March 2nd, 2013 | 169 Entries

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169 Entries for “instill”

  1. act to reinforce something into something. It is an act of introducing something into something as in instill confidence in a student about passing in an exam. Instill means pushing through

    By Shrini Kulkarni on 03.03.2013

  2. What little that was instilled in his mind was mostly done by his grandfather. He was a man of honor, perseverance, leadership, all the traits everyone loved about him, and congratulated him in person on. What they never saw, was the man of depression, seclusion, hurt, and suicidal thoughts. No one spoke about that man.

    By Tyler Gress on 03.03.2013

  3. something was instilled early on. not sure if i played any vital role in the installation—but it’s there. its apparent—not buried deep like the many other hard wires may be. i notice this one. its on tops of things. a driving force.

    By Safon on 03.03.2013

  4. what does that even mean? may be being inside and being still. oh! being still in ur conscience! or peaceful mind…have a peaceful calm mind. i am so smart!go me!

    By Vanessa on 03.03.2013

  5. The crashing waves
    instilled a tremor across
    the anemone’s tendrils
    a piece of flotsam careened by
    too quickly.

    The crashing waves
    instilled a tremble of fear
    as the ship’s mast splintered.

    By Kairn on 03.03.2013

  6. And so the values were instilled in him, that true love did exsit and that the most precious and beautiful people we meet are those we once found repugnant. Love and librety were instilled in him as he now understood how precious life could be.

    By Callie on 03.03.2013

  7. To remain in the same place, like the frost in a window pane on a winter’s eve.

    By Kamrein on 03.03.2013

  8. And that instilled in her a new thought, a new purpose, a new drive. This elation he had given to her was unlike any motivation she had ever experienced.

    By Annelise Walker on 03.03.2013

  9. I instilled fear into the heart of mankind as I strolled through the “Wandering Meadows”, destroying everything in my path. Everyone ran from me, but I left to witnesses. No one has ever seen my appearance, nor will they.

    By Levi Murray on 03.03.2013