September 5th, 2018 | 61 Entries

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61 Entries for “jealous”

  1. i have an older brother. He is okay i guess. His life revolves around football, video games, and friends. He basically has a his own personal fan club at school. i don’t see the big deal, he isn’t that great to be honest. He kind of just sits around and does nothing like a potato. He makes fun of me but i just make fun of him going to summer school. oh whoops….. exposed!

    By lucia temple on 09.06.2018

  2. expert. when you are a pro at a certain thing. when you know a lot about certain things. “he is an expert at physiology”

    By LHyzer on 09.06.2018

  3. Bonfires are fun and controlled. I went to my friends bonfire and had a good time. I played around it and started a small one to.

    By will URL on 09.06.2018

  4. talkative. i like to talk. i dont like to talk to teachers. i dont like school.

    By Meredith Shivers on 09.06.2018

  5. Exciting is something that someone did that people usually cant do, in other wise people would say that’s exciting

    By willow mondore on 09.06.2018

  6. elephants are very interesting animals, apparently they get the same joy when they see humans as humans do when the see babies.

    By ashaw URL on 09.06.2018

  7. protest- that is when people march to get more money or better working conditions

    By adriahna on 09.06.2018

  8. I have never really done archery before. The few times i actually shot an arrow it was plastic and i was terrible at it. i also kind of scared of archery. i don’t really trust myself with sharp things. I don’t think i will take archery as a profession. Not my cup of tea.

    By lucia temple on 09.06.2018

  9. their are many different kinds of braids, the most basic is very easy and you only need three piece and just basically twist them around each other.

    By ashaw URL on 09.06.2018

  10. Grapes are really good. I love eating them. they can be green or purple. they turn into raisins when dried.

    By kayla on 09.06.2018

  11. Sleep is one of my favorite things to do. I sleep every day after school. Sleep is very important. I sleep for fun just not when i’m busy.

    By will URL on 09.06.2018

  12. i have a brother, i do love him but sometimes he annoys me. i wish he was older than me and maybe we would get along, i wish i had a protective older brother

    By Meredith Shivers on 09.06.2018

  13. jelousy can sometimes wreck friendships or any relatiosnhips
    ppl are jealous when they want somethign htat others have
    they wish they had it and is sometimes an unhealthy way of living
    its ok to wish u had something but its not allways going to make you happy
    jelous ppl sometimes whine about why one person has something htey dont and why they should deserve it better

    By Cristina Janzen URL on 09.06.2018

  14. I think jealousy is wrong. I am not saying that I have never been jealous, I have, but I think that you should be happy for the other person instead of worrying about not having what they do. Don’t be jealous.

    By Emma Reed on 09.06.2018

  15. many ppl get jealous for many reasons some wish they had something important
    ppl get jealous because they wished they had something that another person had
    its ok to wish u had stuff but to actually be jeallous can be a bit unhealthy
    a super jalous person can become envious of other ppl and that can affect relationships with other people
    jealousy can ruin some friendships

    By Cristina Janzen on 09.06.2018

  16. I have very jealous.
    My friends have jealous the my husband
    I havy very j

    By Marisa Costa Santos on 09.06.2018

  17. Her heart burned with an insatiable rage.
    But her face betrayed her.
    The hot, thick tears rolling from her bloodshot and glassy eyes told of the frustration and relentless despondency.

    By Krismera on 09.06.2018

  18. It’s not easy to explain how I’m feeling; jealousy is a horrid emotion. I’d rather be envious, but no. I have to go for the big guns. I just have to look at you with him, and it makes my blood boil.

    I’d rather feel nothing at all.

    By Kitty Taboo on 09.06.2018

  19. Jealous? How could I ever be jealous of you? You don’t want anything that I have! You don’t want my house, you don’t want my wife. You’re not interested in any of my possessions. As far as I’m concerned, you’re happy to ignore me for the rest of your life. So why on God’s green earth would I ever be jealous of you?

    And don’t even say you meant, “envious,” ’cause I’m not that, either!

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.06.2018

  20. I’m green with envy because of people who can truly dance, fly through the air, flex their bodies like elastic bands, and who are disciplined enough to devote hours to their craft.

    By MichelleB on 09.06.2018

  21. I was always jealous of my sister. People didn’t address me as ME. They addressed me as my sister’s brother. “Your sister would have done this” or “your sister was a better student than you.” At her funeral they told me “we’re so sorry for your loss, she was amazing.” It was always her. Even after I took her away!

    By Lee Anderson on 09.06.2018