April 13th, 2009 | 558 Entries

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558 Entries for “disconnect”

  1. i have disconnected the first planet on earth. They told me not to be afraid of what’d happen, i have had so many nightmares but the day has comed. I must believe in the writings of my lover and destroy everything on our way. Please, go home.

    By Karen Reyes on 04.14.2009

  2. Every time I use the internet at my friends, I get disconnected because some fuck always uses it also. It’s my internet. actually, it’s not but I mean, what the hell! It should be. everything is mine. everything.

    By kayla on 04.14.2009

  3. It was so metaphorical, and I hate things that are metaphorical but literal. I wished cell phones had dial tones so I’d at least have something to listen to, but no, I’d kept talking for a good thirty seconds–he always said I talked to much–before I realized he’d snapped his phone shut. I stared at the phone in my hand and couldn’t believe this disconnect.

    By Ellyn on 04.14.2009

  4. the phone diconnected. Perfect timing right?
    I dialed again
    “did you hang up on me?”
    “no my phone disconnected”
    “oh okay, yeah right.”
    Good GOD he is so irrationally acusatory when we argue.

    By Ashlee on 04.14.2009

  5. disconnect what the hell does that mean? huh? i have to write about this because, actually i have no idea. hahahahaha. phil is laughing at me! lolol! what about you luzzmuzzzzz?? huh what’s going on with you? disconnect. the act of unconnecting. that is the definition. oh no time is running out. disconnect. time is disconnecting.

    By Florence Kang on 04.14.2009

  6. I am officially disconnected from myself. I simply am. I am not here, I am not there, I am not anywhere but in existence, trippy eh? If only I could leave my body behind somehow…The next great endeavor.

    By whit on 04.14.2009

  7. I am officially disconnected from myself. I simply am. I am not here, I am not there, I am not anywhere but in existence, trippy eh? If only I could leave my body behind somehow…The next great endeavor.

    By whit on 04.14.2009

  8. hang up the phone, shut off the computer, stop all thoughts in your mind and disconnect

    By norah on 04.14.2009


    By Daniel Arntz on 04.14.2009

  10. I feel like that
    you disconnected me,
    cut the wire
    [thin technology that twined us together
    if only briefly]
    that one day in September.
    I just wish you let me know
    since it feels like I’ve gone blind
    staring at this screen
    wishing for the half-year-late answers
    and a real ending.


    Why did you go and
    why didn’t you say anything?
    I miss you.
    & I imagine
    that you’d laugh at me for this,
    [since it seems that I’m not worth a single text response
    in over half a year],
    but you were really
    &somethings don’t just disappear like that.
    Maybe I missed all the signs and all the
    but I didn’t see this coming.
    Scottyy, where are you?


    Somethings just didn’t get a specified good-bye-this-is-the-end and sometimes I wish we had that closure.

    By Helenn on 04.14.2009

  11. I feel so fucking disconnected. My vagina is always making these queefs(however the hell you spell that) and people are always blanching at these odd little noises. I feel like they are funny, and I can’t help them! What am I supposed to do. My girlfriend is even starting to get a little grossed out, and I found her sleeping with a man! What the hell!

    By Gloria on 04.14.2009

  12. when you’re talking with someone who isn’t quite on the same page as you are, the least you can do to disconnect with that person in a very polite manner. one way would be to blame it on nature’s call. no one can argue with that

    By marsha on 04.14.2009

  13. I feel disconnected from the world in general. I don’t know if I want to be is the problem. I used to say I wanted to be a hermit. I don’t know anymore. I just don’t know.

    By laura on 04.14.2009

  14. I just wrote about this word. I read another girl write about it in a very dirty way. I feel disconnected from this concept now. I don’t know if I can take it seriously.

    I don’t even know if she really was a girl.

    By laura (again) on 04.14.2009

  15. to be disconnected from everything or jsut something must be terrifying. sometimes one may just feel disconnected when they are ignored. its unpleasant :P

    By claire on 04.14.2009

  16. My internet disconnected when I was chatting with my friend. I was quite frustrated.

    By kim on 04.14.2009

  17. Disconnect – when something

    By me on 04.14.2009

  18. The word today is “disconnect.” I don’t particularly like this word, it makes me feel lonely. Feeling disconnected from the world, the people you care about, your family, is the worst thing I’ve ever experienced.

    By Rootbeer on 04.14.2009

  19. I hate it when my stupid internet disconnects. It disconnects every night on me, and I have to re-enter my password and such and such. VERY VERY stupid. It basically sucks the most when I’m talking on skype. That annoys me a lot.

