July 1st, 2017 | 31 Entries

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31 Entries for “fallen”

  1. fallen angels
    such a cliché
    yeah, I am a cliché
    but listen
    we have built it all on clichés
    instead of scaffolding
    i am lying again
    on the bed you didn´t sit on
    our beginnings never end
    our endings always begin
    again and again and again
    with me wondering
    how to improve the next time
    if fallen feelings faded out
    they´ll show up again
    again and again
    flawless is not the word
    journey is

    By too stable URL on 07.01.2017

  2. “So, fallen anel huh?..”

    “Yeah, what of it?”

    “Did it hurt when you-”

    “Finish that sentence and I will drop you from heaven.”

    “Alright calm down.”

    By Logan on 07.01.2017

  3. A fallen angel? Is that what you are? Listen the last time we had a fallen angel in here, the entire place turned to flames, and we had to evacuate, and two people died. So excuse me if we are not exactly welcoming, but we don’t serve your kind in here. Fallen angels, honestly, nothing but trouble, for everyone all the time.

    By Zhelana on 07.01.2017

  4. The Democratic party has fallen from its ideals. “Progression is the only way forward. Be Progressive”

    By Jeffrey Torres URL on 07.01.2017

  5. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. It used to be funny, but now it’s a reality. This is what it’s like to get old. Suddenly you worry about falling. It’s not a fun feeling. I’ve fallen before and it’s scary. And the aftermath? Forget it. Don’t go breaking my heart. I’ve fallen in love before. It’s not worth it.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 07.01.2017

  6. Her palms hit the pavement and she felt skin being torn away from her knees. Fuck. She tried to stand up, but had to stop and steady her breath and slow her heart rate first.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 07.01.2017

  7. But, yesterday, when we were young, we thought that the fallen were instead the fallen might of giants Who’s splendor was what kept nightmares at bay and stood as stoic reminders of how to make the make-believe and dreams a reality.

    By Justin URL on 07.01.2017

  8. I’ve fallen so many times
    I’m inherently trained to jump up
    because if they see you down
    you’ll look as you’ve given up
    you’re never gonna stop
    chasing your goals
    and growing and learning
    and adjusting your role
    so be brave and move forward
    knowing well enough
    that with the love you find
    you’ll never lose touch

    By lauren URL on 07.01.2017

  9. The empire has fallen, and only darkness remains. Except for the red eyes that glow in the dark, there is nothing to be seen; the trees, the tanks, the military vehicles and the masses of armed, bloody soldiers standing at attention have all been swallowed by oblivion and then spat back out in the form of this ugly, dark emptiness.

    By Earth on 07.01.2017

  10. Ouch!
    What do you think?
    I’m sorry I asked.
    No. No… I’m sorry. Just edgy, you know. With…
    I know.
    I know you do.
    We need to keep moving.
    Yes. Let’s go.

    By Lena on 07.01.2017

  11. They say that the mighty have fallen – well, I say they’re brimming with sh**. The mighty are sitting around this table right now. They’ve drunk your coffee. They’ve eaten your croissants and other buttery pastries that you bought at the café downstairs. They’ve taken a dump in your bathrooms and laughed about the smell. They may not be wearing armor or crisp, clean suits, but they’re still running the operations around here. And all they had to do was shake your hand and give you a shiny gold badge to make you believe you’d beaten them.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.01.2017

  12. Fallen.
    ever deeper, ever longer.
    I don’t know what to think anymore,
    for my whole existance is a bore,
    I don’t believe I will ever die,
    since I’m not sure whether
    dying brings you to life.

    By Anastasia on 07.01.2017

  13. the fallen angels weep
    as they descend
    from their place in heaven
    to the depths of hell
    for they have sinned
    and are no longer welcome
    inside the golden gates
    of paradise
    but what is paradise
    when you can’t be
    who you are truly
    meant to be?
    they were once gods favorites
    now cast aside
    Like a kid’s broken toy
    the funny thing is
    they truly are broken toys
    they were used
    looked up to by humans
    praised for being perfect
    but is anyone or anything
    ever truly perfect?
    they weren’t
    and they were thrown
    is that what God wants us
    to know
    if we are not perfect
    will we be sent to hell?
    is there even a god?
    does anyone hear
    the prayers
    that we all desperately send?
    do all of our wishes
    fall upon deaf ears?
    do all of our dreams
    mean a thing
    to anyone
    but us?
    the fallen angels weep
    as they realize
    they have been played
    thrown out
    and forgotten
    the fallen angels weep
    and so do we
    as we realize
    those fallen angels
    are really just humans
    they are human
    and hated
    because they are not perfect
    they are hated
    for the same reason
    we hate ourselves

    By sammy URL on 07.01.2017

  14. “I’ve fallen for you.”
    “What do you fucking mean, Alice? We met literally a month ago, we go on ONE life-changing adventure, then we declare our undying love for each other? What is this? A shitty romance movie?”

