August 4th, 2012 | 220 Entries

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220 Entries for “key”

  1. einu su raktu rysuliuku ryte, ka tik grizes is baisingo vakarelio. galva maudzia, bandau grusti raktus i skyle, kuri susitraukia, iki adatos skylutes. raktu vakar buvo vos 4 rysulyje, dabar 4 milijonai ju. niekaip negaliu susirasti reikiamo.

    By arnas on 08.05.2012

  2. Quick quick wheres the key? I need to get in before everything falls down around my ears, before my life ends for good. Under the coats? No. Behind the door? No.

    By Bonnie on 08.05.2012

  3. I couldn’t find the key ANYWHERE. This was getting ridiculoous. He was in there trapped, and I was the only one who could save him. I knew that. But as I got more frustrated, I started to lose hope. After all this, after everything I’ve done, I can’t find the goddamn key.

    By Jenna Meyer URL on 08.05.2012

  4. If someone could get paid to lose keys, I’d me loaded. I lose them everywhere, all the time. It’s extremely frustrating, especially when you think that you KNOW where you’ve left them. I’ve had locks changed several times and alot of people thinking I’m irresponsible because of these stupid yet useful items

    By Organic Nyan on 08.05.2012

  5. there’s a key that opens every single door. every house you ever dreamed entering, every doorknob, every secret kept secret by someone else. and from that moment on, you’re free

    By s. montes on 08.05.2012

  6. door safety heart lock metal tiffany old night fear love money tree rock lost story

    By sherin on 08.05.2012

  7. keys open doors. the key to happiness comes from within. know yourself and be content with who you are. learn to love yourself from the core, then you will be capable of giving love to others. the key is love.

    By eye in the sky URL on 08.05.2012

  8. THe tool with which one is able to lock or unlock something. This can be literal or metaphorical. Skeleton keys unlock any lock.

    By Melissa Parker on 08.05.2012

  9. The key to life I have found was realizing that truth gives you an open spirit. Relying on the world to provide you with the life you desire is asinine. The mystery of this earth is that everyone is searching for that one thing that will ultimately make things better. Unfortunately things get better when the search has purpose behind it.

    By Reel Robinson URL on 08.05.2012

  10. Under lock and key he kept his deepest secrets inside him. He would never unlock them for anyone, until she came along and changed everything in his life. Nothing was ever the same.

    By Karis on 08.05.2012

  11. keys open doors and they look cool and kingdom hearts and the keyblade. i don’t know what else to write about a key so I will stop now.

    By Katherine on 08.05.2012

  12. Key, hmmm…. When I think of the word “key”, I don’t think of the physical object. I think of “the key to life” or “the key to happiness”. Everybody desperately wants those keys.

    By Kelsie on 08.05.2012

  13. The skeleton key wouldn’t fit into the front door. I always thought it would work, but put it off because of my fears. I never felt curious at what the house held, nor have I ever wanted to even step foot into the house. But after my great grandmother’s death, the house needed some searching.

    By Amarie URL on 08.05.2012

  14. the key is an inportant tool in life because there can be one thing a key if you will that can open up everything from a simple door to anything else such as your heart or something as big as a thought.

    By Eli on 08.05.2012

  15. Key’s unlock many things. All different shapes, sizes, colours, metals, old or new. I just wonder what the one which hangs from your necklace is for. It the key to your heart? I would like the ownership.

    By Hannah URL on 08.05.2012

  16. the key to ones heart is a very difficult concept to grasp.. Something that you will hold on to for a lifetime but lose at the drop of a hat.. When you love someone, do you ever truly stop? Regardless on the length of time you have known this person?

    By Brittany on 08.05.2012

  17. The key. What is the key to life? We all search for this illusive item. Some of us look actively and other are simply pushed along through life, nodding here and and there, catching a glimpse as we go.

    By susan URL on 08.05.2012

  18. A key at first struck me a useful word that is used in graphs, spreadsheets and more to denote what is what and offer advice and knowledge.

    The second thing was that a key is used to unlock doors. From house keys to car keys, everyone has one.

    By Greg on 08.05.2012

  19. I lost my key because i dont want anybody else to find it to open your heart :D LOI !!!!!!!!

    By Beatrice Zaire on 08.05.2012

  20. He was the key to her.


    She was the heart of EDEN, the key to everything–the apocalypse, the Pandora’s box, the heart and the soul of Mitchelle.

    By Ollie on 08.05.2012

  21. A
    Put the key in the lock and see what happens. You won’t know until you take the chance. You must accept what you find. use it well.

    By Lrwgolden on 08.05.2012

  22. “the key to success” a key is something you need in order to get to something you want but to get the key will involve hard work, determination and willpower.

