February 24th, 2010 | 243 Entries

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243 Entries for “drops”

  1. drops. tear drops. drops of paint, bright, bold. mix them. smear them. new colors, hues. mostly ugly, but pretty. i dropped some on my pants. stains.

    By Snow on 02.25.2010

  2. With face adust from his desert drudge
    he was thankful for the aberrant drops of rain
    Now that death was uncertain he begrudged
    the one who betrayed him and caused his pain
    Safety from the ordeal was just around the valley bend,
    And as the Sun was soon to set in it’s western bed
    he bore a sinister smile as he plotted his revenge.

    By HyakuMan on 02.25.2010

  3. rain drops, water drops drops of fire little tiny blue drops of green glistening light that carress your skin and drop bits of shiny metal boxes in your eyes.

    By Thea on 02.25.2010