March 21st, 2010 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “swell”

  1. swell swell swell
    oops i let out a yell
    then i slowed down and fell
    finding my leg had begun to swell

    By Corbin Turbyfill on 03.22.2010

  2. Sitting on a beach, in the sun. Watching an waiting for the next swell to come in so I can go out and surf it. Complete serenity.

    By Brittany on 03.22.2010

  3. I think you’re swell. Feelings swell over me and i can’t help but kiss me, like in one of those horrible classic 40’s movies. what else am i supposed to do? Not kiss you? You dip me back and i eat an icecream inside your mouth. Just hold me darling, you’re a pretty swell guy.

    By Lena URL on 03.22.2010

  4. As the two lovers walked hand in hand down the slick lane, Louis turned to Tom and asked if he’d be his steady. “That’d be swell,” responded Tom.

    By Peter on 03.22.2010

  5. Well thats just dandy, thats just great. Hunky dory and swell. No its fine I didn’t want that pancake. You only had six and I’ve already had none.

    By Sydney on 03.22.2010

  6. swell is an amazing word. it makes everyone around you smile when you say swell…
    i mean. you can help buy say it in a sort of southern/western accent. swell. swell. see…youre smiling…
    i be you are :D

    By samantha ryan on 03.22.2010

  7. oh gosh thats swell. haha like your head! hahahaha sponges swell when they get wet….

    By jess childs on 03.22.2010

  8. Dennis the Menace was a classic in my mind until I saw it recently.

    By Jeremy on 03.22.2010

  9. my bruse swelled uup your so swell

    By z4eagle@yahoo.com on 03.22.2010

  10. Swell…..The Swell Season is a band that I listen to quite often. It consists of the two main characters of the movie Once, which if you haven’t seen, you should. Their music is…swell =)

    By Matthew Kaufman on 03.22.2010

  11. and then i walked into the shop and i listened to thre song that was playing in the background. kind oif reggae dubcore. it was very chilled i am pretty siure that the guy who made it must have been really baked to trty and make this shit sooo damn good! i mean it’s just so good i can;’t even remnember why i went intio the shop in the first place. and then i wa left the shop and went to the tpark where i mnet a man called larry and he told me that wehen he was living in norway during the war one time he had so many shrooms he crashed a tanker ship that was full of cild slaves from africa. he felt very bad and so he killed himself. this doesn;t mean he was dead though, because to some there is life after death and it jut keeps going like that for a while but you know when that happens just sit back and think, what if i had not dieD? what would have happenbed>? where would life have led to take me along it’s wside long path, it waould maybe never have ended but sometimes that isn’;t for the best because it means an evernlasting life which has no turning points because everything just repeats and repeats and redpeats and repeats and repeats like a dream you dreamt when you were long and ijn love the the possibikities of the future.

    By bizzle on 03.22.2010

  12. Hey, that’s just swell.

    By saige on 03.22.2010

  13. thats so swell. word makes me think of a pig. you know? swine. i dont know. it sounds so dumb. swell. ohhhh thats swell. like something middleaged women say when they feel like they are better than you. its a dumb word. ohs wells.

    By erin on 03.22.2010

  14. It was a swell day. All up until I was just sitting there, and guess what? My lip began to swell! I had no idea what to do, so I jumped into the well… and do you know what happened? It went all the way down to hell. I rang the bell, and went back up the well. I guess my day really wasn’t so swell…

    By Aisha Carlson-Peters on 03.22.2010

  15. swell. it’s a fifties adjective. Or…no, adjective is the correct word. It also happens to be a noun. And a verb. Fuck, this word is amazing! Swell. Like what surfers like. Swell, like what happens when you get kicked in the shin, HARD. Swell. I wonder how long I have left.

    By Maya on 03.22.2010

  16. swell is a swell word. it’s the swell synonym of its angry cousin well, who is not so swell, but is still quite well. Swell rang a bell, cracked the shell, and went to hell.

    By Shane Whitaker on 03.22.2010

  17. Really? Swell, again?! Seriously. I thought it would be different every time I clicked it. Lame. That is very very disappointing, oneword.com. Sorry to tell you. Swell happens when I punch you in the face. Because you aren’t original enough to have more than one word on your site.

    By Maya on 03.22.2010

  18. Swell? Well, when I think of, “swell”, I think of me. I’m never great; I’m just swell. I’m a typical, boring person, surrounded by a boring world. How odd. Anyway, that’s swell for you, I s’pose.

    By Corey URL on 03.22.2010

  19. You sometimes say things are going swell when they’re going good. You sometimes say it’s swelling when talking about the size of your foot increasing exponentionally.

    By Anonymous on 03.22.2010

  20. Swell is the awesomest word ever. It reminds me of the word ‘nifty’. And also, ‘stoked’ as in excited. Awesome word.

    By Rachel B on 03.22.2010

  21. large wet infection water skin good person

    By Dylan on 03.22.2010

  22. Swell, swirl, swirling, swashbuckling, sweat – I don’t know many sw words huh?

    By Annemarie on 03.22.2010

  23. Her belly had started to pudge. She was filling out in places that didn’t know fat before. She knew what was happening, but denial is a funny thing. She ignored it. There was an excuse for all of it.

    By Trish on 03.22.2010

  24. good lovely you’re great cheeks i hope you’re well
    wishing wells are swell swelling up swallow me whole swell.

    By bird on 03.22.2010

  25. Swell… gee you’re swell. Waves swell and crash upon the shore, cleansing the sand and making it smooth and flat, removing the imperfect footprints of tourist feet and children’s sandcastles. In it’s wake it leaves the debris of nature; seaweed, driftwood, shells of ancient creatures long gone now, to be found by curious people on another day.

    By Sarah on 03.22.2010

  26. the ocean swell brings me to and fro in a mysterious cradle like motion, forcing me to drift into dreams of surfing the waves and floating out to sea with nothing but my body to keep me afloat, aw the beauty of an ocean swell.

    By janessa stallings on 03.22.2010

  27. The delicate glow of your skin was subtle and tremendous all in one moment. I was captured by your lips, swollen with lust.

    This was the point of no return.

    By Richelle on 03.22.2010

  28. The mind swells with ideas as the sixty seconds tick by. Fingertips swell as the keyboard goes clackity clack. A swell little bell rings, and another oneword entry joins a rapidly swelling page.

    By чэιιο on 03.22.2010

  29. blood everywhere, i can’t wash it off. it’s on my hands and in my hair. Stains my tetth and I love it. I think it’s really swell.

    By chuck d on 03.22.2010