    By Samuel Drury on 07.01.2017

  15. fallen leaf lined coblestone path, bugs sliding fig leaf, damp dew run run, clicking tree tops and muscle headed raccoons pirouetting cross the bows, across dappling the pinwheeling fog.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 07.01.2017

  16. i had fallen down a huge cliff and i had broken my leg from the force of the impact once i had fallen i couldnt have got back up to the top of the mountain again i was distraught about not being able to conquer the mountain

    By ethan dimmock on 07.01.2017

  17. Taeyong tidak pernah mengerti dan mengetahui, kapan ia terjatuh. Tapi nyatanya, ia telah jatuh begitu rupa. Begitu dalam. Ia lupa bagaimana mulanya, bagaimana caranya; tapi ia jatuh.

    Pada Doyoung.

    By d i l i a URL on 07.01.2017

  18. Everything either comes to an end or falls. But when you fall you can either stay down or choose to get up and shine. There’s no where else better to go anyways, I mean you’ve already fallen. Just believe and rise.

    By HHB URL on 07.01.2017

  19. Silence has fallen. Favorite words from a favorite show. I just wish that they hadn’t come true. The year is 2020 TC, after the Time Council joined our league of planets. Who knew that the creators of that show had been so visionary?

    By Tess on 07.01.2017

  20. To have fallen, one must have risen first. Is a cycle that we do, for if we fall me must rise? As it is said, “they have fallen and must arise anew to become one again.” I forget who said it, but it was worth saying, and truly understanding. Do we understand or not?

    By Tess URL on 07.01.2017

  21. I’ve fallen.
    I don’t know how it happened, but
    I’ve fallen
    into a deep hole with no signs of
    getting out.
    Every move I make
    to get out of this
    just hurts me
    more than I could have ever expected.

    By Faith URL on 07.01.2017

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    By FreddyX URL on 07.02.2017

  23. Fallen. Haven’t I had this word just yesterday already?
    Where does it come from now?
    Fallen from the sky?
    Fallen from a tree?
    Fallen into my hands?
    Oh, what kind of irony.

    By Anastasia on 07.02.2017

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  25. I’ve already done this one, give me a new one… seriously. Like what do u want me to write here the same thing again? Pasted:

    “I have fallen from the top of a tree and I felt as if the sky has unbeknownst to me destructed the unearthed beliefs that lay deep within my heart. I heard the sound of an aching bird struggling to stay a float, kept up by a very thin thread that threatens to be torn at any second.”

    By McChickn URL on 07.02.2017

  26. fallen. how many times have a i fall for a stranger i walked by across a street? answer is many, as strange as it is. and i wonder how many times theyve fallen back. god this sounds like pathetic poetry

    By lamelane URL on 07.02.2017

  27. ive written about this fucking fallen thing so many times, when will it stop. urgh. ive never fallen for anything and never would like to, i see my parents and oh my fuck, marriage, what a disaster is that huh? im not missing out on anything, deifntley

    By lamelane URL on 07.02.2017

  28. you in the mirror, illustrious.
    staring back with your hooded eyes and luscious lips, even in the dying afterglow of morning’s light, you are still beauty.
    you are still irresistible, the pinnacle of dorian grey, fallen.

    By ching URL on 07.02.2017

  29. Discarded, now among the fallen she resigned herself to the fate of her solitude. It wasn’t always like this. As once before she was dancing in the clouds.

    By A on 07.02.2017

  30. The sword fell to the ground, making a loud ‘clank’ as it hit the hard concrete. Then it was the sound of a thousand soldiers, the metal of their armor creating a loud crashing noise in the depths of the cavern. Fall, falling, fallen.

    By ✩ r a y e ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ✩ URL on 07.02.2017

  31. The Fallen Angel is a turtle who is circling in the mud, searching for the shell of its egg.

    By cup on 07.02.2017