April 8th, 2011 | 358 Entries

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358 Entries for “integrity”

  1. school, rules, morals. I believe in integrity and that it makes a great person; without it corruption is imminent.

    By Angelika on 04.08.2011

  2. integrity is like a pushpin at the bottom of a fishbowl — are you even listening? integrity falls from your lip when you least expect it, onto your dinner napkin. integrity! integrity! integrity! ok?

    By b on 04.08.2011

  3. the truth about integrity is that you don’t have a concept of it until you use it. Its not that it cannot be said, but it must be expressed. I often wonder where the line is for integrity and where one person’s being ends.

    By Audiopicasso on 04.08.2011

  4. many strive for but few can keep theirs. Integrity runs deep. Integrity is necessary.

    By Liz on 04.08.2011

  5. I think almost all humans subconsciously seek their ways to achieve their integrity. the means might be their work, school work, whatever. whatever the means is, humans strive to achieve integrity to become humans worth living on earth.

    By kaorita on 04.08.2011

  6. l’intégrité fait l’honneur d’une personne qui ne se disperse pas et refuse de se montrer hypocrite face aux avis divergents qu’elle pourrait rencontrer. L’intégrité est une grade qualité humaine qui devrait être davantage valorisée de nos jour.

    By chenaux-repond on 04.08.2011

  7. Where did you get this?
    I didn’t.
    didnt what, she said impatiently, leaning in closer to me. I could see up her nostrils.
    I didn’t get it from anywhere. i didn’t cheat. however you want to accuse me, i didn’t fucking do it

    By maria on 04.08.2011

  8. integrety means you will do anything to support something you are passionate about. You can use your integrity to help others through a hard time or you can use it to be selfish. I use my integrity to hellp my family and i do support others as well as the people we look up to.

    By Nicki on 04.08.2011

  9. Being a fragile thing,
    Integrity is naturally a paper thought.
    But paper thoughts can be folded,
    And folded,
    And folded onto themselves
    Until they become
    Something stronger.

    By Cole Atkinson on 04.08.2011

  10. Some people have none.

    By Sae URL on 04.09.2011

  11. i don’t know if i have any. i don’t know what this is. i think it has something to do with courage. willpower. how does one aquire integrity. what does it even mean? something amazing i bet. something or someone with integrity is a big deal. are we integrous if we have integrity? whats up.

    By Christina on 04.09.2011

  12. integrity is a giant thing that keeps most people going but it can also hold people back. Too much is bad but so is too little. You need to be just right when it comes to this so you seem like a man but not a douche.

    By chagerson94 on 04.09.2011

  13. I want that. For me. For everyone.

    By Cereal on 04.09.2011

  14. yeah i cant write in english so well but i think integrity is a quality you have to find in yourself andu have to feel it, actually i dont even know what it is exactly, its like being mature? or something, standing 4 what you do or say or something, my english should be way better

    By matt on 04.09.2011

  15. integrity is important while working in a society in a team. With out a common set of mind respect to each other you cannot think of progress.

    By Rohit Nayak on 04.09.2011

  16. Today, I am tired
    sorry but im not bothered to write anything on integrity
    really, I’m sorry

    By Anna on 04.09.2011

  17. Integrity revolves around the person you really are. It is shaped solely by the things you do when no one else is looking. Good luck.

    By Jessica URL on 04.09.2011

  18. integrity is honesty

    By Bronwyn on 04.09.2011

  19. Having put myself forward when no-one else volunteered, to have my integrity questioned was the last straw. And what I was doing was sorting towels and sheets for the laundry, moping vomit, blood and urine from the floors so medical staff could do their work. Standing in my shoes would give them a fright.

    By Meredyth URL on 04.09.2011

  20. Integrity is the quality of having high moral
    principles, being reliable and trustworthy.
    The moment it disappears, distrust and lack of
    cooperation take it’s place in the heart of people.

    Integrity is something everybody needs,
    honesty and devotion for everyone indeed.
    For if you walk in its light your find true inner peace
    for nothing is more valuable than true integrity.

    Integrity can be hard to find and hard to hold onto,
    but we need to learn to put faith into it, even if its blind.
    Integrity can also be untrustworthy itself too in a way,
    how can we fully put our trust into one thing and know its right?

    What if integrity comes back to bite us in the ass?
    We’re left broken and lost without a care in the world.
    Integrity is something that everyone needs to have,
    otherwise, all that’s left, is nothing but dishonesty.

    There’s been so many times my integrity was lost,
    many guys in my past had made me lose it all together.
    I’ve barely been able to grasp ahold of it again,
    I just hope that this time, I’ll be able to hold onto it better.