    By Stepfanie on 04.14.2009

  20. cut off from anything that needs your attention or focus

    By krissy on 04.14.2009

  21. There is an essential disconnect between the feeling of liberation and the realization. At one end of the pole, you have freedom, pure and complete, an ontological reality. On the other, you have the mere feeling. It is the feeling that can either be part of the reality, or an illusion unto itself. Pursuing the ontological reality of freedom means being free, not thinking you are free.

    By Evan on 04.14.2009

  22. The phone doesn’t ring. You sit and wait, or you try to distract yourself, but it doesn’t ring. You have a lot to do, and you keep yourself busy doing it, but throughout it all you are thinking of one thing, and still, when you look at the phone, it does not ring.

    By Hallie on 04.14.2009

  23. new word please this pains me
    takes me from my center
    body and soul not one
    seeing from the inside out and outside in but never together

    By kitten2 on 04.14.2009

  24. i will disconnect this session if i get bored.
    Please allow more people to willingly disconnect their private life from the public word.
    More and more people will try to disconnect themselves outside their world using the internet

    By Ron on 04.14.2009

  25. do not disconnect from me,
    d not be a sailboat fleeting far into the salt,
    stay tied to my belly like a sweet little rock.
    a solid loving baby at my breast.
    sinking with me into the deep turquoise

    By Lily on 04.14.2009

  26. i don’t know. wwhat’s happened today? a friend of a friend died in perth wa of a brain aneuryism. on the other hand my girlfriends mother also successfuly had a double bypass. one person lives, one dies. all on the same day.

    By regan on 04.14.2009

  27. I feel disconnected from myself today; I feel as though I will reconnect with myself again after my final exams are over with and I can get outside into nature.

    By Sarah K on 04.14.2009

  28. Disconnect. Like being disconnected from the internet. One of the great annoyances of the 21st century. It’s more than just an error made by your computer and phone/cable lines. Nowadays, you feel a disconnect from the world. No internet? It’s like you’re all alone. Disconnected. “Goodbye”.

    By Laura Lewis on 04.14.2009

  29. It’s amazing that as often as disconnects between people happen by themselves, they’re manufactured. A lot of the time the disconnect isn’t unseen, it’s just ignored. How willing you are to ignore that things are falling apart is equal to how willing you are to just leave them.

    By Charlee on 04.14.2009

  30. Same word. Disappointment abound. I wish they would change it but for now I’ll just sit here and write on the scraps of prompt i can gleam for a repeated word. May tomorrow bring me something new to tantalize my senses.

    By Hannah on 04.14.2009

  31. I wasn’t thinking I could, so I didn’t. Disconnect. No more for me.

    It’s an opposite feeling to normal. I *want* to connect. Somehow, disconnecting seems such a copout. How do you think they feel? Would you want it? Someone to disconnect from you?

    Unless the power cord is smoking, don’t disconnect.

    By Dave on 04.14.2009

  32. being not able to do aanythin g out of the world, my dad , the phne , ppl in the train, what i wish i can do all the day, my pillow case … you behind thescre ,, my connection to the internet earlier…. your mom yesterday … what do i care, just another meanless word…. urfather after sex with your mom … ok well really mean it …hshs

    By koumamo on 04.14.2009

  33. loose string lines people fool friends loss death dream drugs hallucinate heroin life flow silence

    By Kim on 04.14.2009

  34. I feel disconnected from this world. I disconnect myself in class. I disconnect myself at the gym. I disconnect myself at the bars. I am not me. I am not myself. Not now. Not ever. I am completely disconnected from this world and it makes me sad. But I guess that’s also what makes me me.

    By Rachel on 04.14.2009

  35. Disconnect – Is it a positive or negative term? One can “disconnect” from the drudgery and stress of everyday life, for instance, by taking a vacation. However, in terms of emotionality, a “disconnect” is seen as negative.

    By Mark on 04.14.2009

  36. The cord is in. Our texts passes back and forth. I wait, on the edge of my seat, waiting for her reply. Torment! I wait, wait only to see a disconnect warning box. God damn it.

    By thenakedblurr on 04.14.2009

  37. i feel very disconnected from everyone. i dont know why or how to reconnect but its very stressful. i want to open up to people but im either to scarred to because i dont want to cry or i feel too bad to because i dont want to burden them with my shit or annoy them by complaining.

    By melissa on 04.14.2009

  38. I disconnect from the world and fall into an abyss for which there is no end. falling i find i am happy to know how my next few seconds will be spent!

    By Amy on 04.14.2009