March 3rd, 2013 | 218 Entries

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218 Entries for “weakling”

  1. Weakling, (sigh). To be honest, it is painfully burdensome to write of a word which describes you the best.

    By nom de luc URL on 03.04.2013

  2. I am one.
    Except for my telekinesis.
    That is not weak.
    I can lift things and throw them at people. That is why I am muscular: even though my brain does all the work, it sends messages to my muscles indicating that they should become stronger. It’s pretty strange, though. Once, I was called a weakling by a witch. I picked up her precious phone and sent it flying into the lake. With my mind, of course.
    Witches don’t bother me anymore.

    By Isis on 03.04.2013

  3. I’ve never considered myself anything other than a strong, decisive woman. Independent, and self assured. But this past year has tried me like o other, and I feel defeated. Poked and prodded, I have withdrawn, become dependent on others like the weakling I’ve become.

    By Sheila Good URL on 03.04.2013

  4. going. wandering. without knowing, anything. frustrating. then dying.

    By Katarina Mellyna on 03.04.2013

  5. my peaches is sweet
    and she bruises too easy

    but one day i bit her too hard
    and she poisoned me with rot

    be careful with caring girls;
    they know your insides

    By isa on 03.04.2013

  6. I began to pity the youngster before me. If only he were a bit stronger, but war wasn’t made for weaklings. He was fresh and didn’t know any better and the toll it takes is a mental one. It doesn’t matter how strong you are physically because the demands from trauma are a higher price.

    By Sean Van Horn on 03.04.2013

  7. I am not a weakling. Or am I? No one wants to admit something with such a negative connotation. But is it necessarily a bad thing? Maybe being weak means you are stronger in other categories.

    By Michael on 03.04.2013

  8. a little or weak child. someone with no muscle or really small. not tough. I was walking down the street and saw a weakling child.

    By Emily on 03.04.2013

  9. He was used to being called ‘weakling’ but he never gave a damn about it. He knew that some day in the future, they would need his help.

    That day has come. And the help they needed was much more serious that anyone could’ve imagined. Wearing a habit, taking Bible into the pocket he went out of the house, hoping that this time the exorcism will be easier than the last one.

    By Omnix URL on 03.04.2013

  10. soft and quiet, not very confrontational. A target to bullies, not very strong.

    By jade hoyle on 03.04.2013

  11. some one who is sick or ill. a child or elderly person. has no spine is a pushover. will never be anything but a wall flower their whole life.

    By april on 03.04.2013

  12. when Dominic was little everyone called him a weakling, and he wasn’t very strong then. he was pretty tiny. he sure showed them, he can pick me up like its nothing, like im a feather. i love to be rapped up in his arms and i can feel his arm flex, i think he does on purpose just to remind me hes not a weakling anymore.

    By tigerlily on 03.04.2013

  13. Sitting in the kitchen, it was a gloomy afternoon. I had the worst day of work of my entire career thus far. All I was looking forward to at that moment was the pasta I was making for dinner. I sit here struggling with the damn unsealable jar of alfredo that was the key to my only success of the day.

    By Kayleigh on 03.04.2013

  14. This was yesterday’s word and I posted on it already. But right now I’m just trying to see if I can speak what I’m talking and it take and the accounting will continue. I wonder if Siri will translate transcribe a minutes worth of talk. I am watching the clock But the flag hasn’t gone off yet so I guess I’ll keep talking I want to introduce this to 098 today they need more help writing in short bursts and then revising in longer meditative attention spans. This is pretty good I haven’t used up my minutes yet I wonder what will happen if it’ll tell me or not that I need to stop even though I’m doing voice record. I had a great morning so far and I can intend for the rest of the day to be blessed by my faith and believe that God is good at his word! Backup assistance come on so I don’t know if that’s frustrated my minute because it’s definitely been more than a minute now.

    By SisDr on 03.04.2013

  15. I think everyone is a weakling at one point. It’s just the matter of what do we think of our weakness. One can be weak to drugs, money or even pure things such as love. Is it a bad thing? Probably not.

    By ~ on 03.04.2013

  16. Weaklings are not always heroes, but they can be. Just because you are physically weak does not mean that you are mentally weak. Do you think that all of the greatest philosophers in history were all strong, buff men and women? No. They were probably meek looking on the inside. However, what they contributed is more than most would think that a weakling could bring to society.

    By Grox on 03.04.2013

  17. if i give in now, you’ve won, one
    step is all it takes
    for you to know
    you’ve won.

    By VB on 03.04.2013

  18. The signal to noise ratio meant nothing not but also. It was all noise. or noise was the signal, all signed and signifying in a guttural confab. He glutted a dose of metal static, the steel wool scratching of an unshaven philosophy. Thoughts changelings, they spluttered between concepts, weakening with each flexed fluctuation musculature undefined. Units lost, multiplexed until their shapes become …

    By Chris Glynn on 03.04.2013