July 24th, 2011 | 434 Entries

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434 Entries for “ill”

  1. She said my
    homecooked meal
    made her feel ill

    too spicy too much
    garlic too many

    too darn picky
    I say.

    Would you rather
    be hungry? Have
    you ever been
    truly hungry?

    By Dina Spice URL on 07.25.2011

  2. My grandma was ill for a long time. That was a rough period in my life. Now my dogs are both ill and I am not there. This is also hard. I do not know what it will be like when I return. My mother is telling me that I am ill too often. I guess she is right and I should take more vitamins. Illness…what do I even know, think of everyone around the world who really knows the meaning of ill. I don’t think I can even understand the word ill.

    By Brandy on 07.25.2011

  3. I feel ill when not sure of what will take place next… but I suppose most people do… what would we feel like if the future was really known? As for the word ill – I don’t really care for it.. it brings about its own demise for sure. I hope this is what is needed.. feel ill waiting…..

    By Helen on 07.25.2011

  4. Three cloaked figures quietly opened the door to a large hangar. As one of the cloaked figures switched on the hangar lights they were surprised to find a large number of soldiers pointing their rifles at them. “Outstanding work agent Novak ” a commanding officer said as they walked out of the crowd of soldiers. The middle figure quickly stepped foward as he pulled out two pistols. “Arrest them ” the officer ordered as some soldiers walked up handcuffing the other cloaked men. As the other soldiers prepared their gear for packing agent Nova and Captain Roswell explored the rest of the hangar. While walking into a dark room with some soldiers they flicked the switch on as the room light up, revealing a large sleek black Airbus. “What the hell ” Roswell said as the group split up checking out the plane.

    By Allen Hawk on 07.25.2011

  5. The illest thought that i could ever possibly think of, was the thought of actually being ill. I couldn’t imagine having a disease that was so life threatening, that every day, i wouldn’t know if it was my last. I wouldn’t know when or even where my passing was so destined to occur, or who was going to be there for me to say the last dying breathe out to. It scares me to think that one day, we’ll all be ill. Ill enough to die…

    By volleygirl17 URL on 07.25.2011

  6. ill what does it mean that somedody is sick or thats something you dont like I really dont know how to describe it I am trying to think of something to wirite about if you put another letter in fornt of it you can make several words

    By Iris Ellis on 07.25.2011

  7. this is something to affect everything, being ill is normal and will face almost everyone at somepoint but looking deeper illness can end in death this is a strange consequence, what could you possibly know about the consequence of being seriously ill?

    By kay on 07.25.2011

  8. i’ll go and buy something that makes me really happy because i need to feel like i look okay to make people happy. i don’t know why, but i always have the urge to please people because that is the only way i know in this life that I matter. that sounds so stupid, but i need to feel loved and appreciated at all times otherwise i feel useless. and i don’t know what to do after that.
    i’ll leave in less than two days to go and visit my first colleges, how crazy is that? it seems like just yesterday i was sitting here hoping and wishing and dreaming i could just drive and now in less than a year i am going off to college. what am i going to do with my life? the biggest fear i have is not going anywhere or having a purpose in my life.

    By Arianna on 07.25.2011

  9. My uncle was ill, but many people come to a point in their lives when they fall into illness. Physical or Mental.

    By Rori URL on 07.25.2011

  10. awesome. Sick. Tony Hawk. CHuck norris. Street art. Meat Pies. sick in bed. jkyhefsjaddjkhjk n

    By Mar Moguel on 07.25.2011

  11. Ill is what I am
    Fever building up inside
    Ill is what I’d like to be
    Bugs in my head, feels good after all
    Ill is the new sane
    I never want to be the same

    By jonas on 07.25.2011

  12. i feel ill. there’s no one to will this ill on me, but i feel it none the less. the less there is, the less there will be. the less there can be, this less there will. who knew? who cares? there is an ill pill someone inside my will, and to whomever finds it, they will know my fill. will it be bill? nah, he works at the mill. what a pill.

    By joe black on 07.25.2011

  13. I’ve been sick longer than I can remember. I’m sick of my back pain, but I know that I will find something to get rid of the majority of it. Wen that day comes I will be the happiest person ever!

    By Jon Gaub URL on 07.25.2011

  14. My elbow hit the chair. My head started pounding, My hands started sweating.
    I lost my vision. I fainted.
    I wasn’t exactly sure what all had happened that day, but as the day continued, I put the pieces together and formed the story in my head of what had actually happened in class that day and it had more to do with just hitting my elbow on the chair.

    By Emily URL on 07.25.2011

  15. Damien was beginning to feel a bit ill at the sight of Ivan entering the kitchen and beginning to search the cabinets as well, as one would if they didn’t notice that they weren’t alone. Damien took a long moment before loudly clearing his throat and making Ivan notice that he was there.

