February 27th, 2011 | 530 Entries

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530 Entries for “keychain”

  1. i reached into my pocket
    and pulled you out
    dangling from a metal ring
    next to so many useless keys
    they never got me anywhere
    you’ll never get me anywhere
    if you sit idly by
    attached to those tickets
    through the doors that were always best kept locked

    By kalena URL on 02.27.2011

  2. a key to your heart whilst a chain to your body and soul. It hangs on your keys but it doesn’t chain anything to anything. Its an accessory that has not necessity. It has no real purpose at all except that it dangles when you walk. If you’re a stalker it may tip your victim off. I have a Coach key chain.

    By Troy ALbert on 02.27.2011

  3. I can’t believe it broke. I knew it would. Cheap thing. My baby gave it to me. A heart that says, “Love ya!” I love you too, dear Megan… My big seven year old. You are the light of my life and I couldn’t imagine life without you. My life began the day you were born. Thank you for being such an amazing kid!

    By Kimberly URL on 02.27.2011

  4. Keychain swining from a blue jean pocket. The pocket was filled with candy, colorful candy in every hue and spectra. Who knows the amount of candy that can be contained within a pocket. Candy undoubtedly is better contained in a pocket with a keychain then ice cream.

    By Nate URL on 02.27.2011

  5. I lifted your arm off me. I didn’t want to leave, believe me, but the other night was too much to comprehend. I gathered my items strewn about the floor and tiptoed from your bedroom to the front door. I slipped on my clothes as I went and when I left your house I heard the lock engage behind me. I reached into my pocket —

    Oh shit.

    By HelenGrant URL on 02.27.2011

  6. he wept along the long walk home. full of confrontation and pain, the keychain jangled in his pocket, in sync with each step. it rang aloud as a lonely vessel of doubt, as his body wandered and faded into the midnight hour of the city.

    By J.E. Baum URL on 02.27.2011

  7. Zhou Mi held his hands behind his back, grinning up at Kyuhyun as he cocked his head to the side.

    “Guess which hand.”

    “Right hand? I don’t know.”

    Zhou Mi held out his hand, showing an empty palm.

    “The left hand, then.”

    Zhou Mi laughed, opening his other hand, another empty palm.

    “What kind of a gift is that?”

    “Check my back pocket.”

    By Morgan on 02.27.2011

  8. I have a keychain with a picture of my kid when he was eighteen months old. He’s 21 now. Where does the time go?

    Some people have way too much crap on their keychains. You can’t drive their cars because the keys hit your knees.

    By Jim Nelson on 02.27.2011

  9. from the time i was a child i loved keychains, they say more about people than you would think. they resemble the little worlds we try to create when use our imaginations. they fill our lifes with the worlds we want to live in and the ideas we want to embody. there are few things that can say so much about person in such a tiny package. from those bare with just a few keys and simple rings to the monstrous conglamarations that some people tote around adding pounds to purses and pockets, they all make statements about who we are and what we’ve done, even what we want to do.

    By chance on 02.27.2011

  10. the staron a hok, shining in Hollywood. A tourist is alking, skipping, with a teddy bear in a girl’s hand. A starfish, stuffed, o n a sidewalk wiht gum suck to it. She can’t think. She should be mad. A key chain. that’s how it all started. The missing persoin. It happened because of akeychain. It’s just a freaking suvanear. Oh my god. Dangling from a finger. Smiling. Exciting. So simple. WHat the hell can I do with that? out it on my backpack and wait for it to fall off or for someone to steal it? how pathetic. my best freinds were on a keychain a couple times. Hurrican Harbor. Good times. Good times. Ah… Keychains are worthless, useless, but they hold amazing memories. Some are 3d, some are plastic, some are just ugly. Some say your name, some say cute sayings. Some can break your heart. Some are shaped like a hear. Some have stuffed animals. Those ones make me think the animal is being hung. So sad… What’s so special about keychains anyway? they’re just little pieces of plastic waiting to be lost or broken. A complete waste of money.

