November 14th, 2013 | 66 Entries

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66 Entries for “toaster”

  1. I hope that we don’t end up like burnt toast.

    By Samantha Bailey on 11.14.2013

  2. Getting breakfast ready with grilled sandwiches and pancakes

    By Karishma on 11.14.2013

  3. I remember the toaster which first came to Downton Abbey. It was in the room of Mrs. Hughes. Her room where you can eavesdrop on conversations that take place there. Which reminds me, I totally hate that Edna bitch. It was like a festival inside me when she was finally asked to leave. Without any freaking recommendations. Good for her. As for Tom Branson, well, I think he is one great chap.

    By Peachie URL on 11.15.2013

  4. It had lasted ten years–pretty good for a cheap $5 toaster from Target–but now it wouldn’t warm up at all. He microwaved the bread and it turned out soggy.

    By Holden URL on 11.15.2013

  5. The toaster is one of those overlooked appliances. It sits so quietly in the corner of the kitchen and when it is needed to cook some already cooked bread, it’s ready to go. But it doesn’t really cook the bread, it just applies heat to its surface and makes it toasty. I love the toaster.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 11.15.2013

  6. Todd Allison is a fair proficient when it comes to scheduling and remembering his daily routine. He has sixteen plants to feed, five to feed later, and a couple nocturnal ones that needed watering. It isn’t exactly time consuming when he paces himself, but after a while he starts feeling the pangs too.

    “You need to remember to eat once in a while,” Todd Allison didn’t understand why Clancey’s nagging words decided to haunt him now. “Coffee doesn’t count, neither do sweets. We’re all busy on this case but ultimately useless if we don’t get enough energy and rest.” Todd Allison wonders then why he didn’t tell Clancey to stuff it then. Maybe he was too tired.

    A while later he’s flipping toast off an iron surface, letting both sides brown significantly before setting it down a plate. He idles, he eats. He approaches one of his larger plants and sees that it’s soil is rich and still damp. He can’t imagine most of these plants surviving if he wasn’t here to tend to them. There’s a purpose for him still, to thrive and eat and rest- so that he can wake another day and tend to them. Some might consider that dismal. He honestly doesn’t mind.

    “See,” A bite. “We’re both eating now, aren’t we?”

    By kristen URL on 11.15.2013

  7. following to my mail in the morning, please find appended mail from vendor regarding toaster which is very efficient and aesthetically good

    By Sachin on 11.15.2013

  8. The toaster sits in the kitchen hardly used. It’s too small for nice chunky bread but not so awful that I can throw it out. Toaster dilemma!

    By Alexandra URL on 11.15.2013

  9. “The toaster oven!” she cried. “Something’s burning!” And something was, indeed: my sister’s current favorite snack, butter smeared on saltines, was going up in smoke. The charred smell filled the air.

    By mrsmig URL on 11.15.2013

  10. i woke up with the taste of u on my lips
    not really
    i brushed my teeth first
    then u brushed urs
    then i kissed u
    then we made toast
    i still taste u a lil

    By gia URL on 11.15.2013

  11. bread, burning my toast, in the kitchen, different brands, use it every morning, different colors, toast two to six slices of bread or bagels or English muffins

    By Carlos on 11.15.2013

  12. Toaster how I love thee. You bake my bread and make it crispy. Your name, though simple, is heavenly to my ears. Without you, my bread would be boring and flabby. I thank you, toaster. Thank you for baking my life to a crisp golden brown.

    By Lauren Ortego on 11.15.2013

  13. Warm yummy bread. Just the right crispiness to put my butter, peanut butter, or my favorite, nutella on. Now I’m hungry! Gimme toast!

    By Katelyn on 11.15.2013

  14. The most comfortable and edible object in the world is a piece of toast. Golden brown, with little crumbs like leaves in the fall. I’d live inside on if I could.

    By Elisa URL on 11.15.2013

  15. Hey, buddy, your car looks like a toaster! And . . . I am slightly jealous.

    By Kayla Pongrac URL on 11.15.2013

  16. Heating, heating, heating. The red light is still on. Heating, heating, heating. It’s still not done. Going away “just for a second” is sprung in the air. Heating, heating, heating. It’s now burnt! Get back here!

    By Denise Watson URL on 11.15.2013

  17. The toaster broke that morning, causing the smoke to engulf the kitchen and setting off the fire alarm. A piece of burnt crumb went flying onto the floor as the toaster suddenly turned live and destroyed the windows and ran way through the garden door

    By Kerridwen URL on 11.15.2013

  18. somthing we use most days. worn iout. Burnt but yet we retur. colours usually simplistic and bd. technology ar its best but what do we do,we improve. WHy? becsue it makes life easier for us. Tomorrow toast will be the same down down the burn line, actually we’ll see at 7:20am

    By Liz on 11.15.2013

  19. I had one at home, a while back. It wasn’t very old. Actually, I never had a toaster since childhood. It was only when I grew up. Weird! But I knew about it through so many tv shows and cartoons. It was pretty interesting to get the first toaster. I was 16 and I stared at it for a long time.

    By Abhineet Menon on 11.15.2013

  20. Oh my gosh! The toasters are all on fire! This has never happened before…
    Well, did you plug them in differently? Arrange them out of alphabetical order?
    No, the same as I do every day. Just exactly the same. E

    By cgreg URL on 11.15.2013

  21. well put the bagel in anyway and we’ll try to scrape up as
    much of this cream cheese as possible. wish you would have told me
    that we were running low or gone out to get some on your own. I
    don’t like bagels without cream cheese and even then some with
    chives is the best! Anyway, I guess we’ll make do…

    By Lee URL on 11.15.2013

  22. How funny that this word comes up today. How unfortunately appropriate. Why is this the only thing I can think about? It’s just a stupid username. That’s it.

    The toaster popped up, making the woman jump nearly ten feet in the air.

    What a funny, coincidental word.

    By Samantha URL on 11.15.2013

  23. A toaster lies on my bed. I did not put it there. It looks at me menacingly and suddenly clicks. Out come two pieces of toast. I did not put them there. What a mess.

    By Mikitee on 11.15.2013

  24. She flung the blackened squares into the trash and twiddled the dial of the toaster. “Surely one will do it,” she said. “It’ll barely toast.” She popped two slices of bread and the rest of her hope into the slots.

    The nutty, warm scent of toasting bread filled her nose. Then it transformed into black, acrid burning. The smoke alarm rang.

    This time, she threw the toaster in the trash too.

    By Anthony StClair URL on 11.15.2013

  25. There once was a toaster who was really hot, and he was mad at the toast for jumping in his mouth! So, he turned himself to high and burned the toast up. The End.

    By shala on 11.15.2013

  26. My friend has married a toaster. I’m staring absentmindedly at an ornate vase, sipping from a bottle of limeade, as the after party rages on. Steam Powered Giraffe blasts from the ceiling, and I feel like I’m going to fall asleep.

    By Isis on 11.15.2013