    Integrity is the quality of having high moral
    principles, being reliable and trustworthy.
    The moment it disappears, distrust and lack of
    cooperation take it’s place in the heart of people.

    Integrity is something everybody needs,
    honesty and devotion for everyone indeed.
    For if you walk in its light your find true inner peace
    for nothing is more valuable than true integrity.

    Where do your integrities lie?

    By Gabby URL on 04.09.2011

  21. … _ _ _ …

    By Flyderkov URL on 04.09.2011

  22. It’s imperative, in order to be taken seriously in any of your endeavours, don’t lose it, please.

    By Jeanie URL on 04.09.2011

  23. everyone has the integrity and all people will suffer from things that they canot control.

    By Oli on 04.09.2011

  24. If he had any integrity Jensen would have just gone back and helped those folks, shotguns or not. But he was of another mind now. He was bleeding inside and time was short. Actually always was, but it just became more immediately evident since the blasts. Integrity, is that all that was left?

    By chole URL on 04.09.2011

  25. True integrity is not taking the pen at work, which is so much better than the ones at home, just because it seems to be “free.”

    By inviere URL on 04.09.2011

  26. “Integrity? Ha! That’s a laugh!” he snarled. “What do you know about integrity?”

    By Guinness Man URL on 04.09.2011

  27. “This is certainly something that we cannot do without!” The speaker looked out over the crowd, sensing whether they were listening, or just there to be there. He was talking about integrity, but wasn’t sure that those listening really wanted to know what that was, or experience it in their lives.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 04.09.2011

  28. he was so honest, honestly. Almost brutal in his spoken opinions. How many had he hurt with his supposed integrity?

    By Pat on 04.09.2011

  29. i’m not too sure what to write about this word in particular… i’m not even quite sure what it means

    By summerlovin URL on 04.09.2011

  30. Sometimes I don’t think I have the integrity to do what I want to do with my life. Other times I do, and I want to pick my other self up and give her a good slap.
    I can’t decide which side of me is right.
    And this has never torn me up more.

    By Elle on 04.09.2011

  31. I held it within me when you scorned my efforts. It wasn’t easy, and you weren’t kind but I – held – it. It’s my honor, my dignity, and because I won’t ever lie, cheat or steal just to please you. I didn’t do it because I want to be able to tell my children my past – proudly

    By fallingshards on 04.09.2011

  32. Integrity. Adherence to moral and ethical principles.
    Even the word itself sounds a little untrustworthy – “Gritty”. Like there are grains and flaws included somehow
    I don’t really think I know many people at all with integrity in this sense.
    I hope there are people out there with this kind of integrity. Unwavering, solid.
    I know I’m not one of them.

    By Ellie Sparkle URL on 04.09.2011

  33. <3 integrity. it complements the ego so well.

    By mihaela URL on 04.09.2011

  34. a quality people are often lacking. one I look for in friends. when someone shows you who they are,believe them the first time. I thin k Maya Angelou said that. If a person doesn’t have integrity, they stand for nothing.

    By danaeliz on 04.09.2011

  35. For the last twenty-six years, Jonathan had been coming to this institution. So many generations of people he had seen come and go through this building, so many people who had challenged his work, many who made it harder. He did definitely complain, but he knew that whatever happened, he was the one who had to do the work. Not just because no one else would, but also because his work was Important. He knew that anyone else could replace him, but having served so long in this institution he knew all about it, all their secrets, and his anonymity granted him a big advantage. Being the Janitor was a position which he’d started with much enthusiasm, come to loath it too many times, but at the end of it all he loved it a lot. Big or small, he understood now, work was work, and when done with integrity, no one could lift a finger on him. And someone had to do the dirty work, right?

    By unkitjc URL on 04.09.2011

  36. cant think of anything to write

    By kavie on 04.09.2011

  37. Integrity is defined by ones ability to put others wishes and/or obey defined rules, over their own emotional and situational impulses.

    By James Divine on 04.09.2011

  38. I have no integrity. That’s really not true, that was just the first thing that came to mind. I suck at spelling things which makes this even more difficult… hmm…. this is good.. i like this.

    By Kasey Jo URL on 04.09.2011

  39. Intense, like a waterfall. A waterfall clashing against rocks. Water droplets dispersing on my face. The surface absorbing water. Making me, wet.

    By Tony URL on 04.09.2011

  40. I guess I’m not sure what a lot of people mean by “integrity”. Is it being true to yourself or true to everyone else? Does integrity define your morals or does it define your being? People can have integrity without being moral according to society’s code, right? I mean, society may deem it acceptable to give murderers the death penalty, but you may only find it within your integrity to believe the opposite. I’m not exactly sure where this is headed….

    By Pamela on 04.09.2011