, gifted and pretty. i would like to be a lawyer some day, maybe. my grandpa was a lawyer

    By brynn on 02.26.2010

  11. They have this cold mask, this barrier so that the words they say never actually mean what they mean. Their “caring” gestures are only that – gestures, a mime of actual compassion that’s as cold as their soft, pale hands. I’m pretty sure they can’t care anymore, for anyone. They’ve seen too many people get their lives torn apart or avenged at the sake of others to make any kind of attachment. For a lawyer’s life, it’s not personal. It’s business.

    By Sidney URL on 02.26.2010

  12. well lawyers are just like cops, crooked. at least most of them, im sorry if im stereotyping them, but this is what i think about them. anyway. laws, judges, jury, testimony, shit like that, ok.lkj askjfasfkd ja;lskj



    By soked1434 on 02.26.2010

  13. are they crooks? aren’t lawyers those who stand up for equality and justice? they say that she has her eyes covered because she can’t bear ot see the injustice that happens in front of her every day, that ruins the very thing she stands for. but how true is that? don’t we just like to beat up on lawyers? and if they’ve become so corrupted, why are we so fucking lazy that we can’t represent ourselves, and instead we just sit around and complain about their incompetance?

    By caroline on 02.26.2010

  14. There’s no way it’ll stand up in court. I’ve seen the room, there was no way that blood even came from anyone remotely within Jones’ associate’s circle of friends, they were all in the other room with the banana boat hookers from Fourth Street. Drawing concentric circles with whipped cream on various body parts. Tom Chiparelli is not going down easy; no, the bastard is floating like a goddamn piece of Styrofoam.

    By Miles B. on 02.26.2010

  15. Simply evil. Cannot be real. Cannot be true. Fair. Average person. Individual isn’t evil as lawyer in the same was as individual isn’t as evil as Nazi, regardless of involvement. Chyea, that’s right.

    By Kyran on 02.26.2010

  16. lawyer’s remind me of how vanessa hudgens thanked her’s in her cd booklet. i found that very funny. she needed to put him in there because of those pics she took a few years ago. haha. :)

    By Kayla on 02.26.2010

  17. Even if you don’t pick up the phone you are on the dime, a necassary evil when you are at your weakest.. Unless you’re rich..

    By Joshhua on 02.26.2010

  18. i am a layer i studies in havard school of law i am very proud to be a lawyer any job that I had has never been as fun and rewarding such as this job and I hope that i can have it for the rest of my days thanks you.

    By mike on 02.26.2010

  19. i was reading about lawyers and how they ask the dumbest questions sometimes in the courtroom. like, ‘were you present at the time your picture was taken?” you’d be surprised what other stupid things lawyers ask. “how old is the youngest, your 20 year old son?” yet they get paid so much money, go to the most prestigious schools sometimes. wow. it’s amazing. I’d be a better lawyer.

    By alexxis p on 02.26.2010

  20. i’ve never been afraid of lawyers but they seem intimidating to me… smarter…but what of my common sense? doesn’t that count for something? do we need so many lawyers?

    By Lorelei on 02.26.2010

  21. A dynamic person(woman) who has the capacity to speak their mind in a concise yet coherent manner. I guess you could compare her to any of the ADA’s on law and order SVU.

    By M on 02.26.2010

  22. liar says anything as long as the money covers his ass.
    not her.
    follower of parents.

    By Kellie on 02.26.2010

  23. A man devoid of morals yet full of contempt for all other people.

    By Joanna on 02.26.2010

  24. A man of justice, who seeks only to help people, caught in a case that is so convoluted and confusing that he can’t seem to find any solid ground, though he fights on, knowing in his heart that his client is innocent. She has to be. A woman like that could never have done this.

    By Vivi on 02.26.2010

  25. I thought I could be a lawyer once but then I figured out I wanted the truth, and that if I became a lawyer I’d be bound to lies, not because they don’t tell the truth, but because that’s what everyone expects. And honest lawyer would get made fun of, as much as they might do more good, and be good. Seems kind of sad, I wish I could have been a lawyer.
    Being truthful is hard.

    By Heather Williams on 02.26.2010

  26. lawyers are cool because they defend people and represent their beliefs however they are often stereotyped as hell and belonging in their own circle of hell. while lawyers can be greedy and portrayed as such such as in the movie SEVEN it is sad that the good ones who are defendind and representing a just cause get labelled such

    By Fergus Inder on 02.26.2010

  27. i want to be a lawyer, a mother, a doctor, a loveable person, happy.

    By me on 02.26.2010

  28. they have great minds know how to think and know how to get their way, we are all lawyyers in one sense or another because we are always trying to get our way no matter what the journey takes or who we have to put down in the way as long as we get the way that we want it which is really all that matters in life.

    By Anna on 02.26.2010

  29. no. i don’t want to write any more. because words don’t flow. lawyer, doctor, teacher, professions that make me think of the future, the future without you. one i cannot think about any more. stop, just stop time. just stop it all.

    By claire on 02.27.2010

  30. I would love to be a lawyer, even though they get a terrible rep. I think they maintain justice and liberty…on their good days that is. Have you ever seen the Devil’s Advocate? I really like that movie.

    By Amber on 02.27.2010

  31. He thinks that the hardest thing is to look at a client, smile and tell them there’s no way out. He thinks that the hardest thing is to tell them that the best way is the hardest way, and continue to smile.

    As the eighteen year old mere slip of a girl shakes his hand and thanks him for his help and “there’s no need to try anymore”, he knows that that isn’t the hardest thing.

    The hardest thing is to look at a client, smile and tell them what they already know.

    By Ama 2nd on 02.27.2010

  32. Lawyers are a cheating bunch, who lie just to get what they want.

    By Glau on 02.27.2010

  33. I hope I will never need one!

    By Daniel on 02.27.2010

  34. very best job

    By Qrevcemj URL on 02.27.2010

  35. i never wanted to be a lawyer , most ofthem are liars but they are also lifesavers …

    By babil halat on 02.27.2010