April 28th, 2010 | 238 Entries

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238 Entries for “industry”

  1. He was part of the industry. A multi-millionaire. A big-shot. He came from a wealthy background. He was so powerful and lovely. Women flocked to him, also men from all levels of life. One day he tragically left us under suspicious circumstances.

    By Jeanette on 04.29.2010

  2. Industries eat butts. They are people who go around and make you do stuff to sell stuff to do. But when you didnt sell the stuff to do the stuff then you couldnt even want to do more even. When one more even go did even more when what more like, thats when we know that its okay. We accidently the whole accident when we did the even when. Dont even go when we didnt even want to go.

    By Ben Gerhards on 04.29.2010

  3. industry is bleak
    industry is dirty
    makes people weak
    work here til i’m only forty

    By mary grace on 04.29.2010

  4. industry. lindustry. kill me oh industry.
    fibers and glass. pigeons and ash.
    burn this place down.
    industry. FINdustry

    By margot on 04.29.2010

  5. teeth gnash, the machine grinds
    sweat pours down his neck,
    the callouses on his hands feel
    raw against the metal.
    he pulls, pushes, and hears a
    metallic clash.

    By annabel on 04.29.2010

  6. He worked industrially. In a steel mill. But he himself was made of anything other than steel. He was made of long summer afternoons spent lying by the canal, of freshly baked cup cakes, of evenings in listening to Cello concerts on Classic fm.

    By Holly on 04.29.2010

  7. He knew little of industry. Jagged dirty buildings and talk of fashion was a reminder of city, thousands of people crammed together into one realm. Crampt and sloppy but nonetheless, thousands of ways were open to those who chose to venture.

    By xanithxculsha48 on 04.29.2010

  8. Industry means money, food, income for many people. But also it means pollution…

    By Bigbaer on 04.29.2010

  9. Industry is the arch enemy of nature. It has, since the industrial revolution surely done more damange to the earth than in the previous millenia. I do not believe most industry is necessary.

    By Julia on 04.29.2010

  10. pollution, decrease in human life quality

    By panko on 04.29.2010

  11. industrial production is the process whereby human beings at our level of technology produce what they need to survive. this process, determined by the historical development it has been through, involves explotiation of workers by owners. this does not have to be the case.

    By Richie P on 04.29.2010

  12. The Industry was keen to hire the strongest men. They were all excited. The twelve men arrived on time and were immediately recruited. Tom spoke up first. The manager leaned on an expensive brown desk. The work involves clearing the countryside for a big iron bridge. Three men declined and left, throwing their boots into the congested tool room.

    By Jeanette on 04.29.2010

  13. industry is corrupt. There are many industries, such as the automobile, meat and insurance industries. Each is out to get money and are always inventing new ways to get it. Underhanded ways such as advertising, and fine print in contracts.

    By Mary on 04.29.2010

  14. Inudstires, reminds me of high school history class. This one chapted with the illustration of some sweaty burly guy hammering away at something- blacksmith, that’s the word I’m looking for. That classroom was always so dim, and the teacher was pretty nice, but she had horrible breath. Industry. So many of them. What is the different between an industry and profession? What industry do I want to be in

    By Mitsu on 04.29.2010

  15. was the name of the town that we visited some time ago in southern california. who would want to name a town after industry always seemed to baffle me. of course one could consider the age of industry for its appeal in moving the human population to a more comfortable level of material existence.

    By monlam URL on 04.29.2010

  16. the industry in Russia was never better than the industry in the U.S. until the cold war. So maybe we should just scare everyone with nuclear weapons and get the whole world industrial.

    By Konner on 04.29.2010

  17. in the dust try to keep moving.
    don’t stop to think of what you can accomplish.
    try to keep doing what keeps your insides from getting dusty.

    By Emma Kilgallon on 04.29.2010

  18. money

    By mary URL on 04.29.2010

  19. industry. that’s pretty much the way things are made right? One can be industrial in any right. being a hard worker, as such, makes a man industrial worker. The industrial revolution. random words.

