April 14th, 2009 | 183 Entries

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183 Entries for “knock”

  1. knock knock whos there nobody nobody who nobodys there hahaha i made it up

    By z+ on 04.15.2009

  2. knock on my door today and let’s go outside.

    it’s a gorgeous day today, celebrate the love of sunshine. we’re together today. give me a hug and hope your headache isn’t too bad.

    I hope you’ll enjoy the sunshine today, but the first step…

    I’ll knock on your door and we should take a long, slow walk together. it’s a summery day of cheer and sunbeams.

    soak it up, let it last all year long; it’s a once in a life time day.

    By Samie on 04.15.2009

  3. She slammed against the door, knocking the picture frame to the floor. Tears in her eyes, face clenched and tight and so angry, she slammed against it again, this time with her fist. How dare he–how dare he! She growled and picked up the fallen picture frame. Two people– a girl and a boy–stared out at her from the cheap plastic frame, smiling and looking absolutely, completely happy.

    By amanda on 04.15.2009

  4. Knock, Knock,
    who’s there?
    Christ who?

    By EUGENIA on 04.15.2009

  5. knocking means to hit something to make the sound “knock”, it’s like when you knock on wood, you hear this funny pleasant sound that makes your ear yell for more. I love that sound, it could really annoy someone or really make someone give you their attention. You could knock the door to get someone too

    By Loi Huynh on 04.15.2009

  6. Knock knock, who’s there?
    We’ve all heard that before, a tired and ever boring joke. The preserve of stupid people who just don’t get that they’re not bloody funny

    By colin on 04.15.2009

  7. Knock on wood. Knock on heaven’s door. Don’t knock it till you try it. Knock deserves better than these cliches. It’s a good, solid word–both solid and hollow-sounding.

    By Rebecca on 04.15.2009

  8. I knocked upon the door to the classroom. A teacher’s face appeared in front of me. “Yes,” he said. “I’ve come to return these books my child took from the classroom.” I replied.

    As I walked into the room, twenty five sets of eyes stared at me inquisitively.

    By Maureen on 04.15.2009

  9. A rapping against the wooden door startled Jeremy awake. He threw his legs over his bed and walked across the carpet towards the door. The knock-knock-knocking continued. He rubbed his eyes, still half asleep.

    By Jon on 04.15.2009

  10. Knock knock on the door. who could it be? Is it my dead grandmother coming back from the dead. No it couldnt be. i bet its just a jolly fat girl scout who wants to sell her cookies. She prolly ate half the box and told her mom she sold them and someone robbed her. That bitch. Haha. i crack myself up.

    By james on 04.15.2009

  11. It was Halloween, or as some called it All Hallow’s Eve. The kids would always harass old Mister Knickerbocker as he lived through each year. But now, they were focused upon obtaining the candy from houses lined on Salmere Street.

    With cries all around of ‘trick or treat’ yelled only from children in white drapes (ghosts, if you will) or dressed up as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. With each house that the children had passed, did their bags fill slowly to the top.

    With that was their next objective: The harassment of the poor old man who lived in the old wooden house. He had but a breather, for he was asthmatic, therefore he could not be without it’s life giving oxygen for too long.

    “Trick or treat, old man!” the kids yelled, grins on their faces.

    By Ariadne on 04.15.2009

  12. Knock is a very vulgar word. When the fuck did it become about knockin boots? When was it ever aceptable to compare an action to a noun? Also they refer to breasts. WHAT THE FUCK? Where did this shit cme from?

    By jamal lee on 04.15.2009

  13. Knock, knock at the door. Who was there? Was it a big, bad man? Was it a serial killer with his weapon at his side? Was it Jehovah’s Witnesses just coming to spread the good word and save you? Knock, Knock it went again. Will I open it? Don’t know ….

    By Karin Bull on 04.15.2009

  14. knock knock! someone came into the door. the door sqeacked..”hm” i thought..who is it? it was me. i was in a mirror.

    By Tash on 04.15.2009

  15. knock knock who’s there? green lands here and green lands there. got no time to screen my thoughts 30 seconds left just stop the clock. knick knack patty whack give someone a bone. shock crock whats that spock between my ears my brain is locked.

    By Andy Eaton on 04.15.2009

  16. i love to knock thing, it is good, and the knocking will be done, maybe not by me, but it will be done and it will be good. i fansy myself a

    By Jason Farmer on 04.15.2009

  17. knock on wood knock so you may be heard, it understands the sound to make, you move, the knock can be heard through all you do knock harder.

    By Joe on 04.15.2009

  18. Knocking on a door has been one of the oldest method in asking for permission to enter a room. But as time progressed, knocking or knock has gained other meanings. We could often say knock on wood, or I’m going to knock you out! these phrases come from simply the word knock.

    By alex on 04.15.2009

  19. The knock on the door scared me half to death. Turned out to be the grim reaper. He took the other half of my life. Note to self, do not answer knocks anymore. He spared my life, but took my door. I miss my maple wood door and silver handles. Knock knock.

    By Rena on 04.15.2009

  20. Knock knock knock. Repetition, and no one notices it. Such a commonly used thing, so effective, and so simple.

    By emlem on 04.15.2009

  21. There I was, knocking, breathing, were you there? Did you see my look of grimace? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this, it’s not as though you care. You just keep counting the days until we’re gone. Until we’re through. Until you find person that was meant for you.

    By Aliester the Crow on 04.15.2009

  22. silly chesse know awkaward name lock dude soon rock loco super friday looks room pear dumb push bitch hook un duff

    By Jazmin on 04.15.2009

  23. door ppl lol knock knock anser go away cat meow random AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH EDWARD CULLEN TWILIGHT JACOB BLACK my favorite colors r purple & green

    By hannah on 04.15.2009