March 13th, 2015 | 32 Entries

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32 Entries for “influence”

  1. That’s the one thing that I want and am terrified to have. Influence. I want to shape, to mold, to grow, to experience, to push. I want to make these tired, weak things into something better, but I don’t want to screw up. What if I screw up? I have to work with all my might to do the best I can. Because I have influence.

    By kalivs URL on 03.13.2015

  2. The word influence can lead people to great things. It all starts with one person influencing another person. Then they can

    By Edilia on 03.13.2015

  3. It corrupts sometimes, other times it’s a good thing. But I think, more often than not, it is thought of when it is bad. “Oh, that girl was a bad influence on my son,” “That role model is a bad influence.” It’s interesting.

    By Morgan on 03.13.2015

  4. “I think you’re being a bad influence on the kids,” Skyler said as Harry handed him a mug of tea.

    “Oh, yeah? Why’s that?”

    Skyler smirked. “Both my daughters are now becoming creative individuals who can think for themselves and work on tremendously innovative projects and ideas. What is wrong with you? Don’t you understand the American dream?”

    I laughed, and we clinked mugs.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.13.2015

  5. anything
    the colors
    the wonderland
    of words
    the substance
    new ideas

    By Sage URL on 03.13.2015

  6. I am afraid of the one I may have on my siblings. When I mess up will they follow or will they stop looking up to me. I want them to succeed and do well. I can’t ruin that for them. Their eyes see everything; the good and the bad. I will keep going for them.

    By Patricia Wani URL on 03.13.2015

  7. She became him. He influenced her- his actions rubbed off on her. Every day, they saw her get more and more like him. Of course, she loved him- loved every aspect. And while she stopped being so cold and withdrawn, she was…. moody. Sometimes she was her, sometimes she acted like him- sometimes other people entirely. They all hated it.

    By grace on 03.13.2015

  8. We’re surrounded by it. It eats us alive, expects us to conform to societies norms and desires. It influences our lives, our choices, our minds until we have no real say in the way we live; only who we follow.

    By Spova on 03.13.2015

  9. The stars guided her, they said. The stars spoke to her. They lead her on her way, tracing a path along the spine of the world and down into the depths of the earth. They sang to her, sang of the stories and wonders she would find.

    By Riannon URL on 03.13.2015

  10. Samantha grinned sneakily at Penchant as she glared down at the girl on the ground. “Money,” she said, “Now.”

    By Charlotte on 03.13.2015

  11. Do I influence? I am indeed influenced by many. Some came before me and left inspiration to be picked up and sampled. Oh I love those discoveries, unsought, treasures to add to my life. Dream influence me. I see things in dreams that resurface when I need them.
    My biggest influence is Christ, and I hope to reflect him to others. Clearly!

    By Grace URL on 03.13.2015

  12. I want to be a good influence in Boy Scouts. I am one of the older scouts so the younger ones look up to the bigger one. Phisically and litteraly.

    By Jacob on 03.13.2015

  13. There is no greater influence than a hungry belly. For who can think or dream or dare or even listen but to this one raving sound — the empty belly. This is my influence right now. I want OJ and cheesecake.

    By Cindy on 03.13.2015

  14. he was a great man who influence main people in the free world. he was loved by many and hated by few. he would his life for any man for he valued theirs over his own.

    By zak on 03.13.2015

  15. Influence comes from the most unlikely places, when you find it, it is like finding the wind beneath your wings- it propels your work forward, upward, downward, – its the only way to add the depth and creativity to your work essential to success

    By Razzmatazz URL on 03.13.2015

  16. The rest of that evening the whole vessel was quiet, subdued. The influence of the announcement on morale was mixed. Morris told everyone that they could complain all they liked, because there was no one left to complain to, and it would do absolutely no good. That actually seemed to strengthen their resolve, and they realised they had really become the captains of their own fate.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.14.2015

  17. it drives you to obsession, it leads you to your own greatness or your downfall. it dictates what you were growing up and what you will be as an adult. your parents did it, your friends do it, your teachers, your bosses, everyone around you. they hope for you to become the best you that they want you to be.

