August 14th, 2009 | 177 Entries

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177 Entries for “match”

  1. a wise woman once said “things don’t always have to match, just ‘go'” and since then that has been my main principle when it comes it accessorizing. yes, i am a fashion geek. but is that such a crime?

    By melanie on 08.15.2009

  2. love help wait
    i dont know what i’m writing but its cool
    i think match as something to do with love to in love with one anthor its crazy or maye bestfriendss

    By Jayna on 08.15.2009

  3. it’s game, set, and match
    because you never could stand up
    to the force of a pretty girl
    got you all wrapped and delivered
    on my doorstep like a precious pearl

    never forget this moment

    I win

    By fullmetalguitar on 08.15.2009

  4. -match
    something to strike
    socks to sort
    games to play
    sad when i mis-

    By Robin on 08.15.2009

  5. I strike a match and hold it to my cigarette, hoping to God I won’t be caught. I cannot deal with another lecture from Brookes. Who does he think he is? My fucking father? All I want is a damn nicotene fix!

    By Tomato on 08.15.2009

  6. burn, fire, hurt, pain… rebirth, newness, renewal, life, beginnings… love, passion, amazemant, obsession, trust, heart, forever, promise, everything

    By adrianna on 08.15.2009

  7. I don’t know if we’re the perfect match. We’ve known each other for the longest time but for some reason, we fit and at the same time, we don’t.

    By Grace Bonifacio on 08.15.2009

  8. Match made in heaven. Spark. A spark from a match like the spark in our heart. We were made. A match. A fire, burning in our hearts. Flame. Warmth.

    By hi on 08.15.2009

  9. We miss and we match but we never get it right.

    By Grace Bonifacio on 08.15.2009

  10. she lit the match and watched the flame dance at its end consuming and never giving back but producing the thick paste of ash that flickered off the wood in hot little ember-like pieces, a halo that stuck to her skin cells for a moment before dying and degrading into nothing more than dust that smelled thick of burnt hopes and dreams. the blood in her veins stilled and she wept.

    By devin on 08.15.2009

  11. burning fire and similar, like matching socks. I never wear them. Neither did Jesus (he didn’t wear socks). Neither does L.

    By huawei on 08.15.2009

  12. Lit with flame
    A feiry desire.
    Burns itself out
    Within seconds.

    Life found,
    Life lost.
    Always ready
    To make its mark,

    To pass its flame,
    To pass its desire.
    It does the best it can
    And does it well.

    And so to this match,
    I say…
    I wish I could do
    The same.

    By Tiger on 08.15.2009

  13. a perfect match awaited the victim of the attack. he needed a heart to fill the gap of where his pump used to lie. It was a match made in heaven when he saw his child had a perfect match. He murdered his son and took his heart to save himself.

    By carl shan on 08.15.2009

  14. I never match.
    I enjoy the reactions i get from my peers when i mix a clash of colors and designs.
    I guess you could say it is from my insecurity of simply being mundane, but who knows, maybe i just dont like matching.

    I feel like if people didnt over-analyze things so much, we could all come to see the natural beauty of every situation.

    By andrew kzorr on 08.15.2009

  15. matching. that’s how we are. we’re matching, you and me, like matchsticks in a matchbox. we’re awesome like that, yes we are.

    or maybe matchmaking. mm. nah its not really my kinda thing.

    Match. yup, one word.

    By Kenneth on 08.15.2009

  16. match. I think of the matchstick girl. or maybe matchmake? or something, ooh korean blind dates. interesting huh, and now i’m distracted by the green bar moving at the top.
    this is bad cos now i’m even for-going all my caps and stuff. aw, noooooo. K my green bar turned yellow, or maybe orange. Red? I think it’s turning red now. hey see i have a caps there, k my caps is gone. 60 secon-

    By HIKENNETH on 08.15.2009

  17. I like to match clothes.Matching games are also very fun.Match is also a thing used to make fire.You can light candles and burn wood with a match.A match has a red tip.A match is made out of wood.A match can do many things and help you in many ways.

    By Tashi on 08.15.2009