September 8th, 2014 | 73 Entries

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73 Entries for “humid”

  1. everyone always feels weighed down
    blaming the humidity
    when all it really is
    is the the walls of our hearts
    collecting these heavy drops.

    By Amanda Renee on 09.08.2014

  2. It was so fucking humid. The worst part was her lover of the day was completely wrapped around her. Snoring. She’d never been so uncomfortable in her life. And yet, she let him. He was young. Younger than her usual. Maybe 21, but probably not. His long dark hair was stuck to his cheeks. His eyelashes were splayed out like spider’s legs. He reminded her of her son. That probably should have put her off but it didn’t.

    By Kit on 09.08.2014

  3. humid air makes it hard to breathe
    like the pressure i feel when you’re gonna leave me
    i can’t let you go
    no no no
    i won’t let you go
    I can’t overcome this feeling i have inside
    This emptiness
    This loneliness
    This really bad vibe
    The air is so humid
    I just want you here
    The air is so humid
    That’s my biggest fear

    By Jaya on 09.08.2014

  4. She could feel the humid air suffocating her as she ran. Perspiration drenched her clothes, but she didn’t stop for a moment, knowing that she could be caught.
    Because to her, dying wasn’t the worst punishment. No; they spent years and years in countless labs trying to create her. The worst punishment would be to get caught, put under sleep and never to see daylight again.

    By nobody on 09.08.2014

  5. you think that the humidity is whats bringing you down
    whats making you feel like theres no one around
    but fear no more
    my darling child
    its your mind thats driving you crazy
    its your mind thats bringing you down
    its the way that you think
    the way that you act
    the way that you are thats making you sad

    By alive on 09.08.2014

  6. My hair is better than any barometer or measure of humidity, I can tell you before there’s a storm because my already large locks will stand up on end and proclaim to all the world, STORM

    By Tanner on 09.08.2014

  7. My breath was more notable than it usual was – every time my lungs worked, they drew my attention. The air was hot, and very humid, warming the inside of my chest like a candle flame – but, more than that, I wasn’t in the mountains any more. There had to be twice the oxygen, twice the energy flowing into my bones. To put it simply, the air was thicker, wetter and warmer here, and to be honest, it made me slightly faint.

    By a terrible poet on 09.08.2014

  8. I never wanted to be awake on those days, so I wasn’t. I would fall from dreams without opening my eyes, and become suddenly aware of the sheets sticking to my skin. I hate summer. In a house with no air conditioning there’s no where to find a solid breath of air. Might as well sleep through it. No reason not to. Yeah, I could sleep the whole day away.

    By Jeannie on 09.08.2014

  9. When i walked out into the open air the first thing I felt was the damp humidity on my face. I hadn’t felt like this since the last time I had walked on this beach, but that was a long time ago. Long before the incident…

    By Hanna on 09.08.2014

  10. “Damn,” Reese grumbled, shielding his eyes from the sun. “What happened?”

    I looked up at his reddening face, and then to the hurning concrete. It was hot, sure, but in Ohio it got way hotter, and not in the dry heat, either. It was humid, and outright nasty, but Reese didn’t seem to be interested in this when I told him, he was too busy waving his folder at his face to create some type of comfort.

    By Ohdear URL on 09.08.2014

  11. The humidity in Houston is like the sweaty hug from a complete stranger that I receive daily: it’s completely unwanted and yet I still accept it.

    Maybe the city isn’t rejecting me after all.

    By Risa on 09.08.2014

  12. the air licked his skin, a beast all around him waiting to swallow him whole. he inhaled to speak but felt a warmth enter his lungs uninvited. felt the looming presence about him, not solid yet somehow still tangible. it breathed. it waited. dewy dirt and grass waiting for him to collapse, waiting to make bark from his bones.

    By sunnysuraj on 09.08.2014

  13. Humid is a step foot outside the front door of your home. Humid is laying in a steaming bath too long. Humid is being so close to someone you feel their body heat, you absorb it, and then you give it back to them. Humid is not always bad, but it is in Houston.

    By Junco on 09.08.2014

  14. She steps outside only to have the breath knocked out of her by the heavy, sticky, air. She thinks the locals call it ‘humid’ but she isn’t quite sure. There is no word for it in her language; her mother land has no such weather.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.08.2014

  15. I don’t know where the wind went, but it’s not coming back anytime soon. It’s lost all patience with me, and I’ve done it wrong. I would apologize, but I can’t even feel the memory of its presence. It’s so far gone that I’m melting into the heat wave encasing me.

    By 1word2wordsredwordblueword on 09.08.2014

  16. Myra gasped for air, her long, lank hair sticking to her neck like straw colored plastic wrap to day old hot dogs. She swatted at flies buzzing around her head and tried to concentrate on her breathing. The air was thick and hung around the porch like mosquito netting. Myra took a deep breath in, fanning herself with her too-thin hand.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 09.08.2014

  17. Serina breathed in the sticky air, which felt like syrop in her lungs, and wished for the hudredth time she hadn’t said yes to Carlos. Why had she said yes.
    The arrogant fool stood a few feet away, coat flapping in the breeze, glasses gleaming in the bright sunlight this damned Island had too much of, scroll proferred for perusal.
    Maybe she was the fool then, and not he.