    By pclark on 03.14.2015

  18. One look said everything. Justin gave his older brother the slightest head nod to acknowledge the silent order and steeled himself to do what they’d planned. Gripping the handle of the gun tightly, he tried not to puke as he raised it to the cashier’s forehead.

    By Soft URL on 03.14.2015

  19. There are many different interpretations of what influence signifies. At this point in my life, entering my late 20s, I have discovered influence as something you must earn, and it’s largely from setting a good example, being kind, and being committed to your values. It is a positive thing, I don’t believe influence should be achieved by negative means. And is that even possible? That is a debate in itself. From a negative standpoint, is it more influence, or fear?

    By PomPalms URL on 03.14.2015

  20. you have entered me, like a flood. through my pores, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, anything through which the liquid of your spirit might seep.

    By dominguez URL on 03.14.2015

  21. There are so many people in our lives that have been able to influence us in different ways. We so often dwell on the pain, anger, or sadness that someone brought to our life, that we forget the truly important lessons they were able to teach us. Reflecting on the positive of a friendship or relationship and realizing that an individual had an impact on our life is so much more important than deeming we “hate” someone simply because they did not stick by our side in the end.

    By Theresa on 03.14.2015

  22. when info seeps along a string,
    electric paths bend and weave.
    yet in that leeway, a finite space
    where links are forged and not replaced.

    the morning past a dream that’s shared
    a glance, a smile, a hope laid bare

    By Craw URL on 03.14.2015

  23. MY family has always had a big influence on my life. Sometimes, too much! I have tried to break away from their influence sometimes and do what I need to do, times have changed and sometimes I think we need to, or must think outside the box and not be influenced by what others will think!

    By libbyrose URL on 03.14.2015

  24. The goal of many. To be the shining light in someone else’s eyes. To be a role model. A hero. Influence is a strong word in many forms. You can be influential in one aspect, or be under the influence in another. Grasping the yin and yang of just this one little word can define a human being in the blink of an eye.

    By Tiffy north on 03.14.2015

  25. Her influence on him was astounding. He didn’t know what hit him, and he didn’t care. All he knew was that his life would never be the same.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 03.14.2015

  26. Listening to “Out on the Weekend” and remembering a local singer songwriter’s 3rd album, perhaps it was her 3rd. The only song I liked of hers off that one comes about because they shared a resemblance, I think it’s the bass line and a few particulars. Anyway, I didn’t write a line about her album during it’s release because it truly did not interest me as a whole. Except for that song. Which might be unfair, but that’s a bias I’m willing to own.

    By Intuition URL on 03.14.2015

  27. “What do you think?” I stood in the spotlight and his words were drowned out by the blood pounding in my ears. Silence. My words got caught in my throat. I stepped away, melting into the shadows. I was free. Somehow I felt that my actions spoke louder than my words.

    By Laura Riddle on 03.14.2015

  28. morality is a funny concept. so is power. one can influence and one can control. but is either truly moral or powerful. language escapes me. art is subjective. my madness, only i can control, but is influenced by all.

    By grldg URL on 03.14.2015

  29. I live for a dream. A dream that will influence a universe about the idea of equality, peace and free. We live in a society our influence are mocks the wrongdoer, promoting war, and it’s whom we call leaders.

    By Aqsa on 03.14.2015

  30. “She is a bad influance on him.” Sarah complained. “Since they met, he is a totally different person!”
    And on she ranted. Complaining about everything she could think of.

    By Bre URL on 03.14.2015

  31. The man had a great deal of influence over all of his students. If he wanted something to be done, then all he ever had to do was merely talk about it, make a few points of how beneficial it would be to their “family,” and then one of the boys would run off and complete his mission.

    It was dark times. Or at least that’s what Anna always said to Joe; dark times, because they all felt that they were in a rut, and yet at the same time they felt that they were being guided to a light by the same person who made them be in that rut. It was like a never-ending tunnel.

    By Brandi URL on 03.14.2015

  32. i try not to let it get to me
    i try not to let anyone get to me
    i’ll think of something else
    i’ll cry about something worth my time
    i can only think about it
    sometimes i cant think of anything

    By monique URL on 03.14.2015