March 20th, 2010 | 196 Entries

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196 Entries for “lake”

  1. I went to the lakeside and I saw the beautiful foliage of th enewly turned leaves. The red’s and yellow’s and oranges were overwhelming. This is exactly where I wanted to be at all times. I took both of my shoes off and dipped my feet into the cool water.

    By Brandon on 03.21.2010

  2. The lake was pristine clear and didn’t move. She stared across the liquid sky, dreaming of her past, present, future dreams. The wind blew across her blank face in return, kissing her cheeks coldly.

    By Emera on 03.21.2010

  3. She sat at the edge of the lake, sitting crosslegged, eyes closed, arms resting lightly on her knees. She had learnt to meditate many years ago and with the current stress in her life, she was trying to practise twice daily. “Om namah shivah” she repeated silently to herself. Stray thoughts kept coming into her mind.

    By Roxanne on 03.21.2010

  4. The lake lay dark beneath the shade of the trees that hung low over its cool surface. The beauty and tranquility put the lie to the fact that tons of people had just been viciously murdered and thrown in. What a shame.

    By grovestrolls on 03.21.2010

  5. i’d like to lie on the shore of that lake now, in the sun, enjoying the ripple of water, with you beside me and our daughter playing there by the lake.

    By Leonard Blumfeld URL on 03.21.2010

  6. she fell into the water with a splash. he ran back to find their mother but she wasn’t were he thought she was. by the time he returned to the lake rebecca had disappeared from sight. that day haunted him forever.

    By s on 03.21.2010

  7. i was at the lakehouse one summer when it began. joey had been riding his bike through wilmington and things had gotten shaky in the past few days so didnt blame him. i remember it was a particularly cool sumer, even by noacha standards. anyway, things were getting pretty serious between Linda and I, to the point where I had to get out of it.

    By dennis rooney on 03.21.2010

  8. I went to the lake and rented a row boat. I went fishing and caught a catfish. I got sun burned. I saw my friends.

    By kris on 03.21.2010

  9. camp crystal lake. campers beware!

    By mischa on 03.21.2010

  10. It is warm and blue. It is barely spring. Children are playing with their rafts, boats, etc. It’s a beautiful day. A small lake, but a great lake to have fun in.

    By Ashley on 03.21.2010

  11. water blue countryside lake district swizerland mountains pure innocent cold refreshment summer holiday young not enough time to visit one

    By Flow on 03.21.2010

  12. One time I went swimming at the lake and almost died with my best friend {of the time} Ariel. The lightening was stellar and we both had to run and swim away as fast as possible. That was my first ever near-death experience. It was hilarious. I actually kind of hate lakes, cos I kind of hate fish and other water animals. But it’s okay, because I still had fun and it was totally worth it. (:

    By Chelsea on 03.21.2010

  13. When I was younger my dad used to take me down to the lake to catch fish it is one of the nicest memories I have. Now I still go down even though he’s not around. It’s the one place I can still see him.

    By Celestina Heath on 03.21.2010

  14. where do bad folks go when they die? They don’t go to heaven where the angels fly, they go to a lake of fire and fry, don’t see ’em again till the fourth of july

    By laker on 03.21.2010

  15. once a upon a time, there was a lake where the little kids played. They played, and played, all day and night.
    The the seamonster ate little timmy.
    The End

    By alex on 03.21.2010

  16. She sat by the lake and contemplated her reflection. Smooth on the glassy green surface of the water, she looked almost ghostly. She stared harder, trying to squint herself into soliditity, but the wind blew, rippled the surface, and she disappeared.

    By julia Semile on 03.21.2010

  17. When I was 7, my parents sent me to a Catholic girl’s summer camp on Skaneatles Lake

    By Andie on 03.21.2010

  18. She was there, in the calm and peaceful morning. As she looked out from her deck, she saw the lake. That lake was always there. Her first kiss, her first break up, her first cry. It was also the place where she last saw her father smile. The lake reminded her of the times when her and her father would attempt fishing. He would still buy her ice cream, even if all she caught was a rotten boot. It was a bittersweet place for her, though she loved it so. It kept her calm and peaceful, yet it reminded her of her past constantly. It was her escape and burden, and she could never look away. It rushed to her each morning as she drank her coffee.

