October 4th, 2017 | 50 Entries

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50 Entries for “tempting”

  1. His voice, his hands, the way his eyes crinkle when he genuinely laughs at the things I say and do. The way he lifts his arms up, over, behind his head, stretching, showing off. The smirk. I can’t.

    By lauren on 10.05.2017

  2. It is tempting to get an AirSoft gun, but I thought, “I am not going to get one!”, but guess what? I just got a temptingly awesome pistol that shoots 325 fps (feet per second)!

    By Secretcommander on 10.05.2017

  3. Her lips were as tempting as ever. Her body, her face- I missed her more than I knew I would. But she was taken, and I was married. It would never work out.
    Despite my logic, I stepped forward and kissed her.
    Looking back, I couldn’t say why I did that. Everything was against us.

    By Oliver Frances on 10.05.2017

  4. The cake was staring at me. It probably thought I was staring at it too, but I could tell it liked the attention. Strutting its sexy chocolate ribbons and sultry white frosting flowers. What a slutty little thing. “No,” I tell myself, “I can do better.” I know that for a fact; I’m stronger enough to resist the pull of this enticing treat. I can win this one. I can defeat temptation.
    …Tomorrow. I can defeat temptation tomorrow.
    Today, I’m going to let the cake win.

    By Brian W URL on 10.05.2017

  5. I will buy this soes, it is tempting.

    By max on 10.05.2017

  6. The chocolate bar was soooo tempting. Billy just wanted to reach out and grab it, but he knew he couldn’t. Of its own accord, Billy’s hand started reaching out and his hand had closed around the chocolate bar before he knew it. There was a split second before a voice pierced the silence, “Stop, thief!” Billy turned and ran for his life. Suddenly, he tripped and a fist closed around his arm. “I have you now”, said the shopkeeper in a menacing voice….

    By M.L on 10.05.2017

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  8. The bed is tempting me to abandon all that I have to do. However, I know that if I give into the temptation, I will have bitterness against my bed and myself.

    By Bethel Bumanglag on 10.05.2017

  9. Just out of reach, with the slightest of movement, her eyes widen and her gaze is locked in place. A pounce that lengthen into a prance, and with a twist the string is pulled right out from under her paws. In a frenzy she strikes out from every direction, claws flashing out, hoping to hook on to a bit of loose thread and pull it back. But even when she gets it between her teeth, it always finds a way to sneak away, last minute, just to come back and do it all over again. Her legs grow stronger, her aim sharper,
    and her eyes sink into an indifferent dullness. Head pressed against the mesh, she looks out of the window without trying to claw her way out, and the patter of a neglected string on the hardwood slows before silencing. Not a twitch,
    cat killed its curiosity.
    Some nights I watch her languid chin on the floor. I lean down until our noses almost touch, and spread thin on the hardwood, I know why she stopped chasing the string,
    but she doesn’t look up at me.

    By Ai URL on 10.05.2017

  10. I can never tell whether you’re an incentive or a treat. You make be better, and then you make me worse.

    By florencefarfaletti on 10.06.2017