April 29th, 2010 | 280 Entries

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280 Entries for “bubbles”

  1. oh, i love bubbles. bubble bath with sweet smelling bubbles. blowing bubbles from a little bottle and watching the bubbles float up and over the roof. bubbles on a sea shore foaming with the surf. bubbles when water comes down a spout.

    By ko on 04.30.2010

  2. Her name was Bubbles. The rest of the story is NSFW.

    By John on 04.30.2010

  3. I put my granddaughter in the tub with bubbles, but when I came back to check on her, she had added more and was covered in bubbles giggling.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 04.30.2010

  4. Conrad walked into his office after the bitch of the meeting and took the tiny bottle of bubble mixture from the bottom drawer. He walked bak to the reception area and smiled at the girl who’d just asked after his state and started blowing bubbles into the center of the room.

    By T on 04.30.2010

  5. I took a bath this morning. A nice wash in the bathtub, with bubbles and the like floating to the surface. It was relaxing, to say the least. I love those moments when you sink in the bath, and let the water brush over you, and everything becomes slow and clear. And then when you get up, you feel like everything comes crashing down again.

    By Jessica on 04.30.2010

  6. in the movie finding nemo, there is a very funny fish that i forgot the name wich loves bubbles. when the aquarium gets with bubbles he screams BUBBLES BUBBLES I LOBE MY BUBBLES

    By laura on 04.30.2010

  7. Bubbles are amazing, they are so much fun when you are younger and in the bath. My mum used to get big handfuls of bubbles and pretend to sneeze so they would go everywhere. You can’t deny the fact that bubbles are still exciting today though, even as a 19 year old I couldn’t say no to them.

    By Mary Chapman on 04.30.2010

  8. i stood outside blowing bubbles with my niece lexie. it was easter and she was getting her new dress all sticky and soapy. she was too ittle to understand how to blow and make the bubble pretty, but she continued to try and was amazed everytime i produced a bunch that floated through the sky.

    By Jamie on 04.30.2010

  9. I love bubbles, I just was taught how to blow glass bubbles last night. The heat of the furnace produced bubbles (blisters) on my arm. It was worth it.

    By Hope on 04.30.2010

  10. I remember childhood and the enamored love of blowing bubbles. In the air, at a friend, toward the ground to see how fast it could pop. Catching them. In our hands, on our tongues. Tasting the bitter bubble’s last moment.

    By Catherine on 04.30.2010

  11. Bubbles. Blasen, Seifenblasen. Schillern in der Luft, im Licht des Nachmittags, des fr

    By Lisa URL on 04.30.2010

  12. there were bubbles everywhere, seventy hundred million thousand five hundred and sixty two of them. and there i was, and there you were, and it was like they surrounded us bringing us closer and closer together. i couldn’t help but think, “this is what it feels like to love you.”

    By anonymous on 04.30.2010

  13. summertime,
    dubble bubble bubble gum,
    i love bubbles,
    round and clear
    come here come here,
    floating along like a summer song,

    By Cameron Haywood on 04.30.2010

  14. Bubbles is a powerpuff girl. the blue one. she represents happiness and naive optimism. Buttercup, the green one, represents pessimism. the pink one, blossom, represents persistence and Pushing through to solve your problems.

    By Walter URL on 04.30.2010

  15. summertime,
    dubble bubble bubble gum,
    i love bubbles,
    round and clear
    come here come here,
    floating along like a summer song,

    By Cameron Haywood on 04.30.2010

  16. the bubbles in his glass made him think about the popping he heard in his own self. When she walked out of the marriage 6 months ago. It was so sudden and loud, but not really as painful as he thought it should be. He got lost in the glass

    By Edward Dust on 04.30.2010

  17. baubles of bubbles. when i gave birth to my third son, my husband had finally heard about the necessity of baubles but he’s from russia so he misunderstood and he brought bubbles to the delivery room.

    By laurie on 04.30.2010

  18. Bubbles are the one thing in this world that I despise. Except laughing. And happiness. Just look at those bubbles. Floating upwards, without a care in the world. I hate their optimism, their smug attitude towards life. I mean, why? No one gets out alive anyway.

    By creator_z on 04.30.2010

  19. Once while I was in Australia my friend started screaming in the middle of the street. “Bubble tea, bubble tea, let’s have one.” I had never heard let alone tasted one of those… and later I knew why: Jelly bubbles in some sort of extra disgustingly sweet cold tea. You’re supposed to suck them in by straw. Ew…

    By caro on 04.30.2010

  20. tiny little bubbles that float up to the ceiling. They’re watery things that go pop at anytime. They glissen and shine.

