November 12th, 2013 | 78 Entries

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78 Entries for “canopy”

  1. enclosures full of bright birds that flit across the limited sky
    painting rainbows and singing happiness.

    we left that day with triumph in our hearts and
    countless mosquito bites on our ankles.

    i sent the macaw postcard today to my aunt in Spain.

    By Kairn on 11.12.2013

  2. She lay back beneath a canopy of eucalypts and let the dappled light fall upon her face. With her eyes closed, the moving shadows danced about her head and she inhaled the moisture from the mossy undergrowth rising up to meet the midday sun. The money, the ocean, the fear; none of it existed here, but there remained an uneasy twinge in the pit of her stomach she could not budge.

    By pip333 on 11.12.2013

  3. I will hold it over her always

    Even when my arms shake
    Even when the earth quakes
    Even when my heart breaks

    I will hold it over her

    Even when she seems okay
    Even when she’s lost her way
    Even when I’m old and grey

    I will hold it over her forever

    By Will For Words on 11.12.2013

  4. it’s like a hat or something wore by army men. I have a slightest of idea about this word and not m

    By hatim on 11.12.2013

  5. The trees hang over. The canopy creates an earthy green light over her face and it highlights the golden brown tint in her eyes. I follow the path she leaves, the dead leaves from last fall still littering the sidewalk. She leaves a trail in her wake and I can’t help but follow. She turns back to me, I’m only a step behind, and stops. Her lips are a perfect pale pink and I can’t wait to kiss them.

    By Kaitlyn on 11.12.2013

  6. She sat beneath the canopy. Watching. Waiting. Looking at one specific point. But her gaze didn’t match the others around her. For they were looking at her beneath the ivory canopy, in an awkward silence. She was waiting for him. He never came.

    By Stephanie on 11.12.2013

  7. covering for shelter

    By bing on 11.12.2013

  8. The thick, dark leaves formed a nearly impenetrable canopy overhead, filtering the sunlight down from it’s potent glare to a light shimmer and allowing pinpricks of light to dance through and greet the land below.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 11.12.2013

  9. “This is about me. Not you,” I told Noah. He tried to object but I kissed him. When I pulled away, his beautiful eyes stared into mine, making it hard not to kiss him again. “I’ll be back soon,” I whispered. He gently touched my arm as I slid out from under our canopied paradise.

    By Pasty Lace on 11.12.2013

  10. Something rustled in the canopy of leaves overhead. I sat bolt upright on my cot, sweating and shaking and scared.

    “What was that?” I asked the night.

    There was only a low, guttural sound in response.

    By WearyWater URL on 11.12.2013

  11. “This is about me. Not you,” Noah told me. I tried to object but He kissed me. When I pulled away, his beautiful eyes stared into mine, making it hard not to kiss him again. “I’ll be back soon,” He whispered. I gently touched his arm as he slid out from under our canopied paradise.

    By Pasty Lace on 11.12.2013

  12. They hiked and hiked until they reached the rich canopy high above. They held their breath so that the gorillas wouldn’t hear them. She sighed, how many people would ever get the chance to see this view.

    By Michelle M on 11.12.2013

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    By Robin Trakroo on 11.12.2013

  14. The shade of a canopy is as cold of its company, so familiar yet so new. Time will have felt the warm kiss till the sunsets gets its goodnight story.

    By OnlyMy2cents on 11.12.2013

  15. The canopy was a blessing. The hot sun was streaming down on the group who had gathered to share some time together. The sun had been making its presence felt and we were beginning to redden in the sun.

    By Liz on 11.12.2013

  16. Your sunlight
    Still peaks
    Through me
    When I’m weak
    And I’d move
    The trees aside
    To see you
    Glisten through
    My veins again

    By Sapphire on 11.13.2013

  17. as a child i was overcome by guilt
    i found myself laying in bed more often
    under a canopy of my thoughts,
    i almost wasted away.
    these days, i found myself confusing dreams with reality
    neither living nor dying,
    i almost wasted away.

    By Hayden on 11.13.2013

  18. The canopy lived up the expectations, when after the hurricane had pass, it was still standing intact, and we were able to provide shelter for those whose house roof was damage in the storm.

    By victor URL on 11.13.2013

  19. Sinbad finds himself flat on his back, shoulders spanned across the fallen fans of several date palms. They prick and poke at his spine but he remains still when the sound of hooves rushes under him. When all is still again he sits up and observes the jungle that entangles itself around him.

    “They nearly had us, Ja’far. They headed east!” He squints through the branches and finds his footing on a lone branch. He looks up, and there he is- a scruff of pale white amidst colors and sun.

    “You’re loud.” The boy above him growls out, obviously throwing a full-fledged fit in the silent way only Ja’far knows. Sinbad finds it more endearing than anything and plucks a date from a nearby palm.

