December 20th, 2013 | 66 Entries

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66 Entries for “if”

  1. i didn’t care. if it was different. if i were you. as if. if you were a woman, would you see it differently? ifs, and or buts. but, if?

    By Lee URL on 12.21.2013

  2. this is what it is all about , what if? two letters changing possibilities and outcomes of a path. time collapses in with what if being answered. so answer it.

    By raul on 12.21.2013

  3. If {I love you} = T,
    then mathematical mind collides with creativity
    reading transforms into writing
    animals become beasts
    anger cease.

    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 12.21.2013

  4. IF. Hey, that’s a simple word.
    Then why must my mind go so completely blank?
    Ah, I know why. The infinite options that present itself. A part of me wants to talk about what would happen IF things hadn’t gone the way they had and Joshua and I were still together, or what IF I never moved to Canada, what would I be today? What would I be doing at this exact moment?
    Well, not this, definitely.
    Then there’s a part of me that wants to talk about something completely preposterous. Like, what IF time travel were possible? Or head the theological path and ask myself, what IF God really existed? Or maybe even the philosophical, what IF everything I saw was only a creation of my own mind? Does anything even exist?
    IF only my words didn’t dry up so quickly… IF only I was like a lake in a cold rainy town, IF only I had any talent whatsoever; then maybe I would have made better garments with the enormous cloth I’ve received…

    By Batul URL on 12.21.2013

  5. FIRE! The fire-squad all flinched, all hesitated, and kept their ground but never fired. The crowd was singing tales of old resistant songs, which made the General nervous. Then one by one, members of the town began to file next to the great revolutionary, tied to the post, until almost 30 people were lined up along side the guerrilla fighter. The gentle and once fear driven towns people of the Pueblo of Our Lady the Guadalupe were ready to die if need be.

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 12.21.2013

  6. If I could fly,
    I wouldn’t care about money;
    If I could dance,
    I wouldn’t feel so alone;
    If I could write,
    as those poets do….
    I wouldn’t be so depressed.

    By chintywrite URL on 12.21.2013

  7. “What if the sky was made of chocolate?” Alice asked.
    “The what the clouds be made of?” I replied, smiling.
    “Whipped cream!”

    By Sophia URL on 12.21.2013

  8. If i were you, I probably would look better.

    When you are a programmer, you should use a lot of if function, because it has to be used for logical equals.

    By Adam on 12.21.2013

  9. I hate falling into that world. The IF world. Well, it’s not exactly, IF so much as What If.

    What if.

    It opens an entire world of fears and possibilities. It proves how powerful one choice, one action, one word is. The word ‘if’ proves how powerful it is in itself.

    By Jillian on 12.21.2013

  10. if things were different
    which of course they aren’t
    would we, too, be different?
    if the sun stopped rising
    and setting
    would our romance remain?
    the stars, are us
    and we would be no longer a beacon of possibility
    and the opposite of limited

    By grace on 12.21.2013

  11. If, the word for curiosity,
    The wonders of the human brain, to think of endless possibilities.
    If, a phrase that makes one question.
    Helps one think and improve their thinking.
    If, the word for questioning knowledge.

    By Rabia Moin on 12.21.2013

  12. if i was a bird
    i would be free
    free to do anything my heart desires
    free from expectations
    if i was a bird
    i could be myself.
    if i was a bird
    i could do anything.

    By ria on 12.21.2013

  13. If…. A powerful word.

    By Rabia Moin on 12.21.2013

  14. If I have to leave
    what will happen?
    I don’t want to go back.
    I can see my life play before my eyes
    if I move back there.
    And my biggest fear is monotony.
    Scared to go back home.

    By stargirl URL on 12.21.2013

  15. IF she hadn’t jumped that day. If she had taken just one more deep breath. If she had gotten one more smile. If she hadn’t felt like she was already dead inside. If she hadn’t cut that first time. If she had gotten just one more bar of chocolate at lunch. If she had known one more person cared.Then maybe she would have changed the world.

    By Mary on 12.21.2013

  16. If this was the end, he wanted to know it. The saddle bags were heavy on his horse, and he didn’t want to become more a burden on this horse’s last journey as well. He got off. The sand felt good under his bear and withered feet. Hot and soothing. He look Rover straight into his eyes, “go.”

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 12.21.2013

  17. If…. if I were prettier, if I were thinner, if I were smarter, if I were wealthy…. would it make any difference???

    By just a girl URL on 12.21.2013

  18. What if? The question to burn a hole in your mind, searing like a hot iron. The question to drag you down to the depths, a weight shackled to your leg. Conspicuous in its brevity, it cannot help but be repeated. What if? How it longs to imprint itself into your very being.

    By KT URL on 12.21.2013

  19. If you pick up the paper off of the porch, you’ll have to bring it inside. Your neighbors will know you’re a productive member of society and that you’re awake already. But if you don’t, you can go back into your house and go back to sleep. Or you can continue to work and get on with your day, and put on the front that you’re sleeping. They’ll pity you maybe, for being lazy and inadequate. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted, Monsieur? Leave the newspaper on the porch and greet the day tomorrow. Keep in mind what’s important and go back to your room and pretend to be as lazy as the people want you to be.

    By Julia URL on 12.21.2013

  20. if you do this, I promise I won’t ever leave you.
    those were the last words that I had heard from him. I don’t even know where I am anymore. I just hoped that he was alive. I couldn’t stand the thought of living without him. I needed him. And if he needed me to do this for him then I would. It was the least that I could do considering all that he’d done for me in the past. So I continued on, braved the elements, hoping that when I cam back he’d still be there.

    By Emily on 12.21.2013

  21. If we could touch the clouds, what would it be like? I don’t know. I wish I know.
    I wish I…
    I wish…
    I wish you were here with me.

    By M. URL on 12.21.2013

  22. A question arises from the depths
    of ones inner self
    looking for absolution
    in a world plagued with uncertainty
    situations played out by the mind
    long for answers that the outer world cannot answer
    spewing thoughts out like a hose spewing water
    and watering the grass that is your mind.

    By Lovelysunnyday URL on 12.21.2013

  23. If only she had waited. If only she had been patient, sitting still for more than five seconds. If only she had taken a calming breath.
    Then her knee wouldn’t have been jiggling, her foot wouldn’t have been tapping, and she wouldn’t have missed it when he walked in the door.
    If only.
    But you can’t live your life on “if”.

    By Kathryn on 12.21.2013

  24. Sometimes, I look out the wonder and dream I can fly.
    If only I had wings, I wonder aloud to my inner child.
    If only I were light as a bird, with hollow bones and a tiny, fast-beating heart.
    If only I were a bat, with leathery wings spanning out of my back like sails on a boat, catching the wind and carrying me up, up, up and away.
    If only.

    By Kathryn URL on 12.21.2013

  25. He is a wolf. If he were a dove he wouldn’t exist. If a picture paints a thousand words, an artist would need a Times Square jumbotron to capture one atom of him. If I fell in love with him, I would be reduced to an amoeba. Even as such, if I needed to escape his powers, I could play If It Wasn’t For The Nights by ABBA and he would melt away, his beautiful wickedness would be destroyed.

    By Miss Alister URL on 12.21.2013

  26. If is such a small word… yet it contains limitless possibility. Nothing without yourself can limit you; you are only limited by your own imagination.

    By mimimanderly URL on 12.21.2013