January 18th, 2015 | 48 Entries

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48 Entries for “integrated”

  1. My cousin had to take the bus across the city to her elementary school back when we were kids. It was an attempt to make the schools more integrated. This was in the ’70’s. When I taught ESL in the 90’s at a school just outside DC, it was 30% immigrant kids and 70% African American. There were zero white kids going to that school. There were 500 kids in the school.

    By RebeccaZuvedru on 01.18.2015

  2. It was at that point that humanity was no longer bound by their bodies. The world had a drastically different future once the mind had been integrated with machine.

    By Adam McKeever on 01.18.2015

  3. put together and conformed. Works together well. Fits in. blended. I don’t know.

    By Rhonda on 01.18.2015

  4. Integration. This word most truly impacts me in a way that impacts many in today’s society. The integration of technology in everyday life. Whether that integration is through life updates on a social media account, communication through your phone, or even health checks through a fitness band, we are all continuously integrating life with technology.

    By Jen on 01.18.2015

  5. integrate your mind and your hand and you get writing

    By edrianredentor on 01.18.2015

  6. Somewhere in all this, my brain and my heart have become an integrated thing, a monster with scaly hands and reaching arms, calculating the fastest way to catch its prey and drink the blood. I am older and wiser and put together, and that is when I transformed into someone lost.

    By cmsiena URL on 01.18.2015

  7. What to say about integrated? So many things are integrated together in one place. A mish mash of ideas. How do you integrate that in real life? Where do you start? what is the first step? first stone to turn?

    I want to integrate

    By artsychic76 on 01.18.2015

  8. “You seem to be fully integrated now; how does that make you feel?”
    “Seriously? Because I hate this place, that’s why. And now, just in case I didn’t have enough problems, I have to hate myself too, because you’ve made me into exactly what this fucking place wants me to be. I hate it. I hate you. Basically, I hate everything and there’s nothing I can do about it,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 01.18.2015

  9. I am one with the system
    But I still feel a little out of place
    Like it’s a rough around the edges fit.
    Maybe, with a little time, they’ll smooth over
    like stones in a riverbed

    By Jacqueline Ali on 01.18.2015

  10. I will becom integrated into a new sisiaty but it mite take some time

    By Cristina Bishop on 01.18.2015

  11. She scans the classroom once, twice, three times before walking in. She’s never been with white people like this. In school. Next to each other.

    By Angélique URL on 01.18.2015

  12. Coming together to make one people, systems, plans, all can be integrated.

    By Sellers on 01.18.2015

  13. ive integrated into the scene it feels nice you know what i mean being apart of a team thats not all about chasing the green beceause we dream youve seen, the sight seeings we scheme- its kinda cool the imaginative powers that be hey everybody follow me @grldg

    By grldg on 01.18.2015

  14. It was strange, how little parts of their lives became so minutely integrated with each other’s lives in only a few short weeks. Whether it was Aisling’s faint smell of fresh flowers and newly baked cookies that now always seemed to hang in Syaoran’s room, or the dozens of Polaroids of Syaoran that were messily pinned to the wall of Aisling’s bedroom wall, or the number of apple juice boxes that had steadily begun to fill space where they hadn’t previously in Syaoran’s pantry, or the way boxes of tea that had somehow snuck their way into Aisling’s kitchen cabinets, or how Syaoran made sure to clean up the messes his friends made in his house after they hung out (just in case if Aisling happened to drop by later), or the way that Aisling spent just a few minutes more in front of the mirror than she really had to fixing her hair, or the way that every time their phone buzzed for a few, anxious seconds they hoped it would be the other, or even how at exactly 11pm Syaoran texted Aisling goodnight and how exactly 5 seconds later she would reply with a heart…
    Or maybe it was simply just the way that it was always supposed to be. It was natural that way, and maybe that’s why it was so easy for them to fall into this rhythm, to be so acutely in tune with the other, to not mind the tiny changes in their lives that didn’t feel like changes at all…
    They weren’t really changes. They were just things that had been missing before, but had easily woven with the rest of their life — complete.

    By Jem on 01.18.2015

  15. being in a space with loads of different people of different sizes shapes colors sexualities genders. thats what it is. like a concert maybe, or a wedding or school or anything, its amazing seeing so many people and just enjoying their radiances and i dont really know what im saying but being integrated is nice and peope watching is nice too

    By sky on 01.18.2015

  16. i already wrote about this

    By skye on 01.18.2015

  17. Pulled within the limits
    boundaries now surround me
    gather all that is relevant
    taken from the scope
    of the known and the to be learned
    taken from the pool of conformity.

    By Protean on 01.18.2015

  18. This reminds me of Hairspray and the segregation never, integration now thing. Which subsequently makes me remember my ex boyfriend and how today I had to talk about him for the sake of a monologue. And how weird it is that we always feel the need to minimize situations that have hurt us or annoyed us because we are afraid that other people will view the situation as not-big-deal and will pass judgement on our emotional injuries.

