July 24th, 2011 | 434 Entries

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434 Entries for “ill”

  1. sickly
    bed rest

    By Kate M. URL on 07.25.2011

  2. A pale green, a drop of blood, things that seem smaller then they should; all of these things can cause me to become ill. The doctors are unsure of what to call my condition. Some call it a disorder, I call it normal. Theres no way to telling how many things can set me off. All I can do is hope for the best.

    By Craig URL on 07.25.2011

  3. Ill at ease. Is shyness a sickness. Is worry and fear an illness. Is being scared so much that that you pee your pants .

    By Chris G on 07.25.2011

  4. Everyone is ill. Not ill in a good way. illl as in actually ill. No one is in the hospital for being ill though, at the moment. That is a good sign. I am sick of everyone being illl. I think they must think it is a family trait.

    By Amy URL on 07.25.2011

  5. I don’t like being ill. Because, I feel bad when I’m ill. I was ill last week and I took some medicine. The doctor said that I have to take some medicine. By the way, I hate medicine.

    By Nazan Tarım on 07.25.2011

  6. The stack of pancakes and the red bull she consumed for breakfast worked against her, creating pricks of pain where the dull comfort of fullness was supposed to be. Her textbook lay unused on her bedside stand, but nothing, not even the fear of failing the class, could make her reach for it again.

    By Anya Marina URL on 07.25.2011

  7. to be ill is to be sick. being sick sometimes has advantages. like losing those last 5 pounds. the unfortunate part is that no one wants to be around you. you are sweating and sinking lower and lower into your bed. all you want is someone to hold you. not your mom or your dad. but someone else. someone who means something. when you are sick you find out who really cares.

    By julia on 07.25.2011

  8. I was ill yesterday

    By Nazan Tarım on 07.25.2011

  9. not anymore. can be good in hip hop lingo. is something noone should fall. but you get stronger at the end, hopefully. add a w and it is will.

    By johanna posselt-walsh on 07.25.2011

  10. I’m always ill. Is it because I work too much? Life is too fast. Everything used to be so much slower. Old people aren’t slow, we’re just burning out.

    By stevelw on 07.25.2011

  11. I need another word. I’m bored with this one.

    By nazan URL on 07.25.2011

  12. Unhealthy and ill, looking peaky, unhappy days. Puffy cheeks, winter, snowflakes and wrapping up warm. Hot chicken soup, bean soup, snow and running around in the snow. Happiness and unhappiness, red cheeks, swollen glands, bed time, lights.

    By Saskia on 07.25.2011

  13. looks like when I try to text I’ll
    ill – sad
    ill- Beastie Boy Licence
    not used so much anymore –
    sick – is sick –
    ill – is something you read in books set in the past

    By katrin on 07.25.2011

  14. The attic is dark. I can’t see my dying mother lying on her twin bed. I reach out to hold her hand. There is no hand. Instead there is a lizard finger. A large lizard finger. On a key chain.

    By quantumachine URL on 07.25.2011

  15. I have never felt so sick in my entire life. My world is tumbling around me I think I’ve toppled over,. He wouldn’t understand. He never will. I don’t know if I can see. Is the baby okay? Is there a baby at all? Was it all imagined? I don’t know. I think I know.

    By Seanna URL on 07.25.2011

  16. website.

    By AK on 07.25.2011

  17. Word, y’all. I got some dope chips here. So dope. They taste like, what’sit, mustard that’s honey. Honey mustard, on a chip. Fuckin’ fly as shit.

    My little sis likes ketchup chips. Unbelievable some people’s motherfuckin’ taste, hear me?

    By Josef A URL on 07.25.2011

  18. mad not happy crazy work mad sick crazy awesome people can be ill a lot my mom gets ill at me all the time. i hate when people get ill with me at work thoguh because then they just cause problems people say stuff is ill when things are ocol and they like them and i think this is pretty ill because i kinda like it :) Dang 60 seconds to write about the work ill is going pretty well though. I kinda like this whole webisite thing. ill not happy mad i get ill a lot. especially at work. people are jsut so aggravating that it jsut happens. illl mad il ill ill ill ill

    By Taylor on 07.25.2011

  19. John cringed as he came out of his high, the sight of the marks across David’s back nearly making him ill. A small heaving noise escaped his throat, and David, alert to everything, quickly picked himself up off the bed and crawled up to hold John tightly with soft reassurances.

    By floppybelly URL on 07.25.2011

  20. For 5 years my mother has been ill. It all started on one rainy day when she had a mild cold. But the “cold” lasted days upon days. After a week we took to the doctor and she had cancer.

    By Sarah on 07.25.2011

  21. sick hospital death dying bad flu sickness pain cough sneeze die nasty snot mucus tumor deathbed

    By Liam on 07.25.2011

  22. The drapes were pulled and there was a mortuary darkness to the room, lit up only by a small candle on a bedside table. As she drew near, Anne saw for the first time jus how much of a toll the illness had taken over her only living relative.
    Her aunt’s skin was pale white, her cheeks sunken so much that the outline of her skull was quite visible. Her hair had greyed prematurely and it hung in limp strand around her face and her breathing was faint. She would not live out the winter.
    “Aunt Louise?” she whispered. “It’s me, Anne.”