    By Fifi URL on 08.05.2012

  23. in a world of locked rooms, the man with the key is king. and this world is their labyrinth – the boring boring people as dull walls stacked upon each other, their flat little eyes lolling back and forth. this key is their brilliam. moriarty, moriarty, is the kind.

    in a world of locked rooms, moriarty is the man with the crown and the key.

    By in a tardis on 08.05.2012

  24. A key is meant for opening things, lost things, things you search for. Rooms that are closed, not within your reach or imagination. That’s why keys are different. Each serves a single purpose.

    By Annika on 08.05.2012

  25. I held the key tightly in my already sweaty hand and pushed it into the golden lock. My heart throttled and gunned in my chest like the Harley Davidson motorcycle I’d driven out into these dark woods in search of this ridiculous treasure. What would I find? Holding the the flashlight in my other hand, it was then I noticed the fresh droplets of blood…

    By Tina Glasneck URL on 08.05.2012

  26. “Hurry up!” He whispered from behind me as I fumbled with the lock. “I’m trying Tom!!” I shouted back at him. I knew that I was being too loud. God, why was this taking so long? I wriggled the key around a bit more. This had to be it; there were no other keys in that drawer. This had to work. I could hear Thomas’s breathing growing more frantic. Finally, the lock slid open with a sweet pop. I took the lock off the shed door and threw it to the side. Thomas came to stand by me. Both of us were frozen. This was it; were we really going to go in? With one last hesitant glance towards eachother, Thomas leaned forward and swung the door open. My eyes strained to adjust to the darkness as I whispered, “Hello?”

    By Megan on 08.05.2012

  27. i wish i swallowed flowers
    instead of iron

    to grow roses on my bones
    instead of rust

    to turn the color of autumn
    than day-old blood

    but i’d rather smell of rot
    than perfume

    for this dungeon is a castle
    when lit by you.

    By h. b. URL on 08.05.2012

  28. The key to someones heart opens the door to a passage through a magical world of love, sadness, and emotion. The key can be an answer to your destiny. You choose the key.

    By Meaghan Rose Grant on 08.05.2012

  29. I keep losing mine…..I have to get a better place to hook it…… lets me in it keeps others out…..what is the one to unlock peace and happiness

    By NewYawkahBroad on 08.05.2012

  30. I’ve always been fascinated by locks and keys. Maybe because of their cliche symbolism of mystery and discovery and truth and even trust. This is one of those words which you could write so much for that it’s overwhelming and you end up writing nothing.

    By rushtail on 08.05.2012

  31. You have the key to everything. All you need to do is to believe that you have it.

    Soon, she started to think hard about the key that she needed to unlock the door. If she couldn’t get the key then she would never open the door. She would never open the door to everything she needed.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 08.05.2012

  32. Once a key was found by a young squirrel. He picked it up, took it to his mom. She said it belonged to the evil hairy monster. She went up to the monster to return the key. The monster was happy, and then crushed the squirrel mom. The young squirrel died of a heart attack.

    By Mehar Chumble on 08.05.2012

  33. He took the key of the table without her noticing. She walked over to him, gave him a brief kiss on the cheek and asked him to leave. He gave her a smirk then turned towards the door. The door slammed and her eyes began to swell with tears. Then the loud rumble of his car vibrated the home where they once called “ours”. As she watched it pull out of the drive she turned because she couldn’t bare to watch any longer. She walked slowly and ghostly to the kitchen table where she took a seat and laid her head down. She cried for hours because she knew no matter how much time she has to heal the memories will be there forever.

    By Haley dixon on 08.05.2012

  34. I’ve lost my key! It’s the key to all my secret treasures. have you seen it? It’s old, very old and rusty but I need it. I’ve had it for 37 years

    By Lee Ann on 08.05.2012

  35. key is the important asset to open the gate of life in the splendid manner of love covered in the wishful eyes of the beholder regaining the memory from lost estate.

    By proxy joy on 08.05.2012

  36. key unlocks door. success is key to better life. i love lock and key game. robert key is english cricketer. Key chain looks good
    Key hole is small.

    By Him on 08.05.2012

  37. I have a door. It’s wooden and has 5 locks. I often get confused which one will fit where! It’s quite a task because they are all over the door. But the key part is to find the appropriate key for each lock. I love lock key , as a game. Yes!

    By Sainee on 08.05.2012

  38. The key to being a key is knowing what your purpose is in life? What have you been designed to open? to do? Who will you allow to hold you and use you? Will it be for good or evil? Is there a difference? There are many keys in this world, but you can only be one.

    By Phil Rewaq on 08.05.2012

  39. To my heart.

    By M.C. on 08.05.2012

  40. today i lost my keys. i don’t know what to do. I am exhausted. I am in front of my door. Suddenly someone comes up the stairs. He looks at me and smiles. His eyes are brown. chocolate brown.

    By Camila on 08.05.2012