October 3rd, 2017 | 52 Entries

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52 Entries for “invite”

  1. My Birthday Party

    Invite my friends
    Invite them all
    Invite them from the Neverlands
    Invite them from Antarctica
    Or just invite them from down the block

    By jazwaz28 on 10.04.2017

  2. You sloe-eyed fool
    I think I love you
    Isn’t that enough?
    It’s never enough.
    I’d invite you over if I thought you’d actually come.

    By Ohh URL on 10.04.2017

  3. my dad had a party yesterday and the guy that did the party invited him. My dad did a party the day after and invited the same people, so the party were pretty similar, but my dad invited some other people, so the party was better with those other guests

    By Santiago Viso on 10.04.2017

  4. My birthday party

    Invite my friends
    invite them all
    Invite from Venezuela
    Invite from Madrid
    Invite from USA

    By Santiago Viso on 10.04.2017

  5. once i was invited to the teen choice awards and i met all the guests like jake paul, he was invited too, and other superstars that were invited too

    By Santiago Viso on 10.04.2017

  6. I have stopped inviting comparisons between me and the world. I no longer crave the judgments, approvals, speculations, or thumbs-up of any other person on the planet. The only individual that I ask to see me and honestly assess my worth is my dog. She is honest and pure.

    By B Slusher on 10.04.2017

  7. when you invite someone to a party that you arn’t having then you go home and make one and it just you in that person lol.

    By gage on 10.04.2017

  8. Please come in. You are most welcome for the food and drink I’ve prepared. Please have a seat and tell me about your day. Is there something that you did not enjoy today? There are many things I had fun with today. Let me show you my home. There are so many rooms. Let’s find out what is behind this one. What is that box? Its nothing. But please go inside it and I may let you out.

    By Charangito on 10.04.2017

  9. I invited myself to think that I had already done this word…(Hint, Hint!) you guys need to get some new material! I mean come on!!!! this is like the third time I’ve done a word twice!

    By Secretcommander on 10.04.2017

  10. I invite my friends go to party in my house. This is a big party have a lot of food and have a karaoke.

    By javier on 10.04.2017

  11. THE little boy was invited to the birthday party that his friend had put on. HE went very excitedly when bam he was hit on the head. When he woke up he was in a different house then the boys birthday party. who hit the boy on the head and where was he.

    By Mikkala on 10.04.2017

  12. Invite me to the party.

    I’ll make it extra hearty.

    It’ll be super fun.

    Before the night is done.

    Before the morning light shows it’s face.

    I shall dance with over achieving grace.

    By MaKenna on 10.04.2017