October 3rd, 2017 | 52 Entries

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52 Entries for “invite”

  1. When i think of this word i think of people being invited to a party. Or someone inviting someone to something. I can’t really have a definition for that word though…

    By solara URL on 10.03.2017

  2. He heard a sudden knock on the door. Pausing, he stood from his dining table, placing the cutlery neatly on the plate. Peering through the eye-hole, he was surprised to see his old friend. Inviting him in, they shook hands and began to chat.

    By Indigo on 10.03.2017

  3. “Invite me in!” Was what the pale man outside was screaming at Derek. Hesitantly, he peered through the window in the living room and screamed. There was the man, pale as paper, flashing sharp white teeth.

    By Sunny on 10.03.2017

  4. I do not especially like invitations – given or received. We invite people out of social necessity, though my wife would entertain much more if she could. I am an introvert who has forced himself to live as an extrovert.

    By Giorgio Prager on 10.03.2017

  5. Will you invite me? Will you take me into your life and into your heart?
    Will you extend yourself to me? Will you invite intimacy? Will you understand
    that this is crucial? Because, if you don’t invite me, I will invite myself.

    By Robin on 10.03.2017

  6. I wanted to invite Stacey to my party, but she was sick with the flu. I wanted to invite Tracey to my party, but she had to study for a test the following Monday and couldn’t be disturbed. I want to invite Lacey to my party, but she had been secretly recruited on an undercover mission to assassinate the president of some country I hadn’t heard of named Satvania, and she wouldn’t be back until the deed was done and “Winter had fallen across Europe.” So I guess that was a valid excuse.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.03.2017

  7. “I can’t just come inside,” Rachel said with a half-cocked smile. “You have to invite me.”

    Rob stood with his door cracked open. At school, he watched Rachel from a distance, without the gull to talk to her. Now, here she was at his door waiting to be led inside. But, he knew better.

    By Shawnee Randolph URL on 10.03.2017

  8. I’m having a barbecue. It’s going to be your typical fair: friends, food, drinks, laughter, women, severed limbs… You know. Just the usual things. Be sure to invite your friends.

    By EnsignEwart URL on 10.03.2017

  9. will he be the one to send the invite? I wondered. I was playing minecraft and two of my friends were playing, and I wanted to play with one of them so if the other one invited me i would join him but i would prefer the other one.

    By Secretcommander URL on 10.03.2017

  10. The act of opening up an opportunity to another person. Being welcomed in to their world. The beginning of a friendship. The extinguisher of loneliness. The bridge builder. The thing I long for. The thing I am scared to give out, in case I am rejected.

    By alysnwndrlnd on 10.03.2017

  11. To tell a person to come over .

    By Lexzani A. Ponce on 10.03.2017

  12. He comes through the door and you recognize him immediately. Not in a good way. Why did But you’re in a strange house and you have no idea where the bathroom is. There’s a large plant in the corner that looks like it can hide you, so you get your ass over there as fast as you can. Too late. He’s seen you. He smiles and hellos everyone, smiles into their eyes and beams at their return gazes, but you know for a fact, because you know him, that he knows exactly where you are standing, what you are wearing and where you’ve gone to hide. You see a woman, squirming in her black dress; she knows where the bathroom is and she’s heading that way. You slip from behind the plant and follow her, having no trouble passing on her left and zipping into the bathroom right before you hear her yell, “Bitch!” You lock the door and take a deep breath. Safe for now. “You haven’t lost your touch,” you hear a voice whisper from behind. Clearly, neither has he. Good-bye, dead girl. Should’ve tossed out the invite right away.

    By sher on 10.03.2017

  13. Did you invite him? I didn’t. Do you know him? I don’t. Is he here with someone we did invite? We should ask around. And by the way, what’s that under his coat?

    By sher on 10.03.2017

  14. Feel open, invite. Welcome others, invite. Accept ideas, invite.

    By Deb on 10.03.2017

  15. i don’t care about your damn party leave me alone!

    By cadence-grace on 10.03.2017

  16. an invitation is not an invitation when you do not feel invited. and invitation is not an invitation when there is a voice in the back of your head convincing you that you are not really wanted at all. an invitation does not invite anxiety to anything and therefore I am never truly invited

    By Kacie on 10.03.2017

  17. The house was silhouetted in the glowing dusk. I stepped up towards the front door, inviting myself into the dinner party preparations.

    By umbazachika URL on 10.03.2017

  18. All I can think about is my wedding guestlist. Who to invite, who not to invite, why I feel obligated to invite certain people and is obligation enough reason to invite them? The list keeps growing, yet I want the event to be small. Invitations are hard.

    By Fishy URL on 10.03.2017

  19. “Look, I uh…” That dead-on-arrival look wasn’t helping me get the words out. “It’s just lunch. It’s just a half hour with me, a limp sandwich and diabetic tea. I haven’t seen you in ages, so just say yes.”

