December 19th, 2013 | 76 Entries

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76 Entries for “celebrity”

  1. We are all celebrity in someone’s perspective; my favorite celebrity is Billie Joe Armstrong. He can convey his opinions with the help of music, his statement are generally rebellious in nature.

    By chintywrite on 12.20.2013

  2. I had make it. for a moment I was a celebrity. Truth be told, I am not too sure what I had done to accomplished that feat, but from the media coverage and shouts of approval from the crowd, I know that I had done something good.

    By victor URL on 12.20.2013

  3. “Let’s get one this straight, Redford, you’re only here because the Captain says so. Personally, I don’t give a rats ass about your so-called ‘celebrity status’.” tshe took a step forward, the slight lack in height doing nothing to decrease the hostility of the gesture. “And, for the record, if you get in the way of my case, I will BURY you. We clear?”
    The best-selling authoress offered her a winning smile. “Crystal,” Clarissa allowed the detective to take a half-dozen steps before she spoke again. “Detective?”
    She stopped, muscles tightening in her jaw even as she turned back. “What?”
    “I know who the killer is,”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 12.20.2013

  4. The word bring to my mind is fame. Fame is one of the most immense feeling one can have. But it screws up your personal life. Still what i feel is that they have their own personal space that they enjoy.

    By Anand Tiwari on 12.20.2013

  5. Celebrity celibates celebrity celebrations celebrity sobriety celebrity skin celebrity cellophane selling celebrity celebrations in cellophane senseless

    By Burger Clap on 12.20.2013

  6. I wanted to be a celebrity when I was younger. But not the celebrity of today – with their non-stop exposure, silly social media quips, awkward sexual trysts. I wanted glamour, respect, beauty; I wanted to be an “honest celebrity”.

    By sharon on 12.20.2013

  7. Moira was flabbergasted. Never in her life had she stood face to face with a real celebrity. Her mouth gaped, it was all too much to take in. Her feet felt wobbly, what was she to say? Her eyes averted, as they usually did in an awkward situation. ‘Uh.. It’s an honor to meet you ma’am,’ she managed to croak.
    Slowly, she turned her gaze upwards. To her surprise, the woman was laughing.
    Moira was baffled. Why was she laughing? Was she laughing at her? This plain looking shy peasant…her cheeks turned red.
    She never wanted to meet a celebrity again.

    By T URL on 12.20.2013

  8. Celebrities in today’s society have changed from the past. Many Hollywood celebrities have been negatively influenced since their childhood. A prime example of this is Miley Cyrus. She is a celebrity who has made very poor decisions

    By Ryan on 12.20.2013

  9. One who is so well known by all. People talk about them, write about them, copy their look, laugh at what they say, want to be them, and are jealous of everything they do.

    By Clare F on 12.20.2013

  10. wow. he looks so much shorter in person, look at the blemishes on her back! what an asshole – he could have waved back. i heard about her daughter – what a mess, he looks drunk already, oh, isn’t that whatshisname?

    By Lee on 12.20.2013

  11. Someone who you looked up to. Caleb Rity. Idolization. Unrealistic expectations of perfection and role model behaviour. Mistaken attribution. False idol. Disappointment. A denial of their humanity. Just a person with a guise.

    By Chantastique on 12.20.2013

  12. I usually think they are just mean pieces of shit. Popular pieces of shit. There could only be three things why they are popular – they did something good, they did something horrible, or their parents are celebrities too.

    By Marie Bjorn Landas URL on 12.20.2013

  13. Olivia was somewhat offended by the offer of crisps and beer. Her celebrity inflated ego had run ahead of itself and she now fancied herself snacking on more becoming snacks like Columbian chocolate and truffle infused canapes. She sneered at the waitress. A glass of Veuve please darling. And take those away.

    By pip333 on 12.20.2013

  14. a person who is famous and has a lot of money. someone who has to watch his or her actions because continue followed in the media. those people sometimes have a lot of chances without having to do something about it.

    By Lisa on 12.20.2013

  15. I think there are days we all wish we were a celebrity, so our lives would be easier financially, I know I do. Living each day worried over money is no fun.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 12.20.2013

  16. I never thought I would get so weary of seeing my own face. That smile is fake. Most people may not be able to tell, but I can. But little do they know that when I go home to my decadent mansion, I wander around wondering what the hell I’m supposed to do with myself.

    By asavas on 12.20.2013

  17. The tired actress put the car in park and took the the keys from the ignition. Hearing the engine sputter to dead, she put her head on the wheel of the car. She inhaled deeply and exhaled as a tap was issued on her driver’s side window.

    By Dillon on 12.20.2013

  18. I looked up from the magazine article that I was interviewed for several weeks ago. As usual, they always use an unflattering photo of me yawning or pretending that I am yelling at someone. Why can’t these people ever do me justice, I know I am not that expressive off camera, but come on now!

