August 6th, 2009 | 407 Entries

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407 Entries for “idol”

  1. That’s what you are to me, you see. I’m pushing my pen around like I pushed around the rice on my plate the other night because you were upset. I love you is the thing. And so there is some tiny part of me that idolizes you, regardless of the fact that I’m always pointing out your humanity. I can’t help that I nitpick. It’s twice as bad when it comes down to the fact that you are the most easygoing and caring creature. I guess that’s why females were made to be mothers, and you were made just to be golden.

    By Megan on 08.07.2009

  2. this is one word

    By carol on 08.07.2009

  3. evry1s gud.. v ought to lern frm evrybdy around us.. no particular idol fr me :)

    By aakriti on 08.07.2009

  4. idol my heart aches, an idol gets in your stomach and you start feeling nervous somewhere around your armpits, gooseflesh on the back of your upper arms. Pay attention. An idol breaks my heart, an American idol, a Chinese idol, the idol no one knows about, I ache to tell but cannot. Oh, idol. Idle. I doll.

    By grrlpup on 08.07.2009

  5. there are many things in this world that people idolize. money. power. people. all of these are superficial earthly things. the only thing that should be idolized is God – the one true God. he created you. he is all that matters in this world. our existence is based off of his. he is the ultimate idol…idolize nothing else.

    By Vanessa on 08.07.2009

  6. gather spandex
    round the bends
    ancient liquifiers
    fiery intuition
    reveling in the
    deeper nights,
    when business
    takes hold
    with tales of
    woebegone, filibuster,
    & corning ware.
    intensity, billabongs

    By paschal on 08.07.2009

  7. The stone idol was surrounded by worshippers, their white paints imprinted on their dark skin. As their chanting became louder and louder, ever more intense; the dark clouds above loomed over, as if held by the idol’s power.

    By Tailscoolio on 08.07.2009