January 18th, 2015 | 48 Entries

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48 Entries for “integrated”

  1. back together and no real reason why,
    our lives married up and melded together like the end of the world
    is coming
    for us.
    maybe because of us.
    probably that.
    so we make our plan and get out of dodge,
    running from the mess that we make
    and stopping only to light the pipe.

    By Lj on 01.19.2015

  2. Integrated flavours always work best when combined with a sense of skill and ambition. Nothing better than a combination of good taste and spontaneous decisions.

    By Anastasia on 01.19.2015

  3. I like to think that I’ve integrated different cultures into my classroom. I have students from here in the US to students from Vietnam and parts of Africa. It isn’t an easy task and trying to appeal to all of the cultures can be tough sometimes when I’m not completely familiar with all of them. Every year it seems like I meet someone from a new country. Without a doubt, being a teacher is an international job.

    By Jon Prince on 01.19.2015

  4. integrated makes me think of working together with multiple heads. things that come together in order to fit a custom need. all working as a whole for a goal.

    By melody rahbar URL on 01.19.2015

  5. I do not feel integrated.

    Stories from yesterday do not include me. Stories from a 3am drunken haze do not include me.

    I think I’m lost– some free floating freeloader in your general area, trying and failing to attach to something. Let me know if I’m wrong.

    By Laura on 01.19.2015

  6. It was in disarray. Everything was a mess, but these new systems had to be integrated. They just had to be. Why did the papers have to be on the floor? Why did we write on the walls and on the desks now? Her boss, the monkey, screeched from behind his office door.

    By Daniel on 01.19.2015

  7. An integrated classroom is a fantastic way to open minds and learn about different cultures, beliefs, ways of thinking, etc. A classroom can be integrated with different learning styles, different religions, different races and so forth. It can also be a place where different subjects are used together. Integration opens all kinds of thinking doors.

    By Tammie on 01.19.2015

  8. Something about being integrated into a larger, bustling world seemed so magical once. Now it’ll be a miracle if I don’t wind up a hermit.

    By asavas on 01.19.2015