March 20th, 2010 | 196 Entries

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196 Entries for “lake”

  1. Silver and filling with brimstone. I held your hand here and by the light of your baseball cap, we headed home.

    Kiss kiss love love and miles of Minnesota road.

    By Aileen on 03.21.2010

  2. pretty

    By desiree on 03.21.2010

  3. this rhymes with me, my name i mean. i like lakes, they are cold if you swim in them but that can be a good thing. like if you hiked all day to get to the lake it would be refreshing. that sounds nice. we should go hiking. and camp by the first lake we find. lets go! i have a few more seconds to type stuff. i can keep going apparently. this is fun.

    By jake on 03.21.2010

  4. the water
    of the cool, clear lake
    was softly disturbed
    only slight
    ripples ran through
    the surface,
    barely even making
    a difference
    even though the
    small pebble
    thrown into it
    will never be seen

    By hannah on 03.21.2010

  5. lake, serenity, beauty. All characteristics that one would experience here. A lake represents happiness and fun in my mind, a place to remember. Great place to take someone you love or your family for fun.

    By nicholas on 03.21.2010

  6. Sitting by the lake, her pockets full of rocks, her cunt full of his cum, she thought, “What is this going to accomplish?” She didn’t have an answer. Except that the lake was cold and cool and clean. And she, wasn’t.

    By grace URL on 03.21.2010

  7. the cool blue waters and the cottage behind it lend an air of freedom and peace to the ever busy world. The fish swim idly by and grab the chunks of bread my cousins and I throw at them, never worrying about fish hooks for they are always let go again when we’ve had our fun.

    By Olive on 03.21.2010

  8. I went to the lake and it was a beautiful day. All of a sudden, a women with angel like eyes came out of the water. She was looking for something. She was looking behind her. She was looking above her. She did not find what she

    By Suzy on 03.21.2010

  9. I remember when I caught my first fish, it was at a private lake in California and I felt so proud. I don’t remember exactly how big it was, just that it was big enough to eat.

    By Antonia on 03.21.2010

  10. There’s a lake in my front yard.Down there with the geese. I saw one that was hit by a car. A jogger almost ran over it.It was awful.

    By Bill Porter URL on 03.21.2010

  11. The lake was outside her window. And when she would wake in the early morn she loved to see the mists rising from it.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 03.21.2010

  12. well one day I was swimming in a lake and I saw a ginormous fish. Before I was given the chance to get a real good look at the thing, I soon regained my acknowledgement of my horribel fear of fish, and other nasty predators that could potentially bite my feet off, or even worst, my pinky toe.

    By la. on 03.21.2010

  13. The lake was crystal blue and shimmered like diamonds. As the boat made its way across the surface, mist sprayed across my face. That was a beautiful day with my old friend.

    By Felicia on 03.21.2010

  14. this reminds me of “the lakehous” which i saw when it came out in theaters…i saw it with my bofriend at that time and a bunch of other people and it was kinda awkward…it was an interesting concept for a movie but it wasn’t a very good movie overall. also it makes me think of yosemite…are there lakes in yosemite anyways?

    By Manders on 03.21.2010

  15. The lake was a dark sort of greenish brown color…and I was not looking forward to going in it. “Mom?” I whined, “Can’t I just sit out here with you?”
    “No, honey,” she admonished, “We came all the way up here to go in the lake! It’ll be fine, look, Dad and Delaney are having fun!”
    My sister and father were splashing away in the earth-colored water, but I still didn’t want to go near the edge of the lake.

    By Amanda on 03.21.2010

  16. I watched her jump and she laughed and laughed and laughed… I wish that I could have kissed her but when she gulped in a breathe of water in between coughing and laughing I stood still. I don’t know why I didn’t save her. I don’t know why I froze like a deer in headlights.

    By Julia Kravchin on 03.21.2010

  17. i am by a lake about to swim and i for got my suit. so then i just sikkiny dip. and it is fun. but my friends thought i was crazy

    By Tiffany on 03.21.2010

  18. The lake glistened brightly, keeping the dark secret of its depths.

    By Amanda on 03.21.2010

  19. The lake was unusually cold for this time of the year, but Mike didn’t mind. He stripped off his clothes (skinny dipping was a secret hobby of his), and dove into the icy waters. He broke the surface with a gasp for air.

    By Tristan URL on 03.21.2010

  20. i don’t see a word instead i see a growing green line which is making me feel rather insecure. this whole time i’m wondering where is the word? but i dunno it’s just not there. the green line kinda makes me think of snake so i’m waiting to see it randomly move in a different direction. ooh it changed colors!

    By Cork on 03.21.2010

  21. it was a clear blue day, like the denim he was wearing when he left our house forever. I went down to the dock and looked at the canoe, upside down and red. We never painted it because he didn’t want to. And he was gone. August at the cottage was never the same again.

