September 6th, 2018 | 22 Entries

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22 Entries for “polite”

  1. How to politely decline this offer? She knew he, too, was only being polite by offering for her hand. It just did not feel right to accept, even if tradition and custom kind of forced her to. She sighed. “Can I sleep over this?”

    By Silke Seßler URL on 09.07.2018

  2. i can’t write words
    they come out in jumbles
    too long too verbose
    overdosed on inconsequence
    trying to get a point across
    the anti human humanity future
    a creativity seems to be the last bastion of humanity
    pour me pour another
    polite passe passing grades
    strike me asunder
    when will it be right again
    how can i just write again?

    By matt m on 09.07.2018

  3. I am politely rude, if I speak then I am discreet but not always in the mood. I want to feel good and like I am worth it.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 09.07.2018

  4. She cleared her throat. “Excuse me?”
    He barely looked up, “Yes?”
    At the sound of her voice saying his name, his eyes shot up to hers and his expression shifted. “Oh my God.”
    “I know I shouldn’t just barge in here… that’s not very Midwest of me.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 09.07.2018

  5. I use to be polite but now I am not anymore. My mother always gets mad at me because she thought of having another candy when the clock strikes 12 again. I totally forgot about my schedule and so we decided to jump into another conclusion so I suddenly wanted to become a superhero when I dont want to Id rather not do anything at all ebcause I am polite and I dont do anything so much latey and yes koay bye ang tagal ng oras

    By Gia Monzales on 09.07.2018

  6. How polite should I be? He thought out loud. Looking around, he wondered if anyone heard him. Polite was not something he had ever practiced. He shot from the hip and excepted the consequences.

    By Cris Nole on 09.07.2018

  7. I spent my whole fucking life being polite: speaking only when spoken to, not mentioning the incongruencies between the words and actions of people telling me what to do, being so fucking BORING.

    By MichelleB on 09.07.2018

  8. being polite is when you are nice to someone you mite not know but its the right thing to do. like letting someone at the grocery store cut in front of you because they have less items than you hat is being polite

    By tavian URL on 09.07.2018

  9. I like people who are polite. People who are polite have good manners, good manners is a good life skill.

    By Caleb on 09.07.2018

  10. To be polite, one must hold their tongue. They must stand their ground, yet not utter a sound. They must appease every single one of their colleagues, even if perhaps they are wrong. One must hold their fork and knife in the correct hands, at the correct angle, at the correct time. But courtesy isn’t always required, and some bastards should just be stabbed in the eye by tines.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.07.2018

  11. Bob is polite he always says thank you and please he is aldo very kind but he is a little annoying

    By Mary kate on 09.07.2018

  12. being nice to people
    having manners
    putting others before your self
    not burping in public

    By carter cleland on 09.07.2018

  13. Perfectly nice
    Open minded
    I Like
    The best

    By Princessbookbear on 09.07.2018

  14. she was quiet and so they thought she was polite. like those always go hand in hand. the truth was she was mean. she didn’t say much out loud to them but she sure would mutter nasty words under her breath to me. in line she’d pinch and have her hands back in her pockets in a second.

    By ashpok on 09.07.2018

  15. i personally think people struggle with being polite these days especially youth.
    politness goes a long way. sometimes people confuse being polite with flirting. make stronger relationships by being polite. you become more likable. your energy can draw people to you. shows peopl that you dont need to be mean to have recognition.

    By Alexandra Salvador on 09.07.2018

  16. I think you should be especially polite to people that you are just meeting, but I also think that you should be polite to people you know very well. Even your siblings, however hard that may be.

    By Emma Reed on 09.07.2018

  17. He looked at her and tried to see past the polite smile she often used when prompted to come out from behind her mother’s skirts. Her long dark hair, often restricted in a bun, now hung well below her shoulder blades, fanning out behind her like waves, shifting slightly every time the wind blew. Her eyes – large and brown and unflinching as ever – met his gaze without hesitation, and he realized that she was every bit as strong as her brothers, with nerves of steel and something like fire, and he leaned in to kiss her.

    By lithium_haze URL on 09.07.2018

  18. So many people are polite. Some on purpose others on accident. The ones on the accident are to be feared. They don’t know that they’re being nice. It’s a habit for them.

    By M URL on 09.07.2018

  19. It’s hard. It really is. Once you start speaking your mind, remembering to actually tell people things nicely is an active challenge.

    But it’s worth it. It is worth your time to challenge yourself and to think before you speak. To consider how your actions might impact another person…instead of freaking bringing up the fact that one time literally a decade ago when I kind of sort of broke your son’s heart, Helen. He’s forgiven me for that. We’re still friends. Why can’t you just let it go?

    See. Not like that.

    By Aimee A. on 09.07.2018

  20. Polite people are often prudent. Sadly, being polite is a lost manner–soon to join the antiquities of yore such as the Albert pocket watch and bum-building bustle skirt.

    By Dawn J on 09.07.2018

  21. In order for people to be able to coexist in peace, everyone needs to be able to be polite towards each other. This is in my view the responsibility of parenting to ensure that the next generation is capable of performing within the confines of social etiquette, in other words, being polite.

    By Murray Ingram URL on 09.07.2018

  22. polite.
    a simple smile.
    a kind gesture.
    holding my hand.
    holding me close.
    keeping me safe.
    making me happy.

    By Abby URL on 09.07.2018