    By Kelly URL on 07.25.2011

  16. it’s sick, horrible., sometimes used as to mean somthiing good, in the slang world,

    By samantha on 07.25.2011

  17. Ill. illness. illy dilly pilly illness.

    Yup, it struck again. There’s no denying it. She’s practically yellow.
    Crispy dry skin. Dry mouth. Sticky hands.

    and the stench…

    By clarekins URL on 07.25.2011

  18. These past few days I have been feeling very ill. Very, very emotionally ill because every time I think about her I feel sick to my stomach with the pain of longing and need. Every time I see her I get these pains in my chest and I just know it’s her fault, that bitch! There’s nothing to do now except cry and feel sick and feel sorry for myself.

    By Kaitlin URL on 07.25.2011

  19. what is up with this word? It is so short and yet could ruin someones life….

    By Caroline on 07.25.2011

  20. i feel sick. i dont know why but i think im dying. it must be something in the air or maybe its just me. the world is closing in like a missile and im about to be hit. Somewhere i know there is beauty but as of right now beauty cannot be found. It is missing

    By Louis URL on 07.25.2011

  21. Why is it that the first word i keep getting is ill. i wanted to see what other words there would be, but ill keeps appearing. What do i think of when i see the word ill? i think of all the times i feel sick, achy, unable to get up or do anything, not wanting to think.

    By doonies on 07.25.2011

  22. i fell ill nearly constantly when I was abroad. even today, I have a jackie kennedy-esque rasp, and people who didn’t know me six months ago are surprised to hear this isn’t my normal pitch. “It’s sexy,” say some people, and others just laugh in surprise. It garnered compliments in England, although my personal opinion is that since most of the unsolicited ones were from hookups, it was mostly just a ploy to get in my pants.

    By acmarkel on 07.25.2011

  23. i fell ill nearly constantly when I was abroad. even today, I have a jackie kennedy-esque rasp, and people who didn’t know me six months ago are surprised to hear this isn’t my normal pitch. “It’s sexy,” say some people, and others just laugh in surprise. It garnered compliments in England, although my personal opinion is that since most of the unsolicited ones were from hookups, it was mostly just a ploy to get in my pants.

    Even today, i still recognize that my voice retains the husky rasp I picked up in england. The only time I really mind is when we go out, and a husky rasp suddenly becomes a struggle to so much as speak, much less to make myself heard over a thrumming bass or shitty lyrics.

    By alex m URL on 07.25.2011

  24. Just looking at that envelope makes me ill. I know what it ia about. What in the world will I do? I can’t tell anyone yet. Nobody would believe me anyway. I wonder how long it will take before everyone finds out. My palms are so sweaty. The butterflies in my stomach have multiplied ten thousand times.

    By Barbara URL on 07.25.2011

  25. my daughter, I’m worried about her. She’s not well, it breaks my heart to see her this way.

    By Erika on 07.25.2011

  26. ill
    like sick
    or cool
    ill will
    what is your will
    what you do
    ill will
    bad things you do
    but don’t hide
    only until you’ve had your fill

    By Thomas DeFeo on 07.25.2011

  27. A bump along the porcelain chateau of life.

    By mangar24 on 07.25.2011

  28. ill. Everyone’s always ill, of some sort. Ill of mind, ill of body or just ill thoughts clouding everyday life. I can’t say I’m all that ill, in comparison to some people. Or perhaps I am. Who knows? Maybe that’s an illness in itself

    By Ellie on 07.25.2011

  29. The barbarity of his actions were evident. As the sweat drenched down his face, and his clammy hands reached for my neck, I realized how ill he made me. Their intestines lined the tarmac. He had done this, and he had taken pleasure in it. Now that I faced the man responsible, my head spun.

    By Mandy on 07.25.2011

  30. ill
    like sick
    or cool
    ill will
    want to do bad
    just dont spill
    please wait until
    time stops
    and we move forward

    By Thomas DeFeo on 07.25.2011

  31. ill
    why ill
    is everything bad?
    it cant be
    all is not ill
    all is well
    do what you will
    but be not ill

    By Thomas on 07.25.2011

  32. My brain. My everything. My mind. My life. Me. The other me. Everything I have ever known. Every part of my body.

    By None. on 07.25.2011

  33. sick, hurt, pain. never knowing when it will stop. the time will go by slowly and you will wonder what will happen in the next minute, the next hour, the next day.. will it stop hurting? or will it go on and on in more agonizing pain, sure.. maybe you have ice cream or tiny pills that help a little bit but the virus is still in your body and it isn’t going away so easily.. it takes time. too much time. minutes, hours, days tick away, pass you by.. and you can do nothing about it as you lay in bed or on the couch or on the floor. moaning away. pain. hurt. losing sensations and gaining terrible ones. to be ill..

    By Veronica on 07.25.2011

  34. I wake up from the hazy darkness covered in blood, oh god I think, what have I done? did I remember to take my pills?

    By Lord Tuna Burger on 07.25.2011