January 19th, 2015 | 71 Entries

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71 Entries for “cursed”

  1. I looked down at the doll I had gripped between my fingers tightly. My rational thought wouldn’t let me acknowledge what I had found. This small cloth doll looked just like me, wrapped with my own auburn strands….it was a voodoo doll. My voodoo doll.

    By Storyteller on 01.19.2015

  2. “I think God has cursed me” she bemoaned to her diary. “None of my favorite clothes fit anymore, my friends all hate me, my mom won’t stop drinking, and Jack won’t leave me alone. I wish I could living for a little while and be a canary or something.”

    By Lisa on 01.19.2015

  3. I am not cursed because as a Christian I am covered by the blood of Jesus. At a very early age, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. As a result of my confession of faith, I fear not about any curses. His sacrifice on the cross covers me from all hurt harm and danger.

    By Lori Huston on 01.19.2015

  4. “I’m cursed!” he muttered, exasperated. The train pulled out of the station just as he reached the bottom of the stairs. If that old lady hadn’t got in his way he would have made it. She was now reaching the platform, and he looked back at her with an angry stare. She stared right back at him, and bellowed; “Cursed, are you? Just because you missed a train? There’ll be another one along in a few minutes, so there’s no need to be trampling over little old ladies like myself! You think you’re cursed, do you? Well so you shall be! Cursed to know how blessed you really are!” She made a tiny movement of her hand, so quick he barely noticed it, and then it started: He felt hunger, pain, loneliness, despair, grief, fear, all at once. He felt bullets and bayonets pierce his skin, disease eating away at his flesh and bones, hands and feet kicking and punching him. He saw the souls of the dead staring at him from a dark abyss, and heard the screams of the dying as they suffered all the pain of the world. He felt the gut wrenching grief of a mother holding her dead child, and the confused panic of an orphan, lost and alone in a battle torn wasteland.
    In an instant it was all over, and he stared blankly at the woman again. Indeed, he realised, he was blessed that he had never had to endure such feelings, but he felt cursed, too, because he now knew they were rampant in the world.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.19.2015

  5. There is nothing like being blessed than, well, to realize that there is no blessing. There is nothing here to aid in our attempts at understanding ourselves. For this, the only real blessing for us is to realize our own cursed nature.

    By Thyme on 01.19.2015

  6. You’re life is a big mess when you’re cursed. Especially if you’re cursed by the gods. We believe that shit a lot in this part of the world. You can be cursed by anybody! Personally, I think it’s all bull. LOL. You’re

    By Dennis on 01.19.2015

  7. To be cursed was the worst kind of stigma. in such a tightly knit religious community you soon became a pariah. No matter what had been your misfortune to be cursed by one of the elders meant that your face didn’t fit any more. It was the beginning of a long period of abandonment with no prospect of ever returning to the life you had known

    By Idi Omatic on 01.20.2015

  8. After the thirteenth Friday in a row that wasn’t a 13th of some month, he swore I was cursed. He had kept a log of each day with graphs and dictation and somehow he had assessed that Fridays were dooming me. He took off the entire month of February and said he found the remedy. Every hour matched with its minute he went outside and howled at the moon or for the moon, depending on the time of day. And with the exception of Sundays, the only thing he ate was garlic. Roasted, raw, fried, juiced. He said if I didn’t take it seriously, at least maybe some of his aura could protect me somehow. It was the fourteenth Friday that he started, and I really sat and thought about it. By the seventeenth Friday, as I watched him feverishly tilt his head for sky, there was really no denying that he must have been right.

    By Swing Through on 01.20.2015

  9. I’ve been cursed with some terrible disease. It is eating my soul and flesh, I just can’t get rid of this thing. I need help. At night, I can’t sleep, I can’t dream and I can’t breathe, it just doesn’t leave me alone.

    By Oliver Almaguer on 01.20.2015

  10. She cursed the day she had to run for her life with her two children, for she knew her life would never be the same. And it never was…

    By marylou wynegar URL on 01.20.2015

  11. Cursed are those who give word prompts and have a little racing blue line at the bottom of the screen to mark your progress or lack thereof in writing about the word and trying to make some sense of it in the world.

    By norma on 01.20.2015

  12. I never cursed as a child, perhaps occasionally- but rarely. Now I feel cursed, perhaps I didn’t curse enough.

    By rebeca on 01.20.2015

  13. Was Icarus cursed because he was forced to live in captivity? It was hardly called living. To merely exist in the maze your own blood made, was it a curse to Icarus? Yes! The youth spent his days waiting, and waiting to escape. He was patient and smart, but he could not think in the light of a new adventure after so long imprisoned. Was his descent into the waters a curse? To have his life taken away from him, so quickly after achieving freedom, it must have been. But no! With soaring freedom, came the feel of the sun on his skin. With his fall, came the feel of the wind on his skin. Oh, what adventure.. what sweet, short-lived adventure,indeed. His death was not cursed, For he became FREE.

