August 2nd, 2009 | 195 Entries

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195 Entries for “planet”

  1. My room fwas like an undersea palace, swirling in and out of conscious vision. This was the only land I knew. This was my planet.

    By Katie on 08.02.2009

  2. My planet is a beautiful one, it’s a pity we don’t keep in propoerly. I want to be on Planet Love , my husband tells my daughter stories about it. They are lovely!!

    By Sunray on 08.02.2009

  3. When two very extreme planets collide, one sweltering hot, the other stiffening cold, a moment of passion dissolves world’s the differences to bring the two lovers into a bone-crushing embrace.

    By weiyein on 08.02.2009

  4. jthis is a small place to be and its even toghur to sit here and brain storm about all the things that go its tough knowin that life exist and ur apart of it but i guess thats the way were design how we are createdd to beloive in somethind so we are a planet of thinking

    By marcus on 08.02.2009

  5. Planet earth and its foolish inhabitants are beautiful and quaint in their own way. Some think recycling a few bottles will save this world. But I know you know better. We are all doomed, proper style. And this time, we’re just going to have to suffer through it and learn our lesson.

    By Y on 08.02.2009

  6. this planet’s a weird place
    everyone talks about second chances, but no one will ever give one
    love is supposedly the most important thing, but everyone’s scared of it
    hypocrisy is king and everyone hates hypocrites

    By razzle on 08.02.2009

  7. planet

    By kathi on 08.03.2009

  8. Bigger than we seem to be. Origins stagger the most brilliant of minds. Many say they know, when they really don’t. Our mother? Or Father? Neither. Our bane.

    By Zelsbecker on 08.03.2009

  9. earth. blue. our home in the blackness of space.

    By c w on 08.03.2009

  10. Planetary domination is often viewed as a suckers game. Who would want to dominate a planet when they could dominate the whole universe, one often asks. Well, have you developed the technology to travel the stars? Have you?
    Didn’t think so. Commence Operation Arcturus

    By Damo on 08.03.2009

  11. two suns met and they created a very big planet of glass whit crystal towers.

    By gwezheneg on 08.03.2009

  12. A small place called Earth. Where creations has truly blossomed.

    By susan on 08.03.2009

  13. Why do we believe there is another planet out there that supports life? If you observe this one, where we walk around people asleep in the streets, or allow men with machetes to hack off the limbs of the innocent or force automatic rifles into the hands of children, it would appear our world is dead as Jupiter.

    By Brian Slusher on 08.03.2009

  14. men are from mars and women from the planet venus. if that is the case what are they doing on earth? is it good for bad for girls and boys to study separately or in co-ed? i think it brings the best in you when u grow up together.

    By tara on 08.03.2009

  15. Planets are awesome. Without them, we’d float into space due to the lack of gravity. It would make sex awkward too.

    By John on 08.03.2009

  16. our planet is big and blue and round and suspended in mid air along with eight other planets, actually only seven other planets because they banned pluto and sent it to time out and was all hey you’re not a planet anymore you’re just a big floating rock and you’re dumb. i loved pluto. i thought he was the coolest planet out there. and now they crushed his dreams. and i’m talking about a planet like a person. i haven’t had any sleep all night, i was tired before but i’m not anymore at all

    By melanie Bertelson on 08.03.2009

  17. planets could have been burning
    up for all i would have noticed.

    our planet, could have been spinning
    out of control into some dark,
    hideous hole of empty nothingness.

    i would never have noticed. not while
    your lips were on mine, your breath
    in my mouth, your taste on my tongue.

    neither would i have cared.

    By Liz on 08.03.2009

  18. large object with live

    By Mike on 08.03.2009

  19. its big, you know. The planet. But not as big as some peoples egos. I did a funny. No, but seriously it’s dying on its arse and most of you don’t even give a fuck.

    By Richard Fire on 08.03.2009

  20. So, there I was, merrily minding my own business, when the sun suddenly sent rays to catch the play of shadow and light in his hair. The planet came to a sudden halt, nay, all creation hushed and marvelled at that first gasp of recognition. I spoke my first words to him more than a year later. And after everything that subsequently happened, I haven’t spoken to him in over 10 years. But I will never forget the first time I saw him, the day my earth stood still.

    By ilili on 08.03.2009

  21. earth is a planet and it’s my home..
    my love ones live in it too..
    9 planets, . mercury, venus, earth, saturn, jupiter, pluto, netune, uranus, mars

    By yoh on 08.03.2009

  22. The planet.
    It is full of strange people.
    Why can’t we get along.
    There is this woman.
    we have the some ideas and philosophies and actually the same lots of stuff but we fight like cats. She’s an evil cow.
    I wish she wasn’t on this planet.
    Or me.
    Either way, I want her out of my face.
    Instead she’s there every day.

    By donna on 08.03.2009

  23. The Earth, it’s a great place to live, but it may not always be so. Some people are mining its resources, using them without regard for long-term effects. Unfortunately, this makes a great place to live potentially less great.

    However, putting that aside, there’s still plenty to do. There are oceans and mountains to see, swim and climb.

    By Grahame Turner on 08.03.2009

  24. in the whole scheme of things the earth is nothing. just a dot in a mass of planets. and we, the people on the earth, are miniscule compared to the rest of the world. our lives blend as one.

    By adr on 08.03.2009

  25. There’s this prestigious planet the serendipitous discovery of which happened last Sunday by my pet dolphin Rodriguez. Rodriguez doesn’t smell because that would be racist. So this planet is made of sand. What the fuck is up with that?

    By Ojji McNabb on 08.03.2009

  26. die already, you stupid planet

    By bill gates on 08.03.2009

  27. Earth is a planet. There are hundreds of other planets, too. However Pluto had its planet status stolen from him in a cruel twist of fate. Scientists do no like the small and crooked.

    By Elizabeth on 08.03.2009

  28. Plan X is hovering in the sky, black, waiting. Silents. Cold. Everyone wants to go but no one can. We want what we can’t have.

    By Queue on 08.03.2009

  29. planets, its where we live. there are nine of them, ours is pretty cool i guess. you know mars. Its red…. oh wait, whats that? we live on earth? you dont say….. well men are from mars. Yeaah

    By Rosaa on 08.03.2009

  30. I wish we weren’t destroying it. People can’t seem to think about their children, grandchildren, anyone but themselves. The old people are the worst. They seem to not care anymoe. As if everything is out of their hands and they may as well not even try. I bet old people and Disney World are the reasons our planet is as bad as it is…without them we might actually be doing alright.

    By Steph on 08.03.2009

  31. I am between planets, flying high above clouds that are wispy like a child’s hair. I am a moon, one dark side, one in the light. I am alone, gaseous and angry. I am a fireball of energy. I am imploding into dark matter. I am a universe unto myself.

    By Kemari on 08.03.2009

  32. pluto is no longer a planet, apparently. I know there are a lot of people out there who feel robbed by the idea. Once a planet, now not so much. I wonder if that stems indirectly into some aspect of their lives…and how little is really in their hands.

    Science deemed Pluto a planet. Now Science has suddenly deemed it not one.

    How is any of this fair>

    By maryam piracha on 08.03.2009

  33. He didn’t plan it.
    Living on this planet.

    By Mags on 08.03.2009

  34. IS a small word. Big meaning. It describes scale, where we live and the only real inheritance we leave to our children. The planet. we have names for others, ours just gets an article-THE planet.

    By Gabe Ortiz on 08.03.2009

  35. planets are where they go in star trek. They go and visit the planets to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before! And they almost always end up finding danger or trouble on the planets

    By Shannon on 08.03.2009