December 11th, 2010 | 222 Entries

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222 Entries for “possibility”

  1. There was a possibility that the car would start. That no one would discover that he was stuck in the middle of the woods with a racing heartbeat and shaking hands. He was supposed to know how to jump-start these things, wasn’t that his job? He was supposed to be able to make things work, find a solution, invent an escape. In his first assignment, he was supposed to succeed.

    By cmsiena URL on 12.12.2010

  2. There’s a possibility that I may or may not finish my English project by the end of the day. My priorities aren’t straight, I know this, but someday I’ll figure out how to get things straight.

    By Crystal URL on 12.12.2010

  3. all you can do the things everyone has the different choices everyone makes like when I wanted cheese at the shop but didn’t have enough money to buy that AND bread so I just bought one but it was nice to know I had the possibility to do that anyway.

    By Caroline on 12.12.2010

  4. A possibility is a hope. Is a maybe. So when I think about a possibility, I think of it as a reality just so I can think of everything else that involves this possibility. We all think of weird possibilities sometimes, don’t we?

    By Lucas URL on 12.12.2010

  5. Nothing is impossible there is always possibility my house could be bombed right now the stove could explode never safe. I can be anything i want to be.

    By Livy on 12.12.2010

  6. posibilidades hay infinitas, anchas, angostas, cuadradas y circulares, blancas, negras, amarillas o azules, o grises.

    By gfds on 12.12.2010

  7. Possibility is what keeps you going when things don’t turn out how you plan. The possibility that next time will be better. I guess that’s really just a definition of hope. The belief that better things are possible.

    By Mike the Magic Squid URL on 12.12.2010

  8. There is a possibility that i just might like you. And i thought about this a while ago, over the summer. but i never pursued it because you started dating that other girl. but i still haven’t decided if i like you or if you’re just one of the best friends I’ve ever had. i trust you completely.

    By Marie URL on 12.12.2010

  9. the world is full of so much potential, things to do
    or people to become
    people to meet
    so much possibility
    and yet we just focus on the negatives, most of the time. I don’t really understand it
    it’s like focusing on the death of Jesus at Easter
    when really, why don’t we celebrate the life?
    Celebrate possibilities
    don’t mourn them

    By Anna~ on 12.12.2010

  10. I didn’t want to, but I had to admit the possibility. We were…intimate. And the kid clearly looked like me, especially when there was a full moon. And she never even bothered to tell me, at least not until his puberty when she could no longer control the werewolf within him.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 12.12.2010

  11. What’s the possibility that I might actually be happy at the end of my life?

    By Ingrid URL on 12.12.2010

  12. There’s a possibility we could get to space. Imagination could be our last frontier, and even beyond that we shall expect encounter with our fears.

    By Javier Tacea on 12.12.2010

  13. a possibility is whatever you make it.
    there can be none of them. up to you.
    there can be thousands of them. still up to you.
    there is no fate.things dont happen on their own.
    get up and do something.
    create the possibilities. you choose.

    By renata URL on 12.12.2010

  14. So endless are the possibilities we have. Yet, non e of us seem to recognize them. THey are at first seen as dilemas, problems, and issues. None of us recognize that this issue leads to the future. Endless future, endless possibility.

    By Jenna Miller on 12.12.2010

  15. There are so many possibilities to be extraordinary. Why not put yourself out there and try to become the best person you can see. Anything is possible.

    By Juliet Shatkin on 12.12.2010

  16. The possibility was there, I knew that much. I just didn’t think it would actually happen. Maybe I had my low self esteem to blame, but he was so beautiful and I was so average. I put everything into that one possibility, all I could give into something that only could have happened. And when it did, I realized I put in too much, and I ended up ruining what I could have been.

    By Savannah on 12.12.2010

  17. anything can and will be happen so open your expectaion

    By reer on 12.12.2010

  18. Something that can happen, it may or may not happen. Possibility is similar to hope. Its what keeps us going. Its why people get depressed once they enter the “real world” and why we always can keep our heads up when we’re in school. Its a good word. It keeps us wishing and hoping.

    By Pete on 12.12.2010

  19. this means what is the chance of something. something to happen or some things chance to happen:D whatever dunno what to write about it.

    By kirke on 12.12.2010

  20. strenght to success, trying to fullfil your goals, maybe yes maybe not but keep trying there is a possibility don’t stop trying you worth it believe in yourself just do it only for you and you will

    By aria on 12.12.2010

  21. there’s always a possibility

    By kaitlyn URL on 12.12.2010

  22. Wenn es möglich wäre, dann würde ich fliegen. Einfach so, die Arme ausbreiten. Hilfsmittel mag ich nicht so. Ich will nicht mit einem LKW anreisen müssen, um das ganze Equipment heranzukarren, dann auf günstigen Wind warten, ein ganzes Team von Technikern organisieren und so weiter und so fort. Ich will fliegen, nur mit meinen Armen.

    By Eli URL on 12.12.2010