    By B.AM URL on 07.25.2011

  23. im iller than most diseases,
    and sicker than cough and sneezes,
    sicknificant, promises of curin your need for an emcee,
    i jock strap my balls wit my right hand, spit on my left,
    you can get cross faced, or jabbed, stiffin ya neck,
    i dnt needa fight, i punk niggas,
    im deebo, terrorizin the neighborhoods of u punk niggas,
    i can embide my image in the minds of most women,
    i penetrate, notta lick a haste, then i lick nd taste,
    bruisin the thighs of those bitches

    By sicknificant URL on 07.25.2011

  24. it was silly, the whole thing, thinking she was ill taking a pill off the sill at lil’s just because bob was there drinking his fill and looking at lil in quite that way that made her ill

    By judigoldberg URL on 07.25.2011

  25. cough, cough, splutter
    illness is infectious
    you may not catch his illness, but
    you’ll certainly see him suffer

    By Rebecca on 07.25.2011

  26. Ill children in africa on the televisioin kind of have no affect on me anymore. The lady always trys to make you feel like shit so that you can pay her. But why is she even relevant? Why do you have to put them in the middle of my television programs instead of me just doing it out of the kindness of my heart? tell me that.

    By morgan on 07.25.2011

  27. my niece died when she was 25, she had cancer, a brain tumour. It’s hard now to think of the world going on without her. Lots of people die from cancer, lots of people lose someone they love but the experience of death and loss is unique and individual to each person

    By sue on 07.25.2011

  28. As valley rolls to hill rolls to mountain,
    My green land fades.
    The whisper, our whisper of the evening
    Of our days,
    Fills my ear,
    Like water in a well.

    My green land fades
    I am ill
    My valley rolls to hill, rolls to mountain,
    Rolls to sky
    And away on our whisper I am carried

    By Geejay URL on 07.25.2011

  29. I know many people that are sick. Their bodies are sick. I would rather die with bad health than an ill mind. If your mind is ill, you have nothing. Nothing, because your mind is the foundation of everything you’ll ever do. It is sad when a friend or family dies from bodily dysfunction, but often times, they die with mental clarity, as apposed to dying without any knowledge of the world.

    By Brigitte on 07.25.2011

  30. Ill. Sickness. Sorrow. The word ill brings to me bad memories and sadness. It makes me think of darkness and a candle as hope.

    By Shreya URL on 07.25.2011

  31. getting sick is a terrible thing particualrly when it actually means to be ‘cool’ like they use in a great deal of North London slang. When you’re ill you have to go the hospital, not a pleasant experience particualrly when you need to get an appointment and you don’t know you’re going to be ill before it happens do you so you don’t know to book it do you?

    By alex on 07.25.2011

  32. Stomach churning … heart burning … chest aching … why does love make me feel that way? How ill I feel … and yet the delirium of my emotions tides me over through another day.

    By Jeran on 07.25.2011

  33. Ill Ill Ill. It makes me ill to know some kill. people, animals, and plants. I can’t believe the things I see when I open up news print. It makes me ill to makes me ill to see. what a shame.

    By Nikki Voltaic URL on 07.25.2011

  34. I am sick. I’m in a hospital and it sucks. there’s no color and I feel like this place is killing me more than the disease. But there’s a nice girl in the room next door. Her name is Jill. She made me a picture, you know. It is a red flower. I hung it up next to the EKG. I really hate that thing. Always beeping at me.

    By Jesse Schmitt on 07.25.2011

  35. I hate this word. I never want to be ‘ill’. Mentally and physically. Strength: filled in every pore of my body. Let me see how they manage to come near my vicinity.

    By suriti URL on 07.25.2011

  36. energy disappeared or energy misbalanced mental or physical or both because they are linked to ignore yourself is to ignore god and to turn yourself inside out to make yourself ill for someone else to the extent that you still physically feel it months later is a disrespect to all that created you in the first place

    By chilimango URL on 07.25.2011

  37. sick tired mad depressed poor tommy he is so sad man thats terrible i hope hes okay yeah me too he was in the hospital last time i talked to him. I think he has cancer, i hope he’s okay

    By Tyra on 07.25.2011

  38. i am ill to the sromache. it really sucks cause movies tonight. being ill makes me feel sad for all the ill people in the world. how does being ill affect my life, it jusi could be ill forever and nott be able to do anything ever again.

    By Ray URL on 07.25.2011

  39. He claims his immune system has the super natural ability to not be beaten… however, he fell ill three times last winter… and afterward..claimed he did not fall ill at all.

    By jovi5jovs URL on 07.25.2011

  40. I woke up. My eyes a blur and my fingers numb. I gazed at the mirror and looked at my patchy skin. I couldn’t go out today. My head, spinning, pounding like a thousand drums.

    By Charlotte on 07.25.2011