March 12th, 2015 | 32 Entries

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32 Entries for “grandfather”

  1. “Why do you do this?” Lenore asked, trying to seem defiant. Caius blinked, as if he’d never thought of this before.

    “My father did,” he finally said. “And my grandfather before him. I wasn’t really given a choice, I suppose. It was just… assumed. This was — is — my path.”

    By Julia A. URL on 03.12.2015

  2. Oh man. Where do I start. I loved my grandfather very very much. He was one of my best friends. He passed away 3 years ago. The day of his passing, February 1st 2012, was a rough one for me. Who knew the last time I said goodbye leaving his hospital bed that summer would be the last time I said goodbye to him. He was a hilarious man with many many jokes up his sleeve. He always knew how to cheer you up or sit and listen to your struggles. I love him with a lot of my heart and always will. I look up to him and the way he raised his sons, my dad, is very encouraging. I love his wife just as much. She was darling and one of the sweetest ladies a girl could have as a grand mother. It makes me extremely sad that neither of them will get to meet my children or future husband. But I know they will look down and love them full heartedly. <3

    By Hannah on 03.12.2015

  3. Grandfather teaches me things
    Through silence:
    Respect, child
    Listen, child

    By Kumquat URL on 03.12.2015

  4. Grandfather help me
    Im caught in your trade
    though i feel that ive failed you
    and im so deathly afraid
    what ive never understood
    how one could cut them selves till today
    till i dug my nails in my head
    and the stress went away

    By ugcfh on 03.12.2015

  5. I never had one. Both of mine died when I was a baby. Not sure what it is like to have one but I have an image of a fun old guy who buys you ice cream and candy and lets you get away with things you shouldn’t. He also teaches you to ride a bike and lets you drive his tractor. He’s a fun old guy who is very wise and let’s you break rules.

    By Julie on 03.12.2015

  6. I never knew my grandfather. Oh, sure, I was 4 when he died, and I vaguely remember a somewhat intimidating presence, saturated with cigarette smoke and the smell of bourbon, but I can hardly be said to remember him.

    By Annie on 03.12.2015

  7. Of all the things I have wished for in my life.

    I wish for you the most grandfather.

    Whichever one you could be. Both of you. one of you. But always to have for my very own.

    Whatever lot in life landed me here, I wonder sometimes, what sacrifice you gave up, so that I would exist at this time and place.

    I miss you and I never knew you. I wish that I did. I wish that you were here. I wish that I could tell you the things that I can’t tell my parents. I wish that you would listen and hold me.

    That you would always love me.

    The same as I will always, forever, love you.


    By Sara H. URL on 03.12.2015

  8. Grandfather clock- 90 years ticked without slumbering. Tick Tock Tick Tock. Without numbering. But it stopped short never to go again when the old man died.

    By Kizzie Jones URL on 03.12.2015

  9. She thought of it. That christmas where he had sat with his hands in his head and told her how he feared for himself; that he knew he was more like his grandfather than he would care to admit. And she saw it now. Their grandfather had lacked Wilco’s charm and charisma, but all the rest of it, the thieving, the lying, the endless creation of chaos – yes, that was him.

    By bb333 URL on 03.12.2015

  10. maybe one day ill love them like he loved me. afar but really not. let them live. let them die inside. should they need a friend, a teacher, a guide, i will be here. not there. im always here. maybe. maybe one day i will return the favor.

    By grldg URL on 03.12.2015

  11. He was a cold man who was filled with jokes. His “claw” hand played with us with its groans of fury. I remember the day before Thanksgiving Day when the call came that he was in the hospital after suffering a heart attack. I remember the summer before, when he was pushing the mower around the yard, my grandmother calling out to him as we sat on the deck drinking sun tea. “Bill,” she cried out, urging him to stop pushing the mower, as he hunched over it, sweat profusely dripping from his forehead and shoulders, rolling down his back. The doctors had warned him to take it easy following the congestive heart failure diagnosis. He’d refused the offer of surgery, figuring that he was old and would let nature run its course. On that August day, I could see that his breath, even from a distance, was coming in gasps, as we watched his chest expand and retract quickly, as if in quick, labored breaths. He waved her away, turning his back to us and continued to push the mower along through the tall grass.

    By Jason on 03.12.2015

  12. My grandfather had fought in two wars: World War II and the Korean War. After that, he was never exactly the same. Not in a bad way, though; somehow, being a soldier had opened him up in a lot of ways, so instead of trying to appear aloof and macho, he was emotional, sympathetic, and quite the storyteller. Of course, there were nights when my grandmother would catch him awake very late, staring out the window, singing a song to himself from way back.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.12.2015

  13. The door to the grandfather clock had been closed for years but this morning when Jake woke up it was slightly ajar. He couldn’t understand what had moved it. Peeking inside the door the ripe odour of age came through and he was pulled in clutching at the sides as he tumbled towards a strange new world.