    By mary on 03.21.2010

  22. It’s hot today. I don’t mind because it’s been a cold and generally unkind winter– nasty, brutish, and long. Anyway, a lake seems like a good place to be. I would tie back my hair and strip off my clothes and sink my elbows into the bottom, feeling all the fishies nibbling at my skin.

    By Nora on 03.21.2010

  23. trees. trees over the awning of the porch – changing with the seasons – green to yellow to orange to bare brown. cold water, cool water, warm water – fear of sea monsters – lake monsters, I guess. water. water. exhaustion and chocolate and smores and fires. wood under my feet.

    By elisa URL on 03.21.2010

  24. There was a lake by every place that I lived until I was in my thirties. While I am happy where I am now, a piece of my life is missing. That piece belongs to the lake.

    By Roger on 03.21.2010

  25. On the lake i saw a beautiful thing. I saw your reflection behind me and that was enough to make me happy today. the glimmer, the glow. your blue eyes sparkling int he radiance of the water and the sun. the lake is where i fell in love with you.

    By Abby on 03.21.2010

  26. She walked alongside the lake wondering how high the moon would have to rise before it stopped being yellow. It was a stranger and beautiful color. Had she thought to bring him she knew he would have taken a picture, but she also knew she would be upset with him again. After all, their whole fight had been about his camera.

    By Mackenzie Wise on 03.21.2010

  27. I look out across the lake and I dream. I dream of a place where you could be, still alive and still happy. A place where there’s no pain or suffering; no crying and no damned machines incessantly beeping. I dream that we could be there together, forever, just holding each other and laughing and smiling.

    By V on 03.21.2010

  28. ummmmm what about a lake should you write about? umm, tell a story. a childhood story about a lake. ummmm, i met my best friend and my dog died. umm, the moral lesson is ummm, keep your friends close .
    – my boyfriend .

    By amanda bonnevie on 03.21.2010

  29. The lake outside the house was a crystal clear blue. It was teeming with fish and wildlife relied on it. Everything changed the day that Wilford McMonta came to the lake. He, like the wildlife, realized how beautiful it was. He, unlike the wildlife, realized how profitable it was…this was the beginning of the end for the beautiful lake.

    By Jordan on 03.21.2010

  30. And sometimes I feel like I just want to jump ,jump into a vast vast dark pooling lake and drown downa dn down and the water would fan out my hair and my dress and my skin would pearl and my eyelashes would look sad against my skin and it would be peaceful
    And after a while from the surface no one would be able to tell , it would be smooth and serene and no one woul ever find me or know

    By Sophie on 03.21.2010

  31. The lake was purple from the acid rain pouring down. The walls eroded against the dark sky and the sand trickled down to the shore. Rocks rolled from tear to tear, discouraged by the overwhelming presence.

    By Rachel Leonard on 03.21.2010

  32. he walks down to the lake. he is devastated. he feels that the entire lake has seeped from his eyes and now, he is empty. empty. empty. empty. full of hate.

    By diegetictrash URL on 03.21.2010

  33. I’m terribly unfond of lakes. They have this stagnant unpleasantness because the water never moves and it just seems to breed bugs and other unfavorable things. Plus, the bottom is pretty slimy and feels nasty between your toes. I prefer the ocean, where the water actually moves.

    By Emma on 03.21.2010

  34. I remember when we used to go to the lake as a kid. I enjoyed it but every time I was by the water I spent all my time looking for secret things in the silt. Looking for sunken bodies, and castles.

    By Josh on 03.21.2010

  35. The cool water upon my shins as I stand on the sand bar in the middle of the vast expanse. The cool, crisp air brushing past me. I dive into the deep water and the rush of cold makes every hair on my body stand on end. Maybe it is still to cold to take a trip to the lake.

    By katlizirt on 03.21.2010

  36. There was a lake by the lake which was quite terrific. This lake smelt of cannabis and was quite purple in appearance. Birds enjoyed playing in it. One day, there was a huge storm. The next day, the lake had vanished.

    By Laurie on 03.21.2010

  37. creek

    By ambby on 03.21.2010

  38. on a summers day, the shore is filled with blistering bodies careless to the hazardous rays. a place for joy, a place for love the place you love to be.. the lake.

    By Ellen on 03.21.2010

  39. my last name, a location, a watery vastness, deep and confusing. Where is this lake, one lake? or many? filled with life, a giver of life. a confusing place, a location, a name. My name.

    By Hannah Lake on 03.21.2010

  40. there was a great vast lake, mist swirling upon it while light danced and swirled with it, creating a sensation of floating above the ground, even though i felt my feet solidly upon it.

    By Rae on 03.21.2010