February 27th, 2011 | 530 Entries

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530 Entries for “keychain”

  1. A little keychain lay on the floor beside me, lost and broken.
    You see, this small thing has changed my life greatly. Why? I held this as my friend died. This was hers, the eiffel tower is where she always wanted to be. But now her dream of going there is forever gone.

    By Alexis URL on 02.27.2011

  2. I’m pretty uninspired by this word.
    I have a lot of keys on my keychain.
    I also have a large replica of the crest of House Slytherin.

    By October URL on 02.27.2011

  3. i have a keychain and it said my name but my friends dog ate it so it only says “heine” now, when it used to say katherine, and people think that yes it was destroyed but it used to say heinous, even though it has a smiley face bead at the end, so they must be pretty dumb, but i should probably get a new keychain now. Maybe a little peace sign or something.

    By jordan on 02.27.2011

  4. i really don’t know anything about this word, do you mind if you tell me about it a bit? i even don’t know the basics about keychain

    By aadil ennia URL on 02.27.2011

  5. the ultimate key chain is the most noisy and jingly of all
    the keys are very much used
    the weight of the unit is way to much with everyone’s keys on

    By she53lly URL on 02.27.2011

  6. i walk around with you in my pocket as though if i let you go, i’d never find it again. you opened the home to my childhood. the building may no longer exist, but i’ll carry you around as a memory.

    By Lola URL on 02.27.2011

  7. My keychain is in the image of a sword, and I can summon it whenever I need. The blade’s name is Aether, and it is a massively powerful weapon. Unfortunately, I cannot summon it without suffering at least a second-degree burn, as it likes to appear in a burst of flame.

    By Lance on 02.27.2011

  8. Did you ever see keys attached to a rubber pile of shit? Disgustingly novel!

    By reetah on 02.27.2011

  9. my babcia had this keychain with a quote about love
    my cousin had given it to her and i was always jelous of it
    my babcia seemed to love it
    see saw it everyday whenever she used her keys
    and im sure everytime she saw it she thought of my cousin vera

    By Veronika on 02.27.2011

  10. As I put my coat on I felt something in my pocket and It wasn’t hers.

    By vanhaydu URL on 02.27.2011

  11. I used to carry a bunch of key chains. I only had like 2 keys, but like 15 key chains. I have no idea what the fascination was. I was like a collector, but instead of keeping my collection housed somewhere safe, I insisted on carrying them everywhere. One thing though–I could always find my keys in my purse.

    By emily on 02.27.2011

  12. Es una silla para la cual se necesita una llave. Suena loco, ¿no? ¿Quién cerrará su silla con llave? Pero Toni lo hacía. Era SU silla. Nadie se podía sentar en ella, si no Toni misma. Y para eso había inventado lo del candado.

    By Eli URL on 02.27.2011

  13. keychains are cool because you can hang them anywhere. like on your backpack, or on the wall. one time my mom bought me a keychain with my name in it in new york city. i love new york city. anyways, it was great because whenever i go to a store that sells keychains with first names on them, they never have my name. they always have names like jessica or sarah, but never nina.

    By Nina URL on 02.27.2011

  14. I have a keychain. it is pink with fluffy little bears hanging from it. I love my keychain because it makes me warm and fuzzy inside. Sometimes at night, I look at my keychain and i say I Love You Keychain. This makes me feel good aaaaallllllll night and I dont have any nightmares.

    By Biz Niz on 02.27.2011

  15. the keychain made a noise as i opened up the door to my car. Rebelling, i started the car. Vroom Vroom, the keychain rattled as the car jerked over thehjkl

    By becca on 02.27.2011

  16. It was the thing that dangled, splayed out when she tossed the contents of her pocket on a table or on the floor, the lines and contours that poked through her jeans as she sat cross-legged, indian-style or straddling the guy that she just met in the library. It helped her get home. It was her home.

    By N.G. Hotch on 02.27.2011

  17. My keys dangle from you
    Jaunty jingle
    Pocket heavy
    Someone who loves me very much went to _________

    By Lauren on 02.27.2011

  18. i love keychains. when i have a car, and keys, i’m going to have millions of keychains. They’re going to be small and big, pink and fluffy and people are going to compliment me on my many keychains and tell me how wonderful they are. I’m excited. more excited then to get a car.

    By becca URL on 02.27.2011

  19. Keychains – a device used to lose all of your keys at once.

    By Daniel on 02.27.2011

  20. key chain. guardian of the infinitum of doors. all potentiality.

    the sacredness of spaces ensured by exclusivity, the lock.

    the hall way lined by the walls and breaks of walls and the midriff of privacy audaciously on display.

    By Nick URL on 02.27.2011

  21. His life ended by a simple, coincidental mistake. It was summer of ’97. He was about to get into his car and to work when he happened to spot something shining on the ground. It was a keychain. He shrugged and picked it up, admiring its miniscule polka-dot pattern. This deficit of attention, though, caused him to trip over a curb, ending up face-down on the sidewalk. Recovering, he went back inside his home to get a bandage, forgetting that he had to go to work. He arrived late an hour later, only to be fired by his boss. It took him five months to find another job. For a few weeks, he worked as a bartender. One night, right before closing up, a homeless man passed him on the street and offered him a small white packet of powder. He struggled with drug addiction for two years, but found help and was on the road to recovery. Literally. He was driving down a busy road to a recovery seminar when a speeding 16-wheeler collided into his vehicle, crushed him, and caused an enormous explosion. All that could be identified from the remains were the man’s dental records, a rehabilitation pamphlet, and a polka-dot keychain.