    By joycronje on 09.08.2014

  18. wow the accuracy of this statement
    makes me question how “weather” the network is
    hmm, conspiracies
    do flourish best
    under wet conditions.
    i wonder how much of the human brain’s
    mass is due to water
    and unripe thoughts

    By Kairn on 09.08.2014

  19. He didn’t mind that it was humid, the heat would have him sweating so much that he would be wet anyway. But what he could not stand was the freezing cold blasts of air that hit him as he walked past storefronts, chilling his torso and sending cold jarring tingles down his spine, tiring him more than the walking did.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.08.2014

  20. It was hot, it was humid, and it was hostile. No one wanted to leave their respective corners. They drank their beers ice cold to keep their inner temperatures chilled. They wore caps soaked with faucet water to keep their foreheads damp and sweat-free. Outside, the breeze was weak, and the sun overbearing. We had brought this on ourselves. Now we simply sat through the consequences, consuming whatever crumbs were left over.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.08.2014

  21. I always used to say that I preferred holding hands with cold, icy palms until I wrapped my fingers around yours.

    By jolyssa on 09.08.2014

  22. In the winters of California,
    Summer clings to the air,
    Gesturing welcome to the illusion
    Of the tropics.
    Blindly, the citizens and natives,
    Forgetting the past,
    Cold and wet,
    Welcome the lack of rain,
    Fancying themselves fortunate
    To avoid the troubles of snow
    Before traveling to the peaks
    Armed with heavy coats
    And expertly crafted and reinforced
    Sheets of wood,
    Usable only in the climate they love
    To love the pleasures of.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 09.08.2014

  23. sadfadsfasddfasdf

    By mar URL on 09.08.2014

  24. I hate when it is humid outside.
    It makes my plan to go running fail
    I already have a hard enough time trying to workout, and then this.
    I am really for fall.
    Lets hope I drop the pounds this winter for once.
    Need to be skinny!! Well er

    By Maggie on 09.08.2014

  25. The night was thick and humid. The stench of rotting corpses stung her nose as it entered. Her eyes were closed. Either she was too afraid to open them, or something outside of herself forced them shut.

    By Sunny on 09.08.2014

  26. The space occupied between air molecules dripping with moisture, forming dew, one might say that is a humid state indeed.

    By Intuition on 09.08.2014

  27. Dank with sweat, drug ridden, and cursed with swagger. A dense weight on your eyelids and brows. Inescapable and monomaniac.

    By jess on 09.09.2014

  28. The pallor that sweeps the grey-green sky drags our hearts into new places, places where the gentle rhythm entwines with a pulsating flow of sound that envelops us in a humid embrace, that drags us down and out and into the world.

    By John on 09.09.2014

  29. Heavy rain is a distant dream, the wet heat creeping closer starts to feel obscene.

    By BAZERO on 09.09.2014

  30. humid

    By daniel URL on 09.09.2014

  31. The temerpatures have been so mild here, andf the humid has stayed away as well which has made for a very mild summer. Curious as to wghat the winter will be like.

    By trkstr67 on 09.09.2014

  32. She remembered stepping out of the small airport building and inhaling the dark, humid tropical night for the first time. How the heavy air seemed to sit at the bottom of her lungs for a few moments before seeping into her blood. The days that followed peeled her out of the last pretenses of her former life, the business skirts, the smart shoes. The contents of her suitcase were a debris of a past gone.

    By eleia on 09.09.2014

  33. As she walked through the woods, she could see that it was so humid out the moisture was dripping off the leaves of the trees.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 09.09.2014

  34. the sticky air makes my clothes stick to me like a second skin. it cloys in my breath. it weighs down the bird’s flight, the bird’s who take cover to the densest shade in the trees where the moisture condenses and feeds mosses and lichens.

    By Clayton on 09.09.2014

  35. It was a very humid day in the middle of summer. The storm clouds were gathering up above. He looked up at them and wondered what kind of storm they would bring. A thunderstorm, a hailstorm, a urioli storm, or another kind of storm they had not yet experienced in that part of the world.

    By Rusty on 09.09.2014

  36. warm air and sweaty skin, the heat driving both to seek comfort in the shade. Rainforest towered around, beautiful.

    By gee on 09.09.2014

  37. It gets very humid in Wisconsin. My hair gets HUGE in the humidity! Heat with humidity is not something I enjoy. I’d rather not have all of that moisture in the air and live in a place without humidity. I can’t wait until it cools down so we don’t have to deal with the humidity for awhile.

    By Ms. Schumacher on 09.09.2014

  38. Humid is very hot it can be a rainy day and be very humid out at the same time.

    By jenna on 09.09.2014

  39. What is this word im so confused i have no idea what that word is ive never seen it before in my life well i take that back i think ive seem it before or heard it i just forgot what it is or what it means i think it means warm maybe

    By Abby on 09.09.2014

  40. swhen it is varry hot out side and ac may de needed in the house. humid is in the summer time and nice weather out side.

    By pigs on 09.09.2014