September 5th, 2018 | 61 Entries

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61 Entries for “jealous”

  1. jealous of the way she calls upon your name
    wish it was me who calls you
    the sweet sound of your name
    a lullaby to my ears
    I’ll repeat it a hundred times
    i’ll never get tired

    By A on 09.05.2018

  2. she was so jealous of me. i could tell. the way she tried to smile but her mouth was slightly curled down around the edges. why did everything have to be about her in her world? Why couldn’t she just be happy for me? insecure people were so annoying, so selfish. i would not even invite her to the party. let’s see how she’d take that. I’d have green balloons and a green tablespread and Lila wouldn’t be there.

    By Ellaandlara on 09.05.2018

  3. ‘You don’t need to do that,’ she said as she stepped to the side trying to avoid him. ‘Thanks anyway.’
    ‘Why not: is there someone else who does this for you? Am I treading on someone’s toes, cutting someone else’s grass?’ He was dancing on his toes, stepping from one foot to the other, blocking her retreat.
    ‘I don’t like talk like that, just go about what you were doing and leave me alone.’ She had stopped and was standing with her arms folded, looking flat and threatening, like a magpie remembering him, getting his measure.
    ‘Hey, hon, didn’t want to make someone jealous,’ he said. ‘Was just trying to get a laugh, you know.’
    ‘My husband’s not the jealous sort; he has no need to be.’

    By Meredyth URL on 09.06.2018

  4. ´´ Jealous as a real reason to quiet or merely the fact that you do not wan to be read´´? said the ego.

    ´´ Trying to establish it in my own mind´´, replied the self.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.06.2018

  5. The cat was jealous the dog could receive treats on demand for doing tricks.

    By Itsa' da Schnazz URL on 09.06.2018

  6. James is obviously jealous of Shaun. Shaun’s smarter, stronger, kinder, and won the heart of James’ sweetheart, Lizzie.

    By Beth March URL on 09.06.2018

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    By onkine URL on 09.06.2018

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    By online_cialis URL on 09.06.2018

  9. being jealous is when you despise someone else for something

    By tavian URL on 09.06.2018

  10. Jealous
    Don’t be jealous of
    Your friends life’s,
    Your family’s,
    Your neighbors,
    Or My life,
    It’s not any better than yours’s
    Don’t be jealous of food, clothes, games, or books
    They aren’t better than yours

    By Princessbookbear on 09.06.2018

  11. I am jealous of some people who have cool things. I have some cool things that might make other people jealous.

    By Caleb Pallex on 09.06.2018

  12. omg this is a long minute. so my word was jealous.

    By eabgranger on 09.06.2018

  13. envious, you wish you had something someone else had. You wish you were like them, or had what they have, you dislike something or someone because you might not have or be like them and you wish you were. You can be mean to make them fell like they aren’t that important when they are just to make yourself look better.

    By Emma on 09.06.2018

  14. persons feeling
    do mean things to the person they are jealous of

    By kayla on 09.06.2018

  15. Man, what a strong word. It’s a word that can mean both good and bad. It’s usually portrayed as bad as we are teenagers. Just because people are jealous doesn’t mean they’re bad, it might just mean they strive to be better.

    By Mattyice on 09.06.2018

  16. Jealous is feeling like you want something that someone else has and you don’t but you want it. And you can have for different things like being jealous of people or being jealous of schools or something.

    By Marissa Campbell on 09.06.2018

  17. people feel this way and they may do things to a person they are jealous of.

    By Kayla on 09.06.2018

  18. emotion of feeling envy of something someone has, or something someone is doing

    By LHyzer on 09.06.2018

  19. Tommy was very jealous of Mark because Mark was handsome and liked Mary who was Tommy’s crush. Mary liked Mark more than Tommy.

    By dougy on 09.06.2018

  20. oh i hate this word
    i never really felt it for a long long time
    and then
    i don’t even wanna talk about it
    and maybe that means i should
    but i don’t care
    i don’t want to care.

    By dlks on 09.06.2018

  21. “Not a jealous bone in her body!” I could not believe my ears. Was he in denial about his wife or was he making a joke. The recent outburst at the company party made me think he was joking. John was a wise man. He did not allow the opinions of others to dictate the choices he made. However, if being jealous was an article of clothing, his wife wore it like a jumpsuit.

    By GmaCis on 09.06.2018

  22. people get jealous of certain things maybe they don’t have certain things others have and things they wish they had. a way a certain person looks can also get people jealous. jealous is just a name people give you to make you feel a certain way.

    By adriahna on 09.06.2018

  23. jealousy is a bad feeling. Its the worst feeling you can experience.

    By Nat The Cat on 09.06.2018

  24. feeling people have when they wish they were as good or better than other people or if you want something another person has.

    By nutter on 09.06.2018

  25. Alan is jealous of connor because he has cool shoes.

    By kx65alan URL on 09.06.2018

  26. people always think the grass is greener on the other side. they get jealous and wish they had what others do. but most have what they need right in front of them.

    By lucia temple on 09.06.2018

  27. jealousy is a feeling, and many people can experience this feeling. it is not a good feeling. people can experience jealousy for many reasons. jealousy can cause people to act out

    By Meredith Shivers on 09.06.2018

  28. Usually i think of a red velvet cake with frosting which is very tasty. I like red velvet cake a lot!!! Especially with ice cream.

    By dougy on 09.06.2018

    Hula Hoops.
    Basketball Hoops.
    Shooting, Spinning, and a whole lot of JOY!!

    By Mattyice on 09.06.2018

  30. well im here talking about the word jealous and now im bored and if you see this tell me thanks. this is a long 60 seconds. is it every going to be over. oh

    By ilikeit URL on 09.06.2018

  31. a color, a brand, a “soft” color, color of a flamingo

    By LHyzer on 09.06.2018

  32. Jealous is something you like that someone else has or have done that you wanna do.

    By willow mondore on 09.06.2018

  33. Baseball is my favorite sport, it is very fun but can be a slow sport at some points. Im pretty good at baseball, and play for a travel baseball team!!

    By dougy on 09.06.2018

  34. a headband is something you wear on your head to keep pieces of you’re hair out of you’re face, it is helpful during sports. i love headbands. i wear them about everyday.

    By adriahna on 09.06.2018

  35. a pony tail is something you put your hair in to keep it out of face. it really helps to have your hair like this for sports

    By kayla on 09.06.2018

  36. sneakers. she wears new sneakers to cover the old marks from her past, the sneakers cover the scars of her journey. the sneakers remind her that you can start fresh

    By Meredith Shivers on 09.06.2018

  37. I played on the soccer team when I was younger but after a few years I got hurt and couldn’t play for a couple weeks. I lost interest in the sport and never played on a team again.

    By will URL on 09.06.2018

  38. a type of hair product to hold hair in place
    healthier than a regular hair tie
    made of elastic and fabric

    By LHyzer on 09.06.2018

  39. I like wearing hats. Especially baseball hats. I think i look good in hats. They keep the sun out of my eyes when i am outside watching sports.

    By dougy on 09.06.2018

  40. sneakers. she wears new sneakers to cover the old marks from her past, the sneakers cover the scars of her journey. the sneakers remind her that you can start fresh. the sneakers help her to move forward from her dark past,

    By Meredith Shivers on 09.06.2018