February 27th, 2011 | 530 Entries

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530 Entries for “keychain”

  1. You may hang it on a backpack. Or mabye even on carkeys. Your pants, just about anything. It could have anything on. micky mouse, ariel, a picture or your dogs!

    By KAT on 02.27.2011

  2. My father used to give me keychains when i lived with him. my first keychain was of the little mermaid. This would be his way of saying sorry and that everything would be alright. And i believed it at first but then i kept recieving these keychains. In total i have 35 keychains, one for everytime my father would hit me.

    By cristina URL on 02.27.2011

  3. I once had a really special keychain from my mother that I wish I didn’t lose.

    By Rebekah Rodriguez URL on 02.27.2011

  4. I collect these! I love keychains! They’re inexpensive, don’t take up much luggage space, and typically have the name of the place they are from printed on them. You can usually get one in an icon of your choice from that place as well.

    By AVS on 02.27.2011

  5. keychain
    unlocking doors
    you have the key to my heart
    you opened my heart
    and stomped all over it

    By cristina URL on 02.27.2011

  6. They can be hung on many things. A car key, lanyard, backpack suitcase, just about anything. They can have mickey mouse, a picture of your pet. something you decorated, anything!

    By KAT on 02.27.2011

  7. There was once a key chain and all you had to do was fill it with little charms. It could be heart shaped or round, it could be long or short; but the charms were supposed to mean something. You could even put a picture behind the charms to remind you about it. I liked to put Army charms in mine and a heart for my husband, as well as some birthstones and a piece that said I <3 chocolate.

    By Helen A URL on 02.27.2011

  8. i have many of them on my keys i love them a lot. my ex boyfriend used to get them for me every time he went somewhere. its kind of annoying having them on my key chain now cuz everytime i look at them i think of him and thats the last thing iw ant to do. he even got me one when i wasn’t with him. he got me one from mary land and canada and he would’ve gotten me one from japan when he goes this summer but we’re not together anymore so it doesn’t matter. my favorite is the PIB one that was the last good time we had together

    By kate on 02.27.2011

  9. I have a keychain, I got it from my brother when he went to Alberta it is a simple piece of quarts but i like it all the same. It doesn’t hang from anything in fact its often lost, but every once and a while I’ll find it and I treasure it again for a while

    By megan on 02.27.2011

  10. It does more than carry my keys, it is a metaphor for life on a tightwire, tight rope, swinging from the trees to the urban blight of time and space. Keychain my heart to your beats and retreats. Key my chain to your chain by locking both into place.

    By Jay Thompson on 02.27.2011

  11. I want to unlock the secrets of your heart and dangle them from the fingertips of my soul.

    By Emily Rae Robles URL on 02.27.2011

  12. I love keychains!
    My favorite one is a little picture of my brother and I at the zoo, when we were kids!
    And the other is a pink dog paw with my dog’s name behind it ♥

    By Francielly URL on 02.27.2011

  13. I used to have a flip flop key chain that I got at a sidewalk sale. It was familiar as it slid through the tips of my fingers and bumped into my leather wheel. The keys of my house and silver car floating home away from vale. It was all so much.

    By jenna on 02.27.2011

  14. Yesterday my friend and I bought these silly keychains. His is a husky and mine is a giraffe. They both have these exaggerated doe eyes. They’re really unfairly cute.

    By Laura on 02.27.2011

  15. i never really had any keychains. i didnt like them, i always thought they made so much noise. they should make keychains that have a purpose. like a lighter one,you would never lose your lighter than. well,unless you lost your keychain.hah

    By stephanie on 02.27.2011

  16. My keychain is a laynard from the gym that I go to across town. My other keychain is a pink one with something I can’t even remember written on it. KEYCHAINS

    By Katie URL on 02.27.2011

  17. Where’s my keychain?
    I can’t find it!
    The one thing that holds my life together.
    Without my keychain I have no home
    Without my keychain I am gone
    Where is my keychain

    (this sucks lol)

    By Adriana URL on 02.27.2011

  18. The thing about having so many keys was that she had to have so many keychains, and that meant she jangled like Santa’s sleigh wherever she want. If she’d wanted to be a ninja, she’d have failed on her first mission, because deaf elephants could hear her coming from a mile away, keychain and all.

    One day she would find a way to consolidate all her keys, dump the old ones that no longer opened doors, but until then, she would jingle all the way.

    By Nagi URL on 02.27.2011

  19. Run, Run faster I heard my sister scream from behind me , as I glance over my
    shoulder and see how close the dogs were catching up to us as we round the corner
    I flip the switch on my keychain to open the lock on my jeep.

    By Linda Berryman URL on 02.27.2011

  20. I wish I had a key chain. I don’t. I use a lanyard for my keys. I used to have a bunch of cool keychains that my friend got me for my birthday but I took them all off because I thought my lanyard looked cluttered. I see that my friends use keychains with their lanyards and it makes me want to out my keychain back on.

    By CarolynFoo URL on 02.27.2011

  21. i have such a pretty collection of key chains. ranging from pictures to shoes. in a way, it describes who i used to be, no longer who i am. or the different stages i have gone through. its not something i am really into anymore, but more than anything it is a memory holder for me. i can look at it and replay the adventures of how i got them.