    By Thom on 03.13.2015

  14. Sleep, little girl. For now you won’t be able to cherish the beauty of life, the colors of nature strewn across the landscapes. All this time I’d hoped to live up to the day of your marriage, the marriage which would now happen in the palaces of heaven. I would never say goodbye, for I firmly believe our destiny was chartered to be this way. My love for my angel would only die with the last breath that I gasp out. Or perhaps it would resurrect in lonely bodies and spread love. – grandfather to granddaughter

    By kyungsoo on 03.13.2015

  15. The door to the grandfather clock had been closed for years but this morning when Jake woke up it was slightly ajar. He couldn’t understand what had moved it. Peeking inside the door the ripe odour of age came through and he was pulled in clutching at the sides as he tumbled towards a strange new world.

    By Thom URL on 03.13.2015

  16. My grandfather, the one who is still living, is dear to me. He is the one who gave me auburn hair. He taught me a lot growing up, including a love for plants and gardening, for nature, simplicity, God; he taught me the importance of being quiet, of sitting back and letting other people talk. He taught me of peace, and of anger. I am a lot like him. Very similar personality. He has freckles like me. He’s a great guy and I’m so glad he is and has always been a part of my life.

    By PomPalms URL on 03.13.2015

  17. The grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather was the son of a grandfather’s only daughter who frankly, was bit of a slut.

    By David Aitchison URL on 03.13.2015

  18. The room was silent, frozen in shock. Morris was relieved, as no one had panicked or protested. There was nothing to be gained from objecting, their fate was sealed. All their friends back on earth had been dead for a year now, they were the only ones left. The selection process had concentrated on those who would not be leaving family behind; no one with siblings, no one with grown children, all parents deceased. Morris was the only grandfather in the whole fleet, a fact he had kept hidden from the committee.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.13.2015

  19. Cool, old, and crinkly dude who is the strongest person I have ever met, and I wish I could fight my battles like him.

    By DZ URL on 03.13.2015

  20. my grandfather was taken away from when i was at a young age of 5. i remember him as a very kind and gentle man. he would ask me give him a back massage and he would give me money in return.

    By emma on 03.13.2015

  21. this is surreal.
    i am aching because i have nothing to say about a grandfather,
    only a pop-pop who i haven’t seen in over two years because my grown up life is far too busy to make time for my family that fell away when you died

    By sarah marie URL on 03.13.2015

  22. My grandfather was a terrific guy. He spent most of his life working in the oil fields, and he really enjoyed fishing. My favorite memory of him is when he went with my younger sister and I when we took our band director’s children fishing. He enjoyed watching us try to land one of the catfish we caught. I remember him sitting and laughing at us. It was priceless.

    By Karen URL on 03.13.2015

  23. My grandfather used to come and sit on the front porch and visit almost every day after my grandmother died. He did that for several years. I’d come home from school and he’d be reading the newspaper on the porch, and I’d sit and talk with him about his childhood, like when he saw Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show as a boy.

    By John McDonnell URL on 03.13.2015

  24. Little fingers tickled his face like feathers from a down pillow. He laughed and pretended to bite one. His granddaughter giggled as she continued to poke and prod along the hard lines of his smile.

    By Soft URL on 03.13.2015

  25. who is this man, an old man. there was once an incident where some poop was found on the stairs in my house and a dispute about who left it there. My 4 year old sister or my grandfather to this day my sister says grandfather but he is not here to question this!!!

    By Tengo URL on 03.13.2015

  26. Old, but not ancient. Graying on top, but still fit and active. He’d never married and never had children. He was not a grandpa, but these people, all of them criminals and outlaws, had become his family. He didn’t mind the misnomer so much anymore.

    By Mia_C URL on 03.13.2015

  27. I knew my paternal grandfather a little. I remember him bald. I remember not liking Hexxus from the movie Ferngully because his head reminded me of my grandfather and I knew he wasn’t evil. But I didn’t really know him. Much like the rest of my family. Just little memories float on.

    By Stereochele URL on 03.13.2015

  28. The witching hour is upon us. The grandfather clock watches over the empty living room, observing the uninvited guests that have violated the natural order of nighttime.

    By asavas URL on 03.13.2015

  29. Sempre amei meu avô, apesar de ele ser bem severo e sisudo. Amava-o por que minha mãe o amava como pai, e dado que sempre amei minha mãe…

    By Nícia URL on 03.13.2015

  30. The clock was old–you could by the artistry of its design but not by its state of care. Not a spec of dust. The wood had been oiled. Even the ticking parts inside gleamed.

    “That’s Benjamin.”

    Janice whirled around and found James behind her.

    He wiped the fog from her breathing off the glass pane and continued, “You know, like Big Ben. Little Benj.

    “Do you name them all?”

    “Only the special ones.”

    Then, all throughout the house, it struck noon.

    By Yona URL on 03.13.2015

  31. I love my grandfather. Except we call him Papa. He’s the most generous man i have ever met in my life. I will be really sad if my kids don’t have a grandfather like him in their lives. I like being with him and hearing his stories from his army days, and when he went to college. We went to the same school you know. He got into a lot of trouble there!

    By Morgan on 03.13.2015

  32. Grandfather
    Is the only person that ever truly hurt me, I waited for him to come back and save me but he never did. I really hope that he will love me because iLife him greatly, did I betray him, yes. Will he forgive, ?

    By Sherice Rose-green on 03.13.2015