June 30th, 2017 | 18 Entries

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18 Entries for “key”

  1. Happiness is a rusty key for enduring life. It works well for a time, but nothing can withstand corrosion forever.

    By cup URL on 06.30.2017

  2. She held the key in her palm and ran her thumb over it. It was so unassuming. Keys usually are. She looked very carefully at the cuts in the sides, as if they had a secret code etched in them.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 06.30.2017

  3. The key to my heart – I’m not even sure if it exists or not. Just so I can get this straight, I do have a heart. I only have appearently lost the key to it. And even if there is one, I wouldn’t want to use it. Rather I would die.

    By Anastasia on 06.30.2017

  4. I’m singing in the wrong key lately. I miss even vaguely being able to play the piano. I have car keys, but I left the house keys at home because the girls are home all day. Because I have the only car. I wish they’d stop leaving her on empty. .

    By April URL on 06.30.2017

  5. key lock flower store upholstery. floral columns coffee stained textures, a smell of mold and varnish, a peel and a bubble and a finger hole, are there bugs inside, is there a plate of bugs between paper and wood?

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.30.2017

  6. the key to bridge the world is seeing beyond what you can’t see. In yourself, in others, know you are more than the limitations a brain places

    By diane renz on 06.30.2017

  7. Keys are such simple, but such important things. Both those that open doors and also those that lead to wisdom.

    By C on 06.30.2017

  8. You can open the door with the golden key, but in order to get the golden key, you need to unlock the chest of drawers it’s tucked away in, and the chest of drawers can be opened with the silver key, but in order to get the silver key, you need to remove it from your dead grandmother’s jewelry box, and the jewelry box can be opened by the bronze key, but in order to get the bronze key –

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.30.2017

  9. I lost my house keys and I had to wait too long till my son come to open the house i was tired desappointed thirsty hungry mad

    By Lucy on 06.30.2017

  10. I use it to lock my room my mind and sometimes others secret. It is always helpful to have redundancy when it comes to keys otherwise you will be lost and locked outside.

    By UN-determined Lady on 06.30.2017

  11. my heart is in a cage with a million chains and locks around it. my heart cannot be reached by just anyone. out of the millions of chains and locks, there is one lock that will open up the whole cage, if only you have the key. and only one person has the key.

    By sammy URL on 06.30.2017

  12. I have a key and I wonder what it will open? I am so curious about what this key is for! I bet it is the key to a treasure chest that is filled with wonderful jewelry or maybe it has rich fine clothing in it. Very intriguing indeed!

    By ruthie on 06.30.2017

  13. Please. Key? This is so unoriginal and uncreative it gives me writer’s block. See you tomorrow.

    By Kira on 06.30.2017

  14. The key was lost. She had no way in. What was he doing on the other side of that door? Was he even alive?

    By April Busby on 06.30.2017

  15. you hold it in your hands, press it against the light and you gently open the door,
    it yields to you and you step over the threshold, intimidated.

    By ching URL on 06.30.2017

  16. I walked towards the door with key in hand. It had been ages since I’d seen the inside of the house in which I grew up. My parents had died some years ago, but I never went to see what was left. With a sigh, I opened the door.

    By Chandler Lynch URL on 06.30.2017

  17. The key is what unlocks something, but it’s only the start. What is beyond that lock can change your world forever.

    By HHB URL on 06.30.2017

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    By vb centella URL on 07.01.2017