    By angie URL on 02.27.2011

  22. I reached into my pocket, feeling a surge of some emotion. I could not recall what it was. Was it panic? Then I had realized I had forgot my house keys. Yet the keychain was still safe in my pocket. The one you gave me. I keep it with me everywhere I go. Although I know it’s hopeless, it’s the one piece of you I can keep.

    By Rachel Yeo URL on 02.27.2011

  23. The little blue monkey — quite fuzzy, I noticed — swung gaily from the metal ring attached to the red backpack. It turned this way and then that. I reached out to grab it when, “HEY! THAT’S MINE!” The girl turned around and saw me.

    By Dara on 02.27.2011

  24. my husband says i have way too many keychains for a keyring that contains only one or two keys. he’s probably right :/ isn’t it bad for the ignition, having all that weight? it must be a girl thing. . . we love to plaster crap all over anything we can.

    By kaylah URL on 02.27.2011

  25. I have only one key: for my office. I’t’s been on a keychain that says my name–수진–for three years. soon I will hand over the key. One more month, and I will give it up to the korean girl who sits beside me. All I will have left is a suitcase, a keychain, and only just …me.

    By Susannah URL on 02.27.2011

  26. A chance opportunity- the deep rumble had given Jed an instant semi- nothing but old detroit iron could idle with such a primal roar. He stalked the sleeping giant, like a big game hunter, defly using camoflage as he closed in on his deadly prey… sure enough, under the sodium lamps, he could see that the behemoth was vacant- convenience stores offered convenience to many shades in the spectrum of society. Without further ado, this dark streak slung himself into the drivers seat and planted the gas pedal, the keychain swinging straight to 90 degrees and staying there as the brute acceleration held it there like a well timed rodeo photo.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 02.27.2011

  27. My keychain is intense! I have a rabbit and a something that looks like a robot. That’s deep stuff, yo. Hahah. I used to have a rainbow thing just so I can reprezent~ but now that’s my office access card thingy. I’m not very wordy and articulate today huh.

    By Theresa Goh URL on 02.27.2011

  28. keychains are all too flimsy these days. no matter the price of the keychain, they always seem to break. whoever is in charge of making keychains, really needs to make them more sturdy because this is a keychain-breaking epedemic. i won’t even buy keychains anymore just because they are so unreliable.

    By Sophiaa URL on 02.27.2011

  29. its keeps the keys together an organized system for opening all the possibilities behind this door or that

    By audrey on 02.27.2011

  30. The family crest keychain hung from her car keys. It dangled and clanked as she turned the key in the ignition of her black Rolls Royce. The crest was on everything, trivial or major. Her family was far too proud of who they were and their status.

    By Mahou on 02.27.2011

  31. Amazing how something so small and seemingly insignificant can hold the simple metal that opens your world.

    By Kelly on 02.27.2011

  32. I’d left my keychain in a fish tank on the Upper West Side of New York City. But that was back in 1954. Long before I was dead. I don’t know where my keys are now. I don’t need them anymore anyway. A ghost has no problem with locks.

    I wish I could tell her where they go, my keys. She walks right through me. I am unlocked.

    By Kristen Bobst URL on 02.27.2011

  33. Girls have the biggest keychains. I will never understand. It’s as though they all secretly wanted to be janitors, and they never actually lived up to their dream but BY GOD they will have keys for every occasion.

    My keychain is simple and elegant. Just a ring and three keys. All I need.

    By Matt on 02.27.2011

  34. lanards are small yet hard objects too make. I first learned to make them when i was younger had church camp. When i think of keychains i think of that time at camp and remember my first lanyard it was blue and green and not very pretty

    By Heather on 02.27.2011

  35. We live in a shared world. We are one big family. We may not realize it, acknowledge it or even consider it but the fact is, we are all living together. Now, that makes me wonder about where we are all going and how we plan on working together if we don’t even realize this fact in the first place. First comes acceptance of an idea, then acknowledgement and finally realization. We need to realize we’re in this together.

    By Avtar Ji URL on 02.27.2011

  36. My boyfriend puts all my bracelets that I make for him and myself on his key chain. They are piling up. I don’t know why he does it, but he just does. I really wish those once that were mine stayed on my wrist though… I liked them. He insists on keeping them… Right there on his key chain.

    By Nicole on 02.27.2011

  37. He kept twiddling the beaded keychain between his fingers, wondering where she was, if she was still making these elementary animals with twine and cheap craft store plastic beads. He hated this keychain when she first gave it to him, but now he wished that he had a dozen more. He would even pay for them if she asked him to. He hid the keychain from his wife, but every once in a while, he would take it from its hiding place in his closet and sit on the edge of his bed, holding it and remembering the day that she had given it to him. Where was she now?

    By Alyssa on 02.27.2011

  38. everyone says you hold the keys to your life and your future, but it never is believable until you crash. then it hits you, and you realize, its my turn to sit behind the wheel, and drive. :)

    By Katie URL on 02.27.2011

  39. The keychain lay on the floor, by the front door. As though it had tried to get to the door and unlock it, but had fallen from exhaustion and couldn’t get there. There was a picture attached to it, of a small girl, around 6 years old, smiling.

    By Heather on 02.27.2011

  40. keychains hold memories, but i never carry around keychains. if i did, though, i think i’d put a picture on it, a really nice picture. it would be of my brother and i in florida when we were little. why florida, you ask? well those vacations to the sunshine state were some of the happiest times. the best memories.

    By drewbee URL on 02.27.2011