October 16th, 2018 | 28 Entries

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28 Entries for “offer”

  1. It was sweet of her to offer all of this food. She is a generous person.

    By Haneenx12 on 10.17.2018

  2. I often wonder what it is that I have to offer to this world? And often only one answer stands out-my writing. My creativity is the only single thing that I possess. And therefore, I can offer it to the world. My view- the way I perceive things. I can stand back and look at my own life and the ones surrounding me only when I sit down to write. That’s the gift I possess. That’s the gift I want to enhance. And that’s the gift I want to entertain people with. Writing is a channel for letting go of one’s sorrows and welcome peace and lasting happiness.

    By shalini on 10.17.2018

  3. I hadn’t accepted his offer. I knew it came with strings he wasn’t going to tell me about until the end. I normally don’t mind his strings, but something about the glint in his eye, the tilt of his head, and the blood on his suit told me I might not like these strings. And I don’t like to take those kind of chances.

    By Abby Jelly on 10.17.2018

  4. i suggested an offer my love against yours but you didnt take it i guess you think i could return yours while it was whole different i would have given you 10 times your love back

    By wolf-ey on 10.17.2018

  5. I knew he wanted to buy the house, but I wasn’t ready to make an offer yet. I wasn’t ready to give up the one place where I had felt safe for over seventeen years. It was amazing that I even had been able to afford the two-story abode, and I had lived in it alone the entire time. I felt like no one else deserved to take up that space.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.17.2018

  6. I am a man in control.
    Witness me drive and drive and drive and drive – that was until she pulled up on a motorbike and with one look made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: a smirk. Lips quirk. At the next stop light I got out and hopped up behind her. Then lit my hair on fire and said, “Let’s ride.”

    By Driver URL on 10.17.2018

  7. FILL In The blank!
    He offered to give me (a) ______ . But I declined Because I did not need (a) ______ .
    Who needs (a) ______ . Well I guess some people need (a) ______ . But when I got hope someone offered me (a) _____. Should I take it after all the other guy was a stranger?

    Hi, If you like this fill in the blank. Write and fill in the blanks!


    By Someone Unknown to You on 10.17.2018

  8. Like this,
    FILL In The blank!
    He offered to give me (a) Sheep . But I declined Because I did not need (a) Sheep .
    Who needs (a) Sheep . Well I guess some people need (a) Sheep . But when I got hope someone offered me (a) Cow. Should I take it after all the other guy was a stranger?


    By Someone Unknown to You on 10.17.2018

  9. It was simple. Get the diamond, and get out. There was fifty grand on the line for this job. Zoe would be able to get out the town her father had left for dead. She was running out of time. The jewel was directly below her. Just do it, she told herself. She jumped.

    By Marissa on 10.17.2018

  10. Offer is a word used to help, exchange, or buy something, for example he offered help across the street, he offered his apple for her orange, finally he offered cash for a doll.

    By Nate on 10.17.2018

  11. isnt this the same word it gave me lsat time i tuped this. Its hard to see if it works if they always use teh same word over and over again, next time i want to see if it gives me a different word so

    By tate on 10.17.2018

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  14. He offered her his life for one kiss. She scoffed, “That’s ridiculous. What would I do with your life? My own is hard enough to live.” He laughed, “I can see already you’re going to be a real problem. I was using a metaphor.” She said, “I don’t believe in metaphors. I take everything quite literally. How would you like me to kill you once I kiss you?” He said, “You know, I’m going to rescind my offer.”

    By Joanna Bressler on 10.17.2018

  15. ´Joking is not an offer, but at least it is something that must be worth the sense´, said the writer.

    ´´ I make the speech , but i cannot make the real duty bound for making it out´, replied the confusion.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.18.2018

  16. I’m not even involved in where the mind fissures. It splinters into realities it desires to see outcomes of. Wants so desperately to be living in. But instead, it offers boundaries and in its stead fucks my current reality and manipulates and hurts the lives of others. And if it offers dissociation, confusion; you are still the perpetrator. Take the decades of torment, the tragedy of not knowing love and stuff the beauty of those who will have to be left behind, that have witnessed too much of the ripe old pain that can not be outrun.

    By smurfstoestar on 10.18.2018

  17. The offer for the cake was good but not great plus they were sold out on vanilla cake.

    By Someone Unknown to you on 10.18.2018

  18. The little girl’s brow was furrowed. Her arm shot forward. A little fist. I looked at her in consternation. The fist opened, like a flower. A pine nut.

    By and& on 10.18.2018

  19. today i will offer my gramma some money for her lunch and food

    By Amanda Schriml on 10.18.2018

  20. I offer my hand. Only a small upturned palm, bent, scarred fingers, but it is all I have. A golden ring sits heavy, dragging down my palm, held out as if it is my whole world. It’s not.

    You are.

    By Sparklespirit on 10.18.2018

  21. what else do you have to offer
    a mindless word or two in conversation
    about simplicity vocations
    i need a vacation
    away from the realization
    civilization is masturbation
    flaunting timeless cliches about
    political indoctrination

    By matt m on 10.18.2018

  22. Offer is a word used to ask another person for an exchange, pay money, or help.

    By Nate on 10.18.2018

  23. I reached out my hand to her. She didn’t look at me. She wouldn’t look at me. I lamely pulled it back, flexing my fingers. Okay. We sat in silence for far too long. It was torture.

    By Bridget Grace on 10.18.2018

  24. I offered you something. A paragraph about offers. It’s about something you intend to give someone. Either in exchange for something or just for leverage.

    By Billy Francis Angelina on 10.18.2018

  25. “May i see that?” Gravely asked as she grabbed for the bottle.
    “No, but i Can give you this instead” He offered, holding out a different bottle and shoving it into her awaiting hands

    By faith on 10.18.2018

  26. She offered him the best of herself…and he rebuffed her.
    He didn’t explain why – kept it light, kept if “friend” ly
    She died a thousand deaths

    By chantemcb on 10.18.2018

  27. I made an offer to you today. I wasn’t sure if you would accept it. It wasn’t just an offer to you, it was for me as well. I hope we can both regain what we may have lost.

    By Kai Prince on 10.18.2018

  28. I’ve had several offers. Mostof them bad. I’ve been putting off the choice. Maybe if I hold out long enough, the offers will stop coming in. Maybe a good one will come in. Not likely though.

    Most likely I’l have to avoid the offers as long as i can. Disguising myself in variuous personalities so they can’t locate me.

    By Mark Laramee on 10.18.2018