    “I was louder than usual. But we gave them the slip, did we not? We’ll rest here for a bit, then we’ll find our mounts and be off before sunset.”

    “Too high.” Ja’far says for a last time, slumping against a tree. Sinbad chews thoughtfully on the little fruit and makes a face.

    “Not high enough. You better get used to it, my friend. We’ll be living the high life soon enough.”

    Ja’far pauses, then looks down and sees Sinbad grin.

    By kristen on 11.13.2013

  20. The trees sway in front of me, dancing in the wind.
    They swung so happily, i could almost see their joy.
    They were mocking me.
    Nature was looking down at me and laughing at my sorrow.
    The air was cold, it nipped at my skin and erected small bumps of flesh.
    In spite of this the sun still shone down on me, warming me and kissing my tears.
    But the trees, they did not show affection. They mocked me.
    Not to mention they frustrated me, every graceful movement of their branches seemed to be directly aimed at the canopy i lay under.
    They were so careful, so lithe
    Right up until the point where they swung and struck the tattered canopy.

    By Bella on 11.13.2013

  21. She kept climbing, ever higher, until she at last breached the tall canopy above. As she burst through that celestial barrier, her soul at last burst free, and she could allow herself to feel again. After so many years of keeping herself under control, she finally let go.

    By Amanda on 11.13.2013

  22. i dont know what a canopy is
    i only remember it from one geography lesson
    the tops of trees
    how beautiful
    how cool
    we exhale
    they inhale
    we inhale
    they exhale
    then we cut them down
    and then we complain

    By gia URL on 11.13.2013

  23. The canopy drooped over their heads, limp in the drizzling rain, its bright colors dulled by the damp. She shifted in her seat and yawned.

    By mrsmig on 11.13.2013

  24. the door slammed open at the prince marched in in a furious mood. walking to the bed he pulled off the canopy and collapsed on the soft mattress.

    By John on 11.13.2013

  25. Leaves at the height of spring. The illusion of privacy, even though the foliage is more transparent than it looks.

    By Elisa on 11.13.2013

  26. She jungled on the canopy, a’swingin’ likes the trees tops.

    By Kayla Pongrac on 11.13.2013

  27. it spread over us. so many greens. each leaf stood out – at least to me, in my heightened state of awareness. how did i get here? i was trying to remember while drawing it alll in. the sights, the sounds…

    By Lee on 11.13.2013

  28. A large layer of leves hang over me, heavy with the rain from the storm. They block out the already limited moonlight, enveloping me in a darkness like I’m sinking into the depths of the ocean.

    By Maddy on 11.13.2013

  29. As a child I always wanted a canopy bed. it offered a sense of mystery to a girl who preferred her privacy. Sadly privacy never came… I remained in a hand crafted sleigh bed with noting but covers to hide my reading eyes.

    By Delaney URL on 11.13.2013

  30. a romantic four poster bed complete with grapes and a conopy. theres a conopied bed.

    By samantha contreras on 11.13.2013

  31. The burning sun blazed at the canopy, angry at not being able to redden the skin of the people beneath. In front of them, the white sand stretched to the deep blue of the sea, where gentle waves approached the shore, gently, quietly, as if approaching a king.

    “Bloody tropics,” he said. “Why is it that this place is supposed to be heaven on earth, but it’s hotter than hell?”

    By Anthony StClair on 11.13.2013

  32. When my children were small they we had a lovely coach built pram that had a frilled canopy on it for when they were sitting out in the sunshine getting some fresh air.

    By Alexandra on 11.13.2013

  33. Canopied over my head, the grape vine snaked over the down spout as well and, as I followed the trail, I discovered that the itsy bitsy spider was in the mouth of the spout, washed to the ground by rain.

    By P J Colando URL on 11.13.2013

  34. Her home sat high above the town above the canopy of trees in her back yard, and each morning she could hear all the birds as they sang their morning song.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.13.2013

  35. i will lay you on a bed of stars
    (because you’d be dead

    once i’m done with you.)

    By h. b. on 11.13.2013

  36. Tom William Hiddleston blev født i Westminster, England. Han er 32 år gammel. Han er mest kendt for at spille Loki Laufeyson i Thor, Thor: The Dark World og The Avengers. Han er perfekt og han danser bedre end Shakira. His hips don’t lie. Han griner sådan her: ehehhe.

    By Emily on 11.13.2013

  37. Canopy is fun. It’s like getting into a serious relationship. People tells it’s safe, but you’re still afraid of taking the leap. Let me tell you something: It’s not always fun.

    By Mario on 11.13.2013

  38. A canopy is a shelter that covers an area. There are different ways to refer to a can

    By Karen on 11.13.2013