    By Torii on 03.21.2010

  19. She looked out of the window. Dark clouds hung over the lake and …

    By Bigbaer on 03.21.2010

  20. the surface is flat like a mirror, no ripples and it seems to go on and on forever. i can’t stop staring at the lake, i know what happened in it just hours ago, it seems like the world shouldn’t be as calm as it is. but it is. i can’t move. the fog is moving quicker over the water’s surface, swallowing it up. i can’t move. smooth.

    By boris on 03.21.2010

  21. a lake is water with sometimes blue colors or greenish hues surrounding it’s wall of dirt, sand, rocks, or cement. lakes can be man made but often are not because mother nature was kind enough to let us have these lakes for us to swim in. for the fish to live in. for the plants to feed off of. lakes are deep and big, or small are shallow.

    By Sarah Helwig on 03.21.2010

  22. i would really love to go skinny-dipping in a fresh clean lake and swim around in the water with my black lab, just two animals enjoying the cool water in the middle of the afternoon.

    By ashley on 03.21.2010

  23. in the lakes of my mind’s eye, i often picture a house – painted white like the picket fences of my most idealistic illusions – sat at the shore, guarding ardently and steadfastly the ever deepening waters of my own imaginings.

    By tomalon on 03.21.2010

  24. i see a lake out my window. it’s lake-ish. i like the lake. lakes are fun. lakes are cool. lakes lakes lakes. i spy a lake. lake backwards is ekal, which isn’t as cool as lake but still pretty cool. lake rhymes with cake.

    By tate on 03.21.2010

  25. We spent so many summers there. Lake Golden Pond. Such an unusual name, huh? But not to us. Not then. To us it was sun and canoeing and salamanders and a whole host of other things forgotten to computers and pictures of the times and places and people you don’t know anymore.

    By Shriek URL on 03.21.2010

  26. I love lakes in the winter because they become ice rinks. They are amazing and I love to swim in them during the summer, spcially in a lake house. Where I was born there were no lakes, only polluted rivers and dams. People should take care of lakes as they are part of their ecosystem, of their environment, of their life.

    By Mario on 03.21.2010

  27. A hand reached up to me. I was completely out of breath, exhausted from the 150 yard swim, but I knew this would be my only ch

    By james karukas on 03.21.2010

  28. The lake was dark and dismal. It perfumed of a strong odor. The color putrid and murky. It didn’t resemble what I remembered of the place of wonder, that I danced around

    By jessica URL on 03.21.2010

  29. Lakes are bodies of water that can be large or small. Lakes are commonly large hosts of life and ecosystems are commonly formed around them. Lakes can be either salt or fresh water meaning that the lifeforms that are in the area can be vast and diverse.

    By Stefan Korban on 03.21.2010

  30. The lake, the lake. It always came back to the lake. Now though it wasn’t even really a lake, just a sort of sludgy mess because of toxic waste dumped from upstream. Certainly not the place of their idyllic childhood.

    By Annemarie on 03.21.2010

  31. the day we visited the lake. the rain. the smell. that frog on the bank and when she went to reach she fell in up to her waist. the quiet. the silence. the smile. the salamander. i knew we had something.

    By Dj Gibbs Free NRG on 03.21.2010

  32. It was beautiful on the lake the day that I arrived and I felt at peace for the first time since I’d left my hometown behind me. I didn’t really know why I picked this particular place or how long I’d stay for that matter but for now it was enough. The cottage that I’d rented was small and very neat just as I’d envisioned from the ad I responded to. The lady that I’d spoken with seemed very kind and anxious for my arrival.

    By Deb on 03.21.2010

  33. I love going to the lake with my parents. For me, it has fond memories in place of times with family and friends, all gathered around a table or on the deck, sharing food and laughters. Even now, as an adult, I sincerely miss the innocence of that place. It amazes me, how much I miss it and wish I could go back.

    By Rory Roberts on 03.21.2010

  34. it is very wet and peaceful. Filled with love and sadness. It flows and all ytou’ve got to do is to keep on going. Sometimes you want to stay in place but you can’t and you end up messing up. What a big deal. You’re screwed and the next thing you know, well you’re more than just scewed. Life is tough; you never

    By Kimmy Park on 03.21.2010

  35. It always looked so big. I remember my folks telling me…it’s not an ocean, the ocean is much bigger. How could an ocean be bigger than that? It goes on forever…

    By Gregory Dudzienski on 03.21.2010

  36. She stared out across the lake, longing. She wished she could swim to the other side again. It had been so long. It seemed like ages since the accident. But still, she had no fear of the water. She wanted nothing more than to feel it flow over her body.

    By Megan URL on 03.21.2010