August 16th, 2009 | 151 Entries

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151 Entries for “course”

  1. “Of course, I’m here to totally destroy you” The broken, doll-like goddess screeched.

    “Perfect…” The wild haired vixen said.

    Typical Monday morning

    By Luci on 08.17.2009

  2. iam on a course, i hate my course but i have to do it to get paid and get prmoted its not ideal however cest la vie, i cant wait to finish as i dont think this course is for me, i can mention what this course is on however i can say that it is utter shite ya getz

    By tommmmmmmmo on 08.17.2009

  3. Everything should run it’s course. Including this sentence. But sometimes they don’t.

    By limi on 08.17.2009

  4. From the streams to the river I tumbled down into the sea. The freshness of my life had run its course.

    By Annemaria Cooper on 08.17.2009

  5. The course assignments were challenging, asking for a wrench to be used as a comb, a life jacket tailored to fit a cheetah, two double back flips from a height of five feet, the last possible gasp of laughter on a planet riddled with zombies trying to open a can of disinterested worms, and the exam, written on water thrown from an airplane.

    By Brian Slusher on 08.17.2009

  6. Piloting to a inner star, guiding to a dreamed goal. Through the gloom of some days and the frights in some nights, I have to stay the course.

    By ilili on 08.17.2009

  7. I’m doing a course about counselling, I love study and expanding the mind, when I see course thats what I think of, expanding the mind and pushing my boundaries. My son starts college, he too is doing a course..embarking on a new journey.

    By Gary on 08.17.2009

  8. “Of course, Madam. Where do you like to deposit the body?”

    By leen on 08.17.2009

  9. Which course do I take now? I ask myself this question after every step I take. From each of my toes courses endless paths to take. Do I stop and turn, do I let the momentum carry me, do I careen off at a reckless angle?

    By aaron p. on 08.17.2009

  10. A course.
    I associate it with meal. Like one course meal. Personally I only like two course meal. A meal and dessert. Nothing more that I need.

    I guess everyone needs a course in life? I for one am still looking.

    By Me on 08.17.2009

  11. The course I took was just ok. I thought it would give me all the answers and get me interested in a new field and answers all life’s questions. Not a chance .

    By Chris G on 08.17.2009

  12. What should be my next course of action after this? Do I let myself fall blindly into the abyss of the unknown, or do I stay at the edge of the cliff, looking down with envy at everyone who has dared to jump before me?

    By Karin on 08.17.2009

  13. of course the course is not clear, it’s coarse
    with the rough edges of life’s negative source

    By Tom Yankou on 08.17.2009

  14. The river winds its way down the hill like ribbon, nestled in the grassy slope. Charting a course away, away to the sea.

    By Sophie on 08.17.2009

  15. The trail wandered a bit.
    A stream trickling nearby.
    The direction of both intertwined in the same course.
    Independent but connected by their common direction.

    By makaid on 08.17.2009

  16. steady on course
    first choose your course
    steady on course
    first choose course

    By Phillip on 08.17.2009

  17. i don’t see anything… i guess that’s the point?
    there’s a weeping willow outside the window i’m next to. i wrote that in case I’m supposed to be writing about my world, the real world. but it’s all subjective i suppose.
    i wonder if someone will read this.

    By Lily Chambers on 08.17.2009

  18. course. it’s a long trek, a dusty road, something you have to plow through. something you just walk down. it’s time. the dirt road is always hard. you can see all of it. bur you can’t see the details that lie upon it. it’s like the modem bar just filling up. you don’t know what lies ahead. just how much you’ve completed. course.

    By Lily Chambers on 08.17.2009

  19. I studied Games art and design, it was a great place to study at and I had great fun. Only thing is I can’t seem to grab the right opportunity to work at places in the industry! Woe is me! If only I could use my degree, now I’m just ranting.

    By It's me on 08.17.2009

  20. I have to take lots of courses, all at the same time. I can’t just pick one; I have to do them all at once, every choice, every option, every path. I cannot believe that actually turned out somewhat poetic… And now I’m ruining it. Okay, back to the poetic part. Courses remind me of ships, and pirates.

    By Mikayla on 08.17.2009

  21. a course is something you take to gain knowledge of a certain interest. It’s also a path you can take or a type of course that is involved in golf. Its plural is courses.

    By rACHEL on 08.17.2009

  22. A course is something you take for school or in life. Courses lead you to different goals and outcomes. It may not be the way you want to go, but everything you did to take you to the ending place is meant to be.

    By Jen Huber on 08.17.2009

  23. so often our coures is not something that we think about… but we know where we want to go. how we want it to look and where we think it will lead. But in actuality we are always just as blind about all of those things as we think other people are. The one true trail guide is someone we never seem to ask, think about or thank… God.

    By mike on 08.17.2009

  24. the course of everyone intertwines. causing stuggle and mayhem within all our lives. why must it be this way. everyone trying to avoid each other until the interaction

    By ben on 08.17.2009

  25. i really don’t know what course to take to start my life. i’m going back to college and I have no idea what i’m doing and i feel like no counselor or teacher could possibly help me. I feel like the days of wanting to be doctors, lawyers, and teachers are fucking over and everybody just wants to live life and make money. They’ll be happy doing that but now that I’m in love I

    By Mrs. O on 08.17.2009

  26. He’d tried hard to stay the course, do the right thing, but the world had gotten in the way, how exactly was someone supposed to play by the rules when the rules changed on a daily basis? He’d have to make his own rules and chart his own course from now on.

    By Mark on 08.17.2009

  27. A course is where i do my best running. Well really my worst. Why is it that on training runs I can do so well and feel so great but once out on the Marathon Course things go down hill. And if they don’t go downhill for me they go downhill for Chanti. One of these days we are both going to have a good day.

    By Brooke on 08.17.2009

  28. Of course.Its a world that is always said by me.Of course i know what to do.Of course i love iced tea.Of course i’m not always happy but i will always have a big heart.Of course i’m not always right even if i think i am.Of course i will always love you.

    By Tashi on 08.17.2009

  29. stay the course. deviate from the course. we are all choosing our own paths. A road is meaningless without a starting point and a destination.

    By Angelo on 08.17.2009

  30. Moving forward, on track, a goal in mind, ahead of me. Wanting to get there quickly, knowing it will take time. Moving forward, on track, a goal in mind ahead of me. Craving, desiring change. On course, towards the future, fear under my skin.

    By Lisa Gray on 08.17.2009

  31. coursing through the blood stream….meth,weed,miscellaneous shit….run its course…coarse curse scores

    By calvin on 08.17.2009