    (Icarus, Son of Daedalus)

    By M on 01.20.2015

  14. The explorers stumbled down the dark corridor, cursing the whole way.

    “Why did I ever agree to come on this trip with you, Dad!?”

    “It wasn’t my idea! Don’t blame it on me! It was your mother!”

    “Wait, what?”

    They crashed into a new room and discovered the glowing amulet, who was a shapeshifter who had masqueraded as their female acquaintance in a plot twist that’s way way way too complicated to describe or justify in sixty seconds

    By betaveros on 01.20.2015

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  17. negative
    separated from God
    no hope
    no choice

    By Renee Williams on 01.20.2015

  18. you were cursed by your evil step mom. “oh no,” yelled your mon,” were out of penut butter curse you evil step mom!!”

    By mike on 01.20.2015

  19. Curesed. That’s what I am. I’m cursed. Some wicked witch cast her evil spell and it wound up cursing me. Now I am stuck like this. A lonely figure inside a tapestry, a cursed figure, with no one to help them. All I am is cursed and all I will be will be cursed and there is nothing I can do.

    By Nellie on 01.20.2015

  20. A women was once cursed that she could never walk. So she set out to find a cure. There was a magical flower called the Amnissa. It was a beautiful flower with different colors of blue and feather like petals. She took it home and made it into tea and drank it. The flower tasted so wonderful and was sweeter than chocolate. She tried to move her legs but they wouldn’t budge. The women gave up all hope. A few days later, without even noticing, she was walking! She burst into joy and ran out into village to show everyone her accomplishment. She taught children and told them her story. She soon had a daughter and her name was, Amnissa.

    By Liberty Brouillette URL on 01.20.2015

  21. Daria’s eyes went in and out of focus as she stared down at her legs. They were splayed in weird angles and her crotch was stained with a little bit of the happiness she’d shot into her veins. The NA sponsor guy was banging on her door again. “Let me help you, Daria! Please just open the door!” he pleaded. She snorted. 12-steps, or twenty, it always ended the same.

    By Soft URL on 01.20.2015

  22. It was a word used for saying you have bad luck, something that wont go away.

    By Ashley Cocuzza on 01.20.2015

  23. someone who has bad luck. Its a bad thing. I would hate to be cursed, I would feel like the world is falling down on. Cursed sucks!

    By jamie spetnagel on 01.20.2015

  24. It is within our own perception as to how much we are cursed.

    By PomPalms on 01.20.2015

  25. Burdened with a lifetime of misfortune, Penny greeted her 30th birthday with a sense of cautious optimism. Youth as she knew it was now just scarce coursing through her veins, and which each passing year the effects of the curse have faded away.

    By asavas on 01.20.2015

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    By yazid on 01.20.2015

  27. “YOU WILL FALL INTO A DEATH LIKE SLEEP WHEN YOU TURN 16!!” one of my sisters yelled “NO! IM GOING TO BE CURSED????” the other yelled back. they were acting out sleeping beauty.

    By Alexis on 01.20.2015

  28. This life of mine seems cursed. It seems a large spell has been woven onto it, filling my thoughts with a certain dread that I can’t manage to escape. I’ve devoted years of odd practices to overcoming this curse, but alas.

    By Tom on 01.20.2015

  29. And here I am, caught in the very worst tide of the storm all because your sparkling eyes cursed me with the love you gave so beautifully and stole back from me just as effortlessly. How had I allowed myself to be in the midst of something so dangerous without even realizing it? Was love really so capable of making a single soul this blind and not even having the curtsy to warn them before hand? And here I am, awaiting your return like a fool awaits freedom from the court’s judgmental eyes only to learn upon taking Death’s hand that such liberation does not exist in this era.

    By Madison on 01.20.2015

  30. She yanked her hand away almost as soon as the impulse to reach out for the book had stuck her, before she was even aware her skin had made contact with the wrinkled leather surface, hissing through her teeth. She licked her fingertip and felt no heat, but the skin was red, raw.

    By Yona on 01.20.2015

  31. Although I had all the riches, women, anything I could ever ask for, one thing kept me troubled. Long ago, when I was still but a young lad, I was cursed by a girl of my age. I had been picking on her for being poor, as I, the prince, stayed at the top. Little did I know of her powers at that time though, unfortunately.

    By Tsuki on 01.20.2015