    By Jay URL on 02.27.2011

  11. Loud noisy bear beads. Was there ever a ladybug? Old really old garage key,skeleton type key. Now they are all separated. Not one chain anymore.

    By Trish on 02.27.2011

  12. are things that connect citys, lights, animals, they are train lines that cant keep still, they are just there in our viens, dont resist them, embrace lfe and connect together with the world and enjoy the sight you see. life is a jorney and there is no way to stop it, key chains go on forever and they will continue long after we are all gone, they are so much more that just some thing that holds keys in placee, they are life itself

    By gina on 02.27.2011

  13. The key to this chain shall be lost forever. Held in the hand of Hades, forever captured and cold. The metal burns and freezes simultaneously, wrapped in flames of blue. How can I be free if the underworld holds the key to my heart? Am I to be chained to this wall of solitude? Is this my eternal punishment? Oh, Hades, let these chains be the chains of wisdom. Are thou teaching me to be immortal? Hades. Oh, Hades, thy love is not shared.

    By Katherine Madigan URL on 02.27.2011

  14. Holding in place one tiny piece of you. Nothing more important than the thought that I know where you sleep and can enter into that sacred place anytime – even when you don’t realize it. Also that if you mess with me I can do damage to your stuff.

    By jerasica URL on 02.27.2011

  15. There it was. The keychain she gave me from here trip last summer. It glistened in the sun as I sat motionless staring at it. She got it from an old woman in the streets of Venice, told me that it was the o

    By Ianmichael on 02.27.2011

  16. A keychain connects pieces of important things into one. These important things consist of what wasn’t even a mere thought in the 1500s. A keychain is about transportation to one place to the next. A keychain, while holding very important things, is quite tiny, and quite easy to lose.

    By Jade on 02.27.2011

  17. He threw the keychain at her. “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” She cried as she left. She was never coming back. The rain refreshed her and as she got into the car she looked at the house and smiled.

    By Autumn Magnolia URL on 02.27.2011

  18. I lost my keychain in the couch as I was watching late-night TV. It was blue, the shade just between the sky and the ocean. It was given to me long ago by a friend I don’t have anymore. I don’t even know why I still use the keychain; perhaps I’ll just buy another one.

    By Alysia Chavez URL on 02.27.2011

  19. The keys come and go, but the keychain stays. It has seen keys of many sizes and shapes, many colours and styles, yet the hand holding it tightly never changes.

    By A Bananie URL on 02.27.2011

  20. I like keychains, I had one once that said if my head wasn’t attached, I’d lose it. I lost the keychain. Ironic, no? I thought so. I actually never found that key chain. Who knows where it could be. That was several years ago, when I was in grade school.

    By Molly J. on 02.27.2011

  21. His key chain was the only thing he had left that reminded him of her. unfortunately he used it every day. She was always there. always in his pocket. Always attached to his hip.

    By Adam on 02.27.2011

  22. where you put your keys so that you know where they are, all together and organized. some people have very weird organization so you don’t know what key is for what lock. ever. color coding is common.

    By James on 02.27.2011

  23. the keychain was heavy, what filled with keys and all. Most of them were useless; old house keys to old houses. Dropbox keys to long abandoned dropboxes. Still, he never got rid of them. You never knew when you may need to lay low and crash. Old homes and older identities.

    By paul mundane URL on 02.27.2011

  24. My keychain is a fantastic piece of art. It can transform into a million tiny insects and devour most types of metallic compounds. My keychain is indestructible.

    By no on 02.27.2011

  25. i had a keychain in my pocket but i couldn’t find my keys. what is the point of a keychain without keys, I asked myself. I had been given that keychain by my father who had picked it up in Ireland. It always reminded me of him. But at this moment, I didn’t want to think of my dad because it would make me sad. And because I needed a key.

    By Rachel on 02.27.2011

  26. on my purse. holding those essentials. keys to unlock the broken hearts. clanking with every move. where will they be used? whose heart will be opened to me?