    By Dillon on 12.20.2013

  19. A famous person gets this term as their role in life. Wow, the glamour associated with the title? These people are rich, seem to have all the fun and then get to have their lives fall apart right before our eyes! I just can’t explain how far away from this I am in my dormant, dull life.

    By Jeff on 12.20.2013

  20. She is the queen. She is what they all want to see, want to be, but they don’t know. She is full of questions, she has no answers, her platform is her only solid ground and the tabloids sell her secrets beneath the planks.

    By Oliver on 12.20.2013

  21. The King wasn’t a celebrity. He was reviled by most and despised by many. All He’d done was speak the truth and they had rejected Him. They’d been His friends, His neighbors, listening and watching as He taught in the Syanauges. And now they watched as He hung on the cross, waiting for His Father to take Him home. Yeah, way better than a celebrity.

    By ShadowPrayers on 12.20.2013

  22. miley cyrus is stupid based on the media and how i have portrayed her on things like hannah montana, and i forgot the rest because she’s worthless. the end.

    By Darya on 12.20.2013

  23. She flips her hair, daring us to contradict her.

    Her mother sighs. “Out of all the things you wanted to be, why ever darling did you chose to be a celebrity?”

    By WearyWater URL on 12.20.2013

  24. I saw my face on the newspapers, half the time when I turned on the TV. I was so sick of it. I didn’t even do anything to deserve fame. All that happened was a stupid accident and now suddenly everyone knew my life story and wanted to be friends. I hated it. Being a celebrity sucked.

    By CJClaire on 12.20.2013

  25. she walks into the bar, dressed to the 9s with a boa and sparkling red shoes, cigarette stagnette between her fingers. Her hair is curled and smells of store bought hairspray. She looks around the bar for empty barstools and finds one next to a man.

    By Maggie URL on 12.20.2013

  26. She was very outgoing and always looking to meet up with people with high profiles. Photos with any celebrity would make her very happy!

    By Alexandra on 12.20.2013

  27. There just those people that every seems to be so crazy about. Celebrities. I don’t see what the big deal is though. They’re just people. People just like you and me. Sure they might be a little more attractive, a little more this and that. But they’re people, and the more society crazes over them, the less they become. Eventually, they’re just the idea of a person.

    By Rose on 12.20.2013

  28. Caught up in the lime light of your own greed, celebrity. Looking so perfect in your thousand dollar jacket made from the tears of your fans
    in a far away land
    Where money is god and charity is scarce as your humbleness celebrity
    Porsche mustang Cadillac please don’t make me laugh
    your as fake as your silicone and twice as flexible, as long as the job pays you’ll do what it takes to keep your green in the lime light.
    Would ever sign a picture for the 12 year old who assembled your smart phone that’s filling up with texts from your entourage of ego stroke’s and patsies? Would you ever help the smeared lipstick and smoky eyes that climb into the back of your car for a short night?
    or would you just cut them down like the lines crusted on your nostrils.
    Burn in the lime llight.

    By Gabriel Villas on 12.20.2013

  29. Fame is a misfortune of humanity that slowly eats away at society like corrosive termites on wood.

    By Rachael on 12.20.2013

  30. Why people are crazy about celebrity

    By Herb Costas URL on 12.20.2013

  31. Celebrity Chef? Overrated

    By Herb Costas URL on 12.20.2013

  32. we all want to be celebrities on the end?
    why do we all want to be celebrities
    because everyone wants the celebrity fame

    By John Terry URL on 12.20.2013

  33. He was the celebrity in the room. With hair like caramel and smiles like candy, every woman in the room wanted to talk to him, to fuck him, to devour him. So instead of staying, he decided to walk outside with a freshly-lit cigarette and leave.

    By Sophia URL on 12.20.2013

  34. They were very outgoing and always looking to meet up with people with high profiles. Photos with any celebrity would make her very happy!

    By John Terry URL on 12.20.2013

  35. Whine, wail, hiss and spit, the throwing up of hands – the reactions to those things that don’t come easy – and they should, dammit, they should – but they don’t and Oh don’t that start it all back up again! the anger, grousing and mental flailing, the throwing of books at lamps and bodies to the floor, kicking, rolling, just knowing it’d be all sunshine and smiles if we were known by all those who don’t know us.

    By Miss Alister URL on 12.20.2013

  36. False, fake. Hiding behind dead smiles, practiced in the mirror for show, so wrong on the outside they can’t remember what it feels like anymore to have a soul, and they wander lifelessly through a meaningless existence. Vultures who’ll pillage anyone for their 15 minutes of fame and not concerned with the concept of immortality

    By Becca on 12.20.2013