October 18th, 2018 | 19 Entries

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19 Entries for “illuminated”

  1. Then pain illuminated his mind with a sudden, bright white light, burning out everything else from his consciousness. Nothing existed, only pain. Soon, he didn’t exist either. And so the pain has ceased.

    By cup URL on 10.19.2018

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  4. Yoga illuminated her thought.
    It was a respite from all the “go go go” constant “gotta check off my to do list” busy-ness of life.
    She could be in stillness & reconnect with her thoughts and feelings.
    THIS is who I am – she thought….

    By chantemcb URL on 10.19.2018

  5. The neon sign’s harsh rose light flared in flickers across the cobbled streets. The candy-colored illumination flickered off the wet storefronts, catching glints on the windows, and silhouetting a lone figure in a long black cloak against the dimly lit city, lit up for the night.

    By Sparklespirit on 10.19.2018

  6. I’ve put down the anguish and personal romanticization of the pain and its manifestations, and sit illuminated, again, feeling the push of the polar currents through me, but to feel, slow and steady, a self love lights up like flicking strands of strings, decrepit and loose, but apparently still there. Like you, oneword, thank you for being here. and all of you, for keeping this going, illuminating tiny fractals all around me.

    By smurfstoestar on 10.19.2018

  7. Illuminated

    Everything is Illuminated was not one of my favorite books, though my dad loves the movie version (big surprise.) In my current story, the moon has a special kind of illumination for this character. It shines in a mysterious way, which she thinks is called “moonshine.” That could also be called, “illumination.” Illuminating ideas was always boring to me, like something someone who was very up on themselves would do. “Professor, why don’t you illuminate this theory for us.” Like they’re a lamp and everyone else lives in the shadows? It’s barbaric in its implications or connotations or whatever. However, when my skin looks luminous, it means I must be truly satisfied and happy.

    By URL on 10.19.2018

  8. Crystals…the eerie display it makes when it just illuminates under the full moon. What a sight!

    By JustSimplyMe on 10.19.2018

  9. I’ve never realized just how much one light can be so good at its job. I’ve seen rooms illuminated before, but never with such a potent amber glow like this one. I stand in the middle of the room, and my shadow lounges on the trodden carpet, basking in what is almost a miniature, personal sun, cupped in both hands before being transferred into a jar.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.19.2018

  10. The paper lanterns glowed as it hung above the crowed streets. Children and adults alike busted through the market, taking quick looks at the objects up for sale. The people’s smiling faces were illuminated with the light of joy, of happiness.

    Quick witted merchants called out prices and details of the things up for sale.

    Glee radiated through the square. Mariana couldn’t feel it.

    By Mikayla Pressley on 10.19.2018

  11. The sun glows from behind you, gleaming off your long blond hair like it is liquid gold. You turn, sun-softened and beautiful, and I can’t believe you are mine. The translucent colors glow and the dust settles, the church silent except for the quiet hum of the organ. You take my hand and we turn forward, together at last and forever.

    By Sparklespirit on 10.19.2018

  12. The sun shone across the meadow, illuminating every little flower and piece of grass like a glorious burst of color and joy.

    By Emma Reed on 10.19.2018

  13. Under the water, a faint glow. Some knd of luminescent jellyfish? What’s that shape, between the swarm, so large… No!

    By and& URL on 10.19.2018

  14. She waited until the lights flickered on, and once they had she took a cautious step forward. Nothing moved. Okay. Good start. She shook her head to herself and tried to get her grip back. This was silly.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.19.2018

  15. bright lights shining lighting up faces, arms, skin.
    the mind – deep thoughts filled with ah-ha moments bursting to share
    Hearts, glowing on skin, a type of radiance.

    By Katie on 10.19.2018

  16. when we see
    for what it is-
    loyalists lying
    to themselves
    and everyone
    asleep to wars
    worlds away
    weeping widows
    wait for words
    of hope

    the illuminated veil

    By katiekieran URL on 10.19.2018

  17. Resistance against my lips: the contact of solid on solid. Temptation isn’t in the fruit or in the knowledge. It’s in the look. The present tense glints within the eyes. Hiss, hiss, slither, slither. Come hither. Illuminated across your thighs a sliver of the moon on high. Warmest sighs. Shiver, shiver, never leave my side for I am yours tonight, as always, forever. I am the young and old bride by the fireside.

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