May 19th, 2010 | 284 Entries

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284 Entries for “balloon”

  1. balloon. childhood excitement. now it’s just rubbery pollution. sometimes i wish that excitement returns, but that’s too much trouble.

    By black_swan URL on 05.20.2010

  2. My little girl loves balloons. Whenever she sees one she gets a huge smile on her face and asks if she can have it. How could I say no? I know that upon arriving home she will hit it across the room, see how long she can can keep it in the air and other “fun games”. It will annoy me but it will make her so happy.

    By Nikki on 05.20.2010

  3. football sports sex fun party kids birthday song 99 red balloons colours air breath bloat fly

    By Franco on 05.20.2010

  4. Balloons are colorful. They fly up high. They’re cute. They make you feel like a child. They’re cute to look at. They always make birthdays more lively.

    By Modgeisha on 05.20.2010