April 27th, 2010 | 255 Entries

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255 Entries for “dolls”

  1. I was never one to play with dolls. I played with what I called a “fonnendloadah,” otherwise known as a “Front End Loader,” a piece of heavey construction equipment used to move large quanties of dirt, garbage etc.

    By Jayca on 04.28.2010

  2. I collected dolls as a child, but as I grew older I wanted to be one. So, I took my interest and turned it into something more tangible. I sewed my own clothes including all the frills and lace I loved as a little girl and wore them whenever I went out.

    By Mandy on 04.28.2010

  3. I kinda think dolls are creepy… They always stare at you with lifeless and all too life-like eyes. They look real but lack the energy a real person has, and are just too easy to imagine in a horror movie setting. So, yeah.. not a big fan of dolls. Polly pocket is okay though!

    By Amanda URL on 04.28.2010

  4. i used to play with dolls when i was little i had so many of them they were my babies and i was thier mommy and now im older and my little sister plays with my dolls looking at her doing the same thing i did makes me think how dolls are universal

    By Kassy on 04.28.2010

  5. The dolls sat on a top shelf covered in dust. Their unblinking blue eyes stared out blankly at all who passed below. Cold lumps of hatred were left to solidify in their plastic bodies

    By Willow Goodman on 04.28.2010

  6. Sure he played with dolls as a child. That didn’t mean he was girly – at least in his opinion.

    But when the neighborhood bully found out, the teasing was relentless. Until that afternoon when he slugged the bully in the face with a piece of cinderblock.

    Then, after prison, nobody teased him again.

    By Jimi X on 04.28.2010

  7. dolls

    By wer on 04.28.2010

  8. Dolls, pretty little dolls with little hands, little feet, big smiles and tiny dreams.

    By beth on 04.28.2010

  9. fun to play with. remind me of childhoods. destroyed by the boys and worshipped by the girls. little girls take them and act as if they are their daughters. it makes them feel mature – the idea of being responsible for another “human being”.

    By marissa on 04.28.2010

  10. I don’t like dolls. They creep me out, actually. They remind me of girls, and even though I am a girl I hated them. This really isn’t a good word to give me, it makes me angry. Dolls. Yuck. That’s all I think.

    I’m sorry.

    By Ollie on 04.28.2010

  11. It’s the ins and out of every little girls nature.
    Sometimes it’s a satire and sometimes it’s not fake.
    Oh well. Sometimes we’re just pleased at a false reality.

    By justin dotson URL on 04.28.2010

  12. Dolls don’t know what they’re missing and what they’re not. A soul, for instance on the downside—pain on the upside.

    By oneword URL on 04.28.2010

  13. Dolls are not what they are cracked up to be. Perfect in every way. The Barbie doll has sone lots of damage to a young girls self esteem. The best are baby dolls that blink their eyes,

    By Klea Gallegos URL on 04.28.2010

  14. Dolls are sometimes creepy little fake people that stare into your souls. Although there are rag dolls and cloth dolls, the most famous doll is probably the Barbie Doll. Although Barbie may be made out plastic (which is fantastic), this has not stopped her from being part of one of the most revolting things on the planet: Doll Cakes.

    By Masoniator URL on 04.28.2010

  15. in a row, made up and pretty
    orange blondes, brunettes and luxuries
    pink dresses, yelow tee
    how they strive to be like them
    yet they’re not real
    they never will
    their wigs and tans and plastic fangs

    By nick URL on 04.29.2010