August 15th, 2009 | 135 Entries

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135 Entries for “itch”

  1. “you’re just like an itch.

    a nasty little
    discomfort i can’t
    get rid of,”

    he said to me
    one day after all goodbyes
    had been repeated.

    so i picked up all the pieces of myself
    and rinsed the dna from my fingernails

    and left.

    By rachel on 08.16.2009

  2. Ooh, I feel something down there. Yes, down there. It has been bothering me all day. At the breakfast table, the train ride, at work… itching, itching, itching, and no way to get a little relief. You can’t really touch yourself in public, can you?

    By iamsheep on 08.16.2009

  3. All it took was one bite. Angry purple veins spreading across my skin. Burning. I hear a teasing buzz in my ear and the whine as it flies away.

    By Sophie on 08.16.2009

  4. Love is like an itch in the heart u can’t scratch.

    By Reyane on 08.16.2009

  5. The itch was spreading like wildfire across his back, burning just under his flesh with an achingly annoying pain.

    The skin split, and Gregor began to molt.

    By Chuck Meacham on 08.16.2009

  6. The seven year itch. Every seven years an itch to change my life occurs. Stuck in a rut? In a few short years a change will occur. Become a mom. Become a prostitute. change your life change your ideals change your perspective.

    By eve on 08.16.2009

  7. It itchessss!! All these stupid summer mosquitos are killing me. Every time I go out in the morning, t’s way too hot to exercise. So, I made a resolution to go out in the evening or late afternoon. When the mosquitos come out. The exercise? It’s worth it. The mosquitos? I hate them.

    By Rebecca on 08.16.2009

  8. This itch what a bitch. I don’t know where it came from. Maybe my ear drum? Its a conundrum!

    By Victoria on 08.16.2009

  9. i always itch when i get a mosquito bite.Especially here in Florida there are so many! ant bites also itch to.And when me and my family go camping,sometimes i get poison ivy Yikes!!It itches so bad and what can i do.Take a bath in tomato juice?I guess so!

    By Tashi on 08.16.2009

  10. It burns! I can’t reach it! It’s no use. It’s there and it’s there to stay ’til I can motivate my lazy arms to do some work. They never do, but I hope anyway. They never help me, but I pray anyway. It just…Ah! I can’t take it anymore!

    By Alyssa on 08.16.2009

  11. An itch is a desire to do something, an urge to do something, say something, drastic.
    I have an itch to jump off a building, just to see who would come to my funeral.
    I have an itch to scream.
    I have an itch to learn a foreign language.
    I have an itch to do absolutely everything.
    I have an itch to tell you how i feel.
    But I can’t scratch it.

    By Bailey on 08.16.2009

  12. Does something itches in your life a long time ago?

    By Ren on 08.16.2009

  13. She felt an itch on her leg. It was unbearable. She tried to focus her mind on being elsewhere. Still itches. Just about to bend down and scratch when he walked past the slatted door. She froze. He grinned.

    By Ali on 08.16.2009

  14. the comment made her itch so badly she wanted to run from the room screaming screaming that this was it, it was not fair IT was bullshit from the very beginning she knew he would not understand which tended to fall in his favor all the time every time

    By paula on 08.16.2009

  15. When it starts itching, the whole world just seems so insignificant, the only mission that is left out there for you to accomplish is somehow scratch and get rid of the ‘itch’.

    By Blah on 08.16.2009