    By Calli on 01.18.2015

  19. As of two hours ago, we have fully integrated our specimen into a real world setting as created by holographic tools and technology. So far, their behavior has been stable. All reactions to stimuli are recorded as normal. With luck, these specimen will be trained and released into actual society to carry out their coordinated missions.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.18.2015

  20. two sided not fair why are people like this what made them this way people were not better off like this

    By carley ringe on 01.18.2015

  21. Integrated is combined–merged–pushed together (wanted or not). Integrated speaks to me of efficiency and building. Integrated speaks of precision. It’s in math, of course–there’s integral calculus–and the precision that math brings.

    By Brian McCray on 01.18.2015

  22. I hate how these days everything has to be integrated with Google. I have to use Google Plus in order to comment on Youtube… I am almost forced to give my information to Google in order to be able to use any service. Google Drive, Youtube, Google Search, Gmail.

    It annoys me.

    By Some One on 01.19.2015

  23. between the lines is what i think about when i see this word. it makes me think of pushing moulding and melting things together in to a little ball. perhaps harmony, working together, a coexistence and balance that exists between all life. everything feels harmonious and neutral.

    By annie king URL on 01.19.2015

  24. My life is integrated into the Universe as it provides for me so many wonderful things. I can be as grateful and thankful as I can possibly be but it will still not be enough…

    By trkstr67 on 01.19.2015

  25. She never felt like she was part of the group. That’s why she left. She could not stand it–every second wasted, trying to act like one of them, when she would never be integrated into their system flawlessly. No. She would only be accommodated, as a guest. Never as a part of the whole.

    By M on 01.19.2015

  26. One of the first things about integration is to understand what the word means. I mean you just try to integrate with people in a dentist’s waiting room. There’s no life. Just glassy eyed stares. A pile of magazines on the table that nobody is reading and just an overall sense of nobody wanting to be there or to make any attempt to communicate with anyone else.

    By Idi Omatic on 01.19.2015

  27. The program was part of an “integrated response” to the economic downturn, which was the ministry’s way of ensuring that if it didn’t work, there would be no single place or person at which to point the finger.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.19.2015

  28. Originally, integrated was read as interrogated. there had indeed been a lot of interrogation that day. that was a bad day with the unicorns

    By Beth on 01.19.2015

  29. integrated
    its martin luther king day
    so i doubt this is a coincidence

    making blacks and whites combine
    we do not create gray
    but a gradient

    its is not about color blindness
    but color mindness
    color kindness

    we do not want to erase
    we want to see
    and respect

    By sevenwords on 01.19.2015

  30. He had two lives. His life with her. And his life without her. He used to be fine with life like that. But he wasn’t anymore. He wanted her there for the little things. For the tiny, insignificant things that made up his life without her. He wanted her there; because when she was there, nothing felt insignificant, nothing felt so small. The world with her was vast and broad and scary.

    By anon on 01.19.2015

  31. she joined the workforce well knowing what she had to break through,
    a bunch of techies so integrated in their microchip of a social circle,
    glasses sat on their noses,
    eyes peering through thick cut of overheated sand,
    yet blind to the culture they had been treading on.

    By E L on 01.19.2015

  32. I have integrated into society even though I don’t want to.

    By Panda on 01.19.2015

  33. Everyone and everything is working together seamlessly. Communication is open and honest and frequent. Integrated systems work best with periodic review and commitment to its success.

    By Deb on 01.19.2015

  34. How do I becom integrated into the U.S.

    By Cristina Bishop on 01.19.2015

  35. Integrated…intubated…creamated…and alone.

    By pushinpeace on 01.19.2015

  36. The scientist picked at hernoodles. “Somehow,” she said, more to herself than to her colleague, “Chinese food isn’t as appetizing after you’ve spent three hours integrating worms into a new environment.

    Her colleague glanced over at the tub of Oligochaeta, writhing happily in their new environment. “We didn’t offer you a job here so you could eat noodles.”

    By tentwelvefourteen on 01.19.2015

  37. me and her integrated and made a book. it was together as we made it. it was good! I like making books! but I am only 8 years old. but I still have fun!

    By ava on 01.19.2015

  38. Its simple really, we are going to take a lot of diffrent elements, and put them in the childs life, we are going to form her. Change her, make her something that no one eles is, because she is going to have all the help she needs.

    By Melia on 01.19.2015

  39. It was a dream. A nightmare perhaps. They called for the one who could draw stars to make patterns on a fallen chieftan’s face, thus sealing his fate as a slave forever. This is where they would score his skin and allow it to heal. His archer’s fingers, he lost them. His long braided hair, he lost it. His freedom hung in the balance. And this is why the artist ran away that night when they looked to integrate her into their plans.

    By Intuition on 01.19.2015

  40. I was integrated by a group of religious people. (example)
    integrated means being allowed to enter a group, association, company or whatever other things you can enter it.

    By Maria on 01.19.2015