    By LifesGrey on 10.03.2017

  20. “Invite me in,” the monster wearing my best friend’s skin insisted. It’s voice was rough and raspy, like someone who’d been up all night screaming in pain. I tried not to picture what the monster might have done to make my best friend’s throat so sore.

    By darseyrsm URL on 10.03.2017

  21. Extended so lightly, doubt is inevitable,
    Reassurance pulsing to the end of your fingertips,
    A trace, a trance,
    In ears, on back,
    Scraps of paper,
    Pristine, invisible ink,
    A beckon, a wave,
    An offer to misbehave
    If declined, a door shuts slowly
    Ground, grit, walls, regard it all coldly,
    Too much and too little, both it would seem
    Put on repeat, a lifestyle, a theme

    By Ai URL on 10.03.2017

  22. 1invite=Instructional Notification Verifies Instantiation Tenacity Exclusivily (;))

    By Garz on 10.03.2017

  23. He was standing at my door. “Aren’t you going to invite me in?” I knew from the pale look on his face that I was not going to let this guy in my house. He looked way too shifty. I don’t know if it was the black trench coat or the slim body but something was off…

    By Anon on 10.03.2017

  24. I raised my glass and invited him to join me. He made it through the crowd and joined me by the window. ‘Enjoying the party?’ I asked. ‘What are you doing here?’ he said in a soft, cold tone.

    By Pierre on 10.03.2017

  25. You’re wanted. Come on in.

    Oh … you can’t make it. Why? Couldn’t you rearrange? Surely someone else would help you out. No? Well, come along afterwards.

    Oh, of course. I understand.

    By Sarah Kiddle on 10.04.2017

  26. Invite my lows that are free from vacation or my highs that are spontaneous in moments that i knoow not that I have An invitation, but let it out to find this now and I think woah!

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.04.2017

  27. He stared at it again. This couldn’t be true. No way did he receive an invite to such an event. He was but a humble carpenter, he had no business with the town council. Yet there it was, undeniably his. He folder the neatly printed document and tucked it into his pocket.

    By Wendy on 10.04.2017

  28. to go London me to speak birthday to friends to go mall to breakfast

    By Michelle Putnoki on 10.04.2017

  29. Oh hey, come on in Sunday, good book, great movie, grapenut pudding, warm turquoise lagoon and moisture-beaded Corona – Awesome to see you! Hey sexy jeans and ankle boots, slouchy gray sweats and soft, woolly bed socks – Yeah, sit anywhere! Bring it on morning, patio with ocean and mountain views, sun rising, fog lifting, steaming cup of coffee, awakening, dreaming, planning! Let’s PARTY!

    By Hope on 10.04.2017

  30. She sits upon her throne and rhythmically taps her delicate fingers on the book.
    “Now, to what world will the next page invite me to?”

    By TING URL on 10.04.2017

  31. She scanned the invite. It said all of the normal things. “We cordially invite you…” “Please send regrets…” Date. Time. Location. It seemed innocent enough. But when she looked back at the wax seal on the envelope, a shiver ran down her spine.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.04.2017

  32. A girl invited me out for a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, I was deep in a crippling depression and didn’t want to go out or see people at all. I just wanted to kill myself and end this existence.

    By Tarık on 10.04.2017

  33. You could only invite them in, the fae. You could only invite them in, and that was what protected you. That was what kept them at bay. But the most dangerous characteristic of the fae is that they are tricky, and sometimes you have no choice but to give them an invitation.

    By Breahna URL on 10.04.2017

  34. I want to invite you into my heart. I want you to see the pictures that I’ve hung up and the home that I have made. I want to make you dinner and serve you a glass of wine. I want to invite you into my heart to show you that you can move in, whenever you want.

    By Natalia Derechin on 10.04.2017

  35. Gather round and Hearken to
    the Voice shouting from the rooftops.

    Come one, come all, everyone in heaven’s view
    Share the Good News

    From near and far across the globe,
    We are all welcome here.

    By C URL on 10.04.2017

  36. How she wished she would have gotten an invitation to the party! It wasn’t too surprising that Julia didn’t invite her since word of her interest in Todd seemed to now be public knowledge. What a tangled web she wove for herself! Although she was attracted to Todd, she knew that this would only bring her trouble.

    By Georgia Annie on 10.04.2017

  37. Last night I invited my parents over for a birthday party. First I cooked a delicious meal of chicken and rice. Then we lit the candles on the birthday cake that I bought at Market Basket and sang Happy Birthday to my dad.

    By Mrs P on 10.04.2017

  38. when it was my brithday i invite my family and my friends mt mom cooked chicen pattes

    By gianni on 10.04.2017

  39. i invite my cat to a party and we had a cake that my bff ate all of it the cat wos in the pool with a biceney on.she wos undrear water for 30 min but came back up. Wen it wos her bday we had cat nip and tuna. she wos in a pool of fich she ate all the fich

    By shayna on 10.04.2017

  40. I will invite all my friends and family to my 14th birthday party this Saturday!

    By Isaiah Varella on 10.04.2017