November 13th, 2013 | 82 Entries

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82 Entries for “knee”

  1. hi I am ashleya and my sister is Katrina my dad is deack my mom is tara and my pets are tiger and chaz there cats

    By ashley on 11.13.2013

  2. I scrapped my knee on the side walk and it really hurt I don’t know what to do my house is 3 minuts away and it is bleeding

    By dragon girl on 11.13.2013

  3. I elevated my knee up on the pillows and dropped the ice pack on to it, groaning with pain as the cold hit my leg. “You should’ve been more careful,” I heard my friend mutter before I reached out with my free foot and kicked her.

    By stori on 11.13.2013

  4. You touched me on the knee. I wasn’t sure what to say anymore. My words had dried up like a smoker’s lungs, and all that I inhaled tasted bitter. I couldn’t quite find the air to breathe, but it didn’t matter anyway. Time stood still. I avoided your eyes, because I knew that I would find my reflection in the water that had pooled there.

    By KT on 11.13.2013

  5. I’d go down on one for you. I mean, if girls did that. And if you would even 1 in 100 chances say yes. We could make it as a pair, I think.

    By MaybeMe on 11.13.2013

  6. You don’t realize how dependent you are until something you need gets taken away from you. How much you rely on this one little thing. With an injured knee, there is not much constant in your life.

    By Emaline URL on 11.13.2013

  7. knees that are bruised
    with pains from night times’
    of forgotten adventure.

    i imagine whole islands blooming across my skin
    and wonder if his lips will draw a map of that new world.

    By Kairn on 11.13.2013

  8. She was so angry. Just the kind of angry that makes you want to simultaneously cry and scream. She was just so sick of always getting back up. She had had to deal with so many injuries. She just could not handle it anymore.

    By Mary on 11.13.2013

  9. Without hesitation I slid down onto my knees. Now what does that tell you? Palms up, eyes down, awaiting the next command.

    By aura.rayne on 11.13.2013

  10. fall on knees
    try to say please
    to release unease
    to pay the fees

    By Eligia V. A. on 11.13.2013

  11. Testing for iphone. Holy mackerel it worked, now that’s a knee-slapper if I’ve ever seen one, now i just need to get rid of the follow me thing and I think we’re cool.

    By Brian on 11.13.2013

  12. You know when you scratch your knee when you’re a kid? It’s painful, isn’t it? It bleeds and you’re freaking out and don’t know what to do, and then your good old mom comes and helps you clean it up. We hurt our knees a lot in life…the joint that connects where we want to go to everything else. Hopefully we’ll all have someone to make it all better.

    By zahrah on 11.13.2013

  13. She was contained, but unrestrained, fury. A distinctly feminine blur composed of little besides elbows and fists, knees and feet. It wasn’t, she wasn’t, HUMAN; she couldn’t be. She was precision made flesh, each blow timed to singular perfection.
    People just couldn’t move that fast, couldn’t think that many steps ahead. They couldn’t bend and twist and snap and thrust without bones creaking or just plain snapping. But she could; she DID.
    And I couldn’t do anything but stare.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 11.13.2013

  14. Knee jerk reaction. I watched the guy slide against the pavement on his skateboard when the friction of the road gives out. It’s called a powerslide. Sometimes it’s intentional sometimes it’s not. His wasn’t–I’ve been there many a time and felt my heart skip a beat

    By mr marshall on 11.13.2013

  15. He banged his knee rather painfully on the sharp edge of his desk in the darkness.

    By WearyWater URL on 11.13.2013

  16. The scrape hurt nearly immediately, stinging as if ten
    angry bees had attacked it, and any time she tried to disinfect and
    clean it, it hurt more. The worst, though, was the split second
    before she felt the burn, when she was waiting for the pain to come
    but was already bitter about it before it had even begun.

    By Ally on 11.14.2013

  17. She had a tiny little scar just below her knee that she got from shaving once. It didn’t hurt much, but it bled for what seemed like forever. She soaked through countless tissues trying to stop the red river trickling down her leg, but it was relentless.

    By Ally on 11.14.2013

  18. You’re on your knees and you said please
    I don’t know what to say
    but i’m sorry i can’t say yes

    By Alaska on 11.14.2013

  19. My knees! They used to work fine bit now they need a little encouragement. Surely I’m not that old….

    By Alexandra on 11.14.2013

  20. “‘The knee is a hinge joint, it allows for stabilization of the leg as well as weight distribution between’…” The Seirin captain trails off, shutting his eyes when he thinks he’ll be able to concentrate again. “What were you saying earlier?”

    “Hm?” Riko lifts her head from her clipboard, her knuckles pressed tight against her lips.

    “About the knee. You said something very unsual.”

    “Unusual!” With a huff, she graces him with a reply. “The knee is my favorite joint, I said.”

    “Ah, yeah. Is it your favorite joint?” Hyuuga adjusts his lenses with a polite frown. “But there’s so many, don’t you think…and different types with different designs-”

    “I’d be a terrible coach if I didn’t know what kind of joints the human body has!” He’s very taken aback then, when she laughs. Riko recovers herself and sobers significantly when she continues. “But the knee is my favorite joint. It’s a shockingly simple design- only one direction, yet without it our legs wouldn’t be able to take us anywhere, would it?”