    By Kyler on 02.27.2011

  27. I made my mom a keychain when I was young.

    By Maggie on 02.27.2011

  28. I used to have a bunch of keychains on my backpack when i was in kindergarten. I stopped suing them. now i have keys but i dont really have keychains. just a really cool leather giraffe I got. Made in Italy. I love keychains but only if theyre special or mean something will I use them.

    By Melannie on 02.27.2011

  29. She looked around for her keys, hanging from the copper-coloured keychain that had once been bright, shiny and her most precious trinket. For years, she hadn’t changed it. She smiled, knowing that it would stay there until it broke, and she couldn’t fix it anymore.

    By Andrea URL on 02.27.2011

  30. i once had a keychain that i loved but some asshole broke it and this guy actually went on to date the girl that i never spoke to in high school but is my best friend now. of course she cheated on him so really he broke something and i liked it it was something my mom had given to me and now he is nothing in my life. oh and when he broke it he and i were “dating” but not really so its like a small world after all right?

    By kat on 02.27.2011

  31. His key chain was the only thing he had left that reminded him of her. unfortunately he used it every day. She was always there. always in his pocket. Always attached to his hip.

    By Capitol Kid URL on 02.27.2011

  32. “What’s that?” he asked her.

    The shy girl looked down at her backpack.

    “Just a keychain,” she replied, picking at a thread on her backpack.

    “It’s cool. Where’d you get it?”

    “When my parents went to London they bought it for me, since I couldn’t go,” she replied.

    “I like it,”

    The girl looked up at him with a slight smile on her face and he smiled back easily.

    By AG Stewart URL on 02.27.2011

  33. i remember giving keychains as presents to my friend hannah. she stole one of my favorite ones, which was a flashlight that my mom gave me. she broke our deal and didnt give me a keychain back. we were never friends after that. keycahins are awesome. i dont personally use them, but i have them hanging around by my bed because i think they’re handy little trinkets that remind you of something or somewhere you love.

    By kelly URL on 02.27.2011

  34. Key chains make me think of my aunts keys because thats the only keys I see becuase her keys open the door to the only car i can drive and starts the engine of the only car that i can drive. I mean I can drive other cars but…. You know. I don’t have another- I just found a way to cheat on this word game I simply clicked submit without entering information and then had the chance to press the back button in order to do so so I can continue to write run-on sentences

    By galleyfrontburger URL on 02.27.2011

  35. i had to walk ten blocks to buy Coach key chains. i hated that, but then that was the only thing i could get my sisters from new york. i walked in the store, and said to a clerk without going into the back: “i need your help.”

    By kaorita URL on 02.27.2011

  36. what? keychain again? Where do I get the goods? Like, I wanna talk about sex or something of a suggestive nature. Common! question marks look like lightbul-

    By galleyfrontburger URL on 02.27.2011

  37. I had a keychain when i was little. It was of the little mermaid and my father gave it to me. It was his sorry present for hurting me. later on i would realize that i would be getting alot of these keychains in my life. I have 35 keychains in total, one for every time my father has hit me.

    By Cristina on 02.27.2011

  38. I used to collect keychains. I didn’t even have a car. Just the idea of having lots of keychains to choose from when I did have a car was exciting. I remember I used to like the “#1” shaped keychains the best, they were rubbery and bright and interesting.

    By dandyjams URL on 02.27.2011

  39. I have nothing today. I could write about key chains dripping blood from where someone used one to kill someone, trying to throw shock value in there. I could write about a key chain I had when I was a child, a crystal heart one that shattered when I threw it against the wall and told him I hated him.
    I could post different words that key chains remind me of.
    But I won’t…

    By AmberJade URL on 02.27.2011

  40. Keychains are fun. I remember when I was in elementary school and everybody was making their own keychains out of beads. Shit. There were butterflies and lizards and all kinds of neat creatures. Everyone made them. Good times. I loved elementary school because of trends like that. The cool thing to do was give your lizard a really long tail with the beads, so then whenever you walked by anyone, the tail would get stuck to them or their stuff. That was the best. It’s wacky stuff like that that make me wish I was still a kid.

    By marian on 02.27.2011