    By Jenny URL on 02.27.2011

  22. the keychain dangled from her fingers, the sunlight catching on its silver finish.

    By Natalie Leber on 02.27.2011

  23. linking. kingdom hearts. safety. trinket. eeyore. mario. chibi. heart. bags. france. attached.

    By lauren o'hagan on 02.27.2011

  24. I have a keychain that represents my personality.
    It has many colors and objects that represent me.
    It starts my car to get me places,
    It has seen many seasons and many faces,
    My keychain can lock up my thoughts.

    By Mia on 02.27.2011

  25. Loosing my house. Loosing my head to the keys in my pocket. My pocket is empty. My keyes are gone. I hate life. Shit

    By Sambalele on 02.27.2011

  26. holds keys, gets stuck in pocket, a way to remember where you were, something to pickup where you’re traveling to. sometimes lucky, sometimes unlucky. doesn’t matter, the key to memories.

    By mikey URL on 02.27.2011

  27. Today i walked three miles with my keychain jangline in the pocket of my sweater. I wore flip flops and my feet have erupted with giant bubbles where the straps chafed them. But spring fever overtook us all so completely, we had no choice but to keep walking

    By Emily URL on 02.27.2011

  28. how crazy. i wrote once something about a keychain, the objetc that meant so much to me. it still does, but I guess it’s been forgotten.. i guess it happens. I collect keychains. they have a lot of history.

    By Victoria on 02.27.2011

  29. She was a traveler, filled with wanderlust. From Austria, to Greece, through Spain, ending up in Chile, she loved cultures that weren’t her own. From each country she bought a golden keychain, reminding her of her adventures. And they dangled on a long keychain she kept inside her backpack, safe from the outside terrain she trekked through. Oxymoronic, this she knew, but she couldn’t let her memories be tarnished by the only thing she truly loved.

    By Daina URL on 02.27.2011

  30. The keychain went flying behind the car spewing the keys and other mementoes all over the road. How they missed the other traffic is a miracle. Now the photos on the keychain are gone forever.

    By Amimee URL on 02.27.2011

  31. It was there all along! I’m an idiot. I left my key hanging on the key chain I got for my birthday. How could I forget?

    By Brooke on 02.27.2011

  32. keychains are really good to express personality. if you’re angry you can get a keychain that you squeeze when it happens. or if you’re girly you can get something like Legally Blonde. i personally love keychains. but they break all too easily. we need sturdier keychains.

    By Sophia on 02.27.2011

  33. They always wondered why there were attached to his hip. It had to be uncomfortable, all that metal digging into human skin and bone, but it didn’t bother them. They weren’t the ones with tooth marks in their flesh. At least, until the day a stronger metal pierced their frames, saving the fragile, precious organs of their owner. The bullet shattered them into pieces, and they fell to the floor, free.

    By Mintolate Tea URL on 02.27.2011

  34. keychains are kewl, sometimes they have cool sayings or funny pictures on them and sometimes they light up. they are fun to put on your car keys or key ring, but sometimes they make your keys too heavy or hard to carry around. some are animal shaped and make funny noises too.

    By Nikki on 02.27.2011

  35. Jingle. Jangle. Jingle. Jangle. I can hear you coming from a mile away. I hope you never try to rob or sneak attack anyone, because you would fail miserably. The excessive amount of keychains on your keyring is something of a mess. I know you do not need all of them, it might suit you well to drop a few.

    By Jesyanne URL on 02.27.2011

  36. She had the world wrapped around her little finger. Every place she’d been and the opportunity to go to new ones was there in that jingling jangling accessory. She held it tight and couldn’t let go, worried about what would happen if she did.

    By Hannah URL on 02.27.2011

  37. I don’t own a keychain. I don’t own a key. The only reason for a key is to lock things, but nothing should ever be locked, everything should be open.

    By itsallunderstood URL on 02.27.2011

  38. its shiny. it can hang from things. it can make you not lose your keys. it can separate keys. they jangle. they are a distaction. they make people smile. they can represent memories. they are a present. they are tacky. they are expensive. work can use them. they can be make from dough. they are a childs favourite thing. they can represent status. they can attatch onto anything. they make noise. they come in all shapes and sizes. they are indestructable. they

    By steph on 02.27.2011

  39. Where did that thing go? I’m so frustrated thinking of all the times I’ve lost the most basic, important thing that lets me be at home. Why can I not grow up? Why can’t I stop losing everything? Ugh.l Frustration abounds.

    By Kat on 02.27.2011

  40. I still remember the day when I has to get down to school within 10 minutes, I rushed towards my car and put my hand in my pocket to pull out the keys, guess what .. all I have is a Keychain with the keys missing in it, poor me lol

    By Aakash Kokz URL on 02.27.2011