    “You like the simplicity.” Hyuuga smiles finally, and Riko huffs quietly back into her layout.

    “I do. Make sure to remember that, alright?”


    By kristen on 11.14.2013

  21. Knee? What knee? I didn’t say I had to have a knee transplant. Where’d you get that from? I said that I need him. Not kneed him. Stupid.

    By sharon on 11.14.2013

  22. The Knee is one of the important part of the body as it supports the whole body weight. AS we grow older we need to take much care of it. Exercises are required

    By khajan joshi on 11.14.2013

  23. by day she is
    hair pulled back into a crisp bun
    stockings without any pulls
    modest amounts of eyeliner perfectly applied
    and manicured nails on hands that never tremble

    but by night she is
    bruised knees
    a wide lipsticked smile
    beckoning eyes heavy with glitter and promises
    and sadness.

    By chryste URL on 11.14.2013

  24. His knee ached from the cold. It felt stiff and bruised, and he cupped his hand around it and sat trying to listen to the other men, but all he could think about was how much it hurt and how much he wanted to sleep.

    By mrsmig on 11.14.2013

  25. The knee is the ugliest appendage — I heard this first when mini skirts made their debut in the sixties.
    They were speaking to me, but since they didn’t call me by name, I ignored the rule and flaunted ugly knees for the crucial length of my high school career.

    By Sue644 on 11.14.2013

  26. water dripped down from a nearby drain, its slow tapping the only sound in the dark ally way. launching at his opponent he struck him full in the chest causing him to fall to his knees.

    By John on 11.14.2013

  27. “Ouch!”

    I hit my knee and silently curse my long, gangly legs. I am always hitting things. I have so many scars from falls as a child and countless bruises from my clumsiness. I rub out the pain and move on.

    By Dani on 11.14.2013

  28. It is really hard when I see you always coming back to her. It is like a wound on my knee. Painful when I try to stand up from falling.

    By Jupiter on 11.14.2013

  29. A veritable design flaw. The word itself sounds so
    vulnerable, maybe because it’s the first thing you scrape the first
    time you’re allowed to run or jump slightly beyond the realm of
    safety. It hurts to go up and down the stairs. Sometimes it feels
    like it’s just going to give out with no warning. You have to
    elevate it and ice it, whenever possible. They can replacement it,
    but that might just make it worse. You remember evenings of mild
    weather and tree bark.

    By Elisa on 11.14.2013

  30. Please don’t leave me, I’m on my knee asking you to marry me.

    I see I have your attention now
    and suddenly I can only wonder how
    I will ever survive the loneliness devotion to someone who does not truly love me will cause me.

    By Sir Profligacy on 11.14.2013

  31. My sister says her favorite body part is the knee. I disaknee. I love the mouth–the tongue, the teeth, the way he uses that lovely body part to smile at me.

    By Kayla Pongrac on 11.14.2013

  32. my knees look horrible. full of scars and bruises from all the sports and adventures in my life. totally worth it. actually, it has a certain beauty. like wrinkles.

    By helene on 11.14.2013

  33. “Get on your knees and pray.”
    It that a metaphor?
    Is it a humble attitude?
    Most of all it is a call to pray…to talk with God.

    By B. Ryngksai URL on 11.14.2013

  34. ouch! that hurt. when did you move that chair? you shoulda
    fuckin’ told me. christ that hurt. hope i didn’t bust the goddamn
    thing. think abo

    By Lee on 11.14.2013

  35. The thing about the backpack was the ever-present sense of wearing a house. The straps cinched around him, so tight that breathing was difficult. His shoulders sagged under the weight. And his left knee, that he had popped out of joint when he was thirteen, beckoned to him with a dull, constant ache.

    This was a horrible idea, he thought. But then he looked at the ticket in his hand. “Agamuskara, India,” it said, and he smiled.

    That was a great idea. The rest was just details.

    By Anthony StClair on 11.14.2013

  36. Knees knead the love
    into a hatred bleed
    Plead? No, feed
    on lust. Need


    By Yours Truly, Bête on 11.14.2013

  37. i think my knees were made
    to bless the ground in front of your feet.

    By h. b. on 11.14.2013

  38. I sat on the ground, barbed wire fence pressing against my back and gravel beneath my bare toes. Eyes closed, I felt dizzy. I waited a moment – sea air warmed the inside of my throat, mingled with the smells of piss and the remains from the broken shards of beer bottles from last night. Holding my breath, I ran the pointer finger of my right hand down the peach fuzz of my thigh, down mole I’ve had since I was 6, down the dimple left from that one stubborn chicken pock that took weeks to go away, years ago, ran the finger down over the hills and wrinkles of my knee and felt wetness. The air left my chest it does when you just let go of a balloon, fizzing, instant, shocking. Eyes still closed, trying to steady my breathing, I felt around the gash.

    By Ali on 11.14.2013

  39. I hurt my knee. i scraped it. I think it is broken. What
    will I do? Maybe I will just sit and cry, or I can try to help
    myself. I hope my knee heals in time for the dance.

    By A on 11.14.2013

  40. He kicks the back of it hard with his smile and he loves to hear the bone break as she falls to the ground. Even better when he offers his hand in mercy.

    By Alexandra URL on 11.14.2013