    By walter on 04.29.2010

  20. industry
    where money makes more of itself
    the little strips of paper
    not even edible
    that bring so many people
    so much wealth
    at the cost of integrity
    where nothing is sacred

    By new guy on 04.29.2010

  21. dsadfad

    By LOL on 04.29.2010

  22. It’s what we’re about. It’s in us. Some try to deny it or fight it or slam it, but it’s not going anywhere. It’s how we’re at where we’re it. You can’t get rid of it now. Embrace it.

    By Trish on 04.29.2010

  23. Smoke rising out of towers. A burdensome, smog-filled cloud for a sky, yellow and brown and grey. The sun tries to pierce through.

    A revolution.

    The back-bone to our country. Thousands of workers pushing forwards together.

    By Edwin on 04.29.2010

  24. INdustry I think of companies and the economic situation. And then I think about how bad the economy is and how the industries totally suck. Industries need to get their act together and just start making money. haha that’s kinda weird because i should be yelling at people to start buying things. Industry. Like the toilet paper industry or the music industry. Or the movie industry or the…. um…

    By Renae on 04.29.2010

  25. big, big and oh so cold.

    By jen URL on 04.29.2010

  26. blooms…the sixties dream becoming real. Tall buildings, new era, new gadgets…unending surprises in this evolutionary worlds.

    By janet URL on 04.29.2010

  27. We have a growing industry. The cows are doing just fine. They enjoy frollicking in the fields. Who knew cow-sitting would become such a popular trend?

    By Sam Young on 04.29.2010

  28. “Industry” is having to try in dust.
    You may be in the shit but keep trying, kid.

    By Rhi on 04.29.2010

  29. There are many industries in the world. And each industry makes something. That can range from cars to music.

    So if the basic definition of an industry is to make something, or a place that makes something, can two people be considered an industry, since they ‘make love’?

    By Kimberly on 04.29.2010

  30. I want to go into the games industry. Specifically as an artist but it’s hard. I have so much learning to do and there are so many talented people out there. I just don’t know where to begin.

    By Holly URL on 04.29.2010

  31. The wool industry is getting a big boost with knitting, crocheting, spinning and weaving is becoming more and more popular. Several years ago, the wool industry was at a bare minimum.

    By ko on 04.29.2010

  32. the industry of creating is not a part of our country any longer. More and more of our industrial jobs are sent over seas to foreign countries taking work away from americans. I find this to be such a travesty. Without the industrial revolution where would this country have been?

    By Melissa on 04.29.2010

  33. the ants never considered their fate. They nevcer dreamed of moving away, of pasotoral existence. They had dreams of work, of production, of serving the whole. To be industrious is to be an ant, and to be otherwise is abomination.

    By Meg Hargis on 04.29.2010

  34. The music industry is rotting. Can you honestly say that “singers” like Ke$ha are making “music”? Please do not insult music by classifying her as a musician. I am in awe that my sister is into “songs” like Tik Tok and Blah Blah Blah. Maybe all it takes nowadays is make-up and autotuning.

    By ac on 04.29.2010

  35. Morons. Idiots. Lots of money. Plastic McDonald toys in China. Lack of originality? curiousity…

    By Miriam on 04.29.2010

  36. Industry is the arch enemy of progress. To move forward we must forget the machine and give a chance for egalitarianism. I can wish.

    By Shawn Mullin URL on 04.29.2010

  37. Industries chug along,
    clunking, cranking, polluting
    our lives with mass-produced
    toys, clothes, warmth,
    and all on sale.

    By Shelby URL on 04.29.2010

  38. tall towering structures of wealth
    empowering over society and the public
    yearning for more
    wanting more
    uncalled for
    why must i be this way?
    in this collection of dust
    specks of hate.

    By nick URL on 04.30.2010