    By mattydoor on 04.30.2010

  21. The dropped and SPLAT. I love those things. For just one second they are perfect, shinny colorfull. Then like everything else they disolve into thin air… or POP it is all over. Sad Really. But Magnificant until thier demise.

    By Jessica mcGrady on 04.30.2010

  22. Bubbles floating in the air. She runs around frantically, giggling, trying to pop them. Her mom blows another batch and the breeze catches them.

    By Coreena on 04.30.2010

  23. The bubbles in the bath swirled as Chris swirled the increasingly tepid water around. The chill of winter bit at his exposed skin, and he sunk an inch deeper into the water. He did some things.

    By Mason Rothwell on 04.30.2010

  24. It

    By Tai on 04.30.2010

  25. pop pop pop they go
    simple stucture and round
    pop pop pop
    washing up liquid…
    bubbly bubbles go poppity pop

    By Jonathan Fry on 04.30.2010

  26. floating loftily like my dreams in books and at niht when i think of stars and summer breezes. i miss my friends but hope to see them later. it’s as if there’s therapy in the light from the sparkling heavens.
    Bubbles…stars, they’re the same things really.

    No you boy. Now get over here, i love you.

    By james on 04.30.2010

  27. i saw so many bubble burst infront of my eyes. i think of it everyday with it’s smell of soap and it’s see through apearance. oh bubbles how i wish i could live in you. i always dreamed of building a castle out of bubbles.

    By quan on 04.30.2010

  28. Bubbles fly through the sky, becoming nearly invisible if it weren’t for the scorching sunlight. Soon, though, the bubbles are the least of our worries.

    By Adam Yan URL on 04.30.2010

  29. yesterday there were girls in the plaza blowing bubbles. whatever, it wasn’t yesterday, it was two days ago, everyone was drunk. they were giving out free sunglasses and water bottles and vitamin water and shit like that, and everyone was like, where did the bubbles come from?! but they came out of thin air.

    By sarah URL on 04.30.2010

  30. I’m enjoying the new layout a lot. It’s a challenge to keep up with the timer now because it’s purple. I’m trying to analyze my new surroundings in 60 seconds. Typos abound!

    By r.a. on 04.30.2010

  31. Bubbles float effervescently, iridescently like Glinda’s prismatic palace. Tiny rainbows swirl on the surface, miniature whirlpools of dreams.

    By AmandaO on 04.30.2010

  32. the feeling just bubbles up, seemingly out of nowhere, then you remember that you caught a sight of someone who reminded you of the man you once knew. there they are….those old feelings surfaced once again.

    By cre8whirledpeasnow on 04.30.2010

  33. oh oh, i was looking for the word. but my mind wandered off like the tons of bubbles a child blows with a giant bublle b HA HA! cracked me up when the minute ended so not fixing the mistake.

    By seriously anonymous onthisone on 04.30.2010

  34. I like blowing bubbles and trying to pop them… I watch the bubbles float in the air so sweetly. bubbles are so much fun

    By Melody on 04.30.2010

  35. Blowing bubbles with my kids. Champagne. MMM..yummy….bubble baths….calgon take me away….candlelight, glass of wine, soft music…and BUBBLES!! Yeah!! Heaven. I love bubbles…they take you away…far far away….calm…peaceful….bubbles….similar to clouds….ahhh…..drifting….far….far…away….

    By angie on 04.30.2010

  36. Her laugh rose up and out of her throat, iridescent, incandescent, a soap bubble caught shimmering in the breeze. She was as surprised as he was to see it floating so carelessly in the air.

    She had the strangest feeling that if she pressed the moment too hard, it would burst; so she let it glimmer, and gleam, and drift recklessly off into the bright silent air.

    By Anna URL on 04.30.2010

  37. pop. everything vanishes as soon as you are near enough to touch it. an unfinished dream.

    By marina on 04.30.2010

  38. Do you remember watching the PowerPuff girls? I used to love that show. My sister was always Bubbles, I was the Green one, and the other sister was the other one (what color was she anyways?) Yeah, we were dorks….

    By Camille URL on 05.01.2010

  39. round, shining, blue, blonde
    pink, dancing, on the stage
    at a piano
    just you and me
    you blow those bubbles
    my heart set free
    please make this last forever
    please let me be with you
    please let me see your face
    please know you’re my world
    i know we’re your world too
    and we’re here
    i’m here
    but you’re there
    away from here
    in reality
    there’s a barrier

    By nick URL on 05.01.2010

  40. They’re colorful, beautiful, with the bouncing light that refracts off of everything, and contained in their own space. The girl in the yellow dress blows bubbles. She laughs and she takes a deep breath and she sets free another one, another one to find its way in the world. And she swings and learns that letting go doesn’t have to be painful.

    By sylver on 05.01.2010