November 30th, 2012 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “himself”

  1. he was himself when he was alone. He could scream eat a lot sleep make funny faces or insult others and that was ok because he was himself.

    By Rony on 12.01.2012

  2. How do you even use himself in a sentence. This is a very tough writing exercise for today with a word like himself. I am totally drawing a blank so I have diverted the topic over to the difficulty of writing about the word himself.

    By Joe Carey URL on 12.01.2012

  3. Himself. It was a secret between him and himself. He kept talking to himself about it. Who is ‘he’ though? ‘He’ is Roger. Roger Simons. He was a lonely kid in 7th grade, He was always bullied. He talked to no one but himself, that’s all.

    By Malak on 12.01.2012

  4. What you need to understand is that you don’t owe anybody anything. Everyone puts on a facade of social likability for the sake of mutual friendship, and the envy of their peers. How quickly does this get old? Why bother trying to make yourself seem friendly to someone who thinks themselves better than you? Why bother contacting someone when all they’re going to do is mock you for contacting them, and not “your other friends”? People are quick to place themselves on unworthy pedestals, and their egos are far, far greater than they seem initially – earned without any reason except that they read poetry and compare themselves to great authors, convinced that they are above the common people because they experience feelings from Allen Ginsberg or Kerouac. You’re better off not caring about anybody else. Go around with a face unhindered by a mask that exists only to garner you friendship that you don’t really want.

    By T. on 12.01.2012

  5. all he thought about was himself. i tried to infiltrate that world but it was a one man show, a barren land with only one adventurer. he did not need a companion, he would venture forth by himself. Maybe he did have all the answers. maybe he knew something we didnt know, could not understand.

    By helena URL on 12.01.2012

  6. The mirror stared back at him, it’s slightly fogged surface obscuring his already disfigured reflection. What did the world see when they looked at him. A hero? A father? A Savior?

    He was none of those things he thought as he set the bloodied instrument down on the foyer table, surveying the mess around him. He searched inside himself to find what he was. He discovered the right word.

    He was free.

    By Mike Thompson on 12.01.2012

  7. He is himself, he is not someone else. YThere’s only one, he is deep, he is invisible, but always seen. It’s the essence of a person we’re talking about, nothing else.

    By efqfqdqdg URL on 12.01.2012

  8. He shed a light on the new face before him and could not understand this glaring reality. Change is said to be a slow thing but this one had shocked him as he stared at the new version of himself, he wept.

    By Tess URL on 12.01.2012

  9. He looked himself in the eye. Mirrors never lie, he thought. Oh, the young boy still had much to learn as he stepped into the cold, thinking he knew exactly what he was. Young, different, and alone. There’s always something not quite right about a mirror, though.

    By Maxfield Paris URL on 12.01.2012

  10. I know of this Adam with two faces type who knows and cares only about himsel.He is so self-centered and irresponsible.He just thinks about himself. One day I saw he was running to chase me while I was jogging in the park. He grabbed my rib and pushed me real hard.I questioned him of why he was so rough to me.He replied sadistically,”It was you,you, who had ruined our relationship!” .In no ado, I tried to escape from his clutch, and ran away because I know that he was a liar and he was the one who renege the firm promise between the two of us and betrayed our precious love.. and now I am taking care everything on my own.

    By Anna on 12.01.2012

  11. thinking about himself, his ego. don’t care about anything else.

    By anja on 12.01.2012

  12. He is truly himself. There is no other like him. He tried to be anything other than himself and he failed. Miserably. He is the only one who could pull off him as perfectly as he does. He is himself.

    By Saffy on 12.01.2012

  13. Himself. Him. He who is one with self. A man who through out every course of his day finds himself being only him. He is free from all purgury, all doubt of inadequaicy. He is Honest, Whole, and Truth. Never straying from self. Full of as much depth and color as any oneself.

    By jordan URL on 12.01.2012

  14. He did it by himself

    By Joel on 12.01.2012

  15. He knew that this was, the big one. He was finally going to do it by himself. Those two grueling years of training had prepared him for this moment and he was ready. Boots on, he took great manly steps towards his opponent. He pulled himself up, pulled his nappy down and did it. His first poo. All he could think of the whole time was the smile that would be on his mum’s face, her proud tears. He was the champion.

    By Hannah on 12.01.2012

  16. He is just himself and never be herself or myself unless If I am himself.He will be just himself who sits and thinks about himself and never about herself.Whoever himself is,he is his own himself if he thinks merely about himself and not about yourselves,ourselves, herself, itself or themselves.Uniquely, himself conquers the world while herself cradles the world. Oddly the queers queering the world reversely.

    By Anna on 12.01.2012

  17. The man blinked several times, looking at the reflection in the mirror. Various pots and tubes lay around the sink as the stage makeup ran from his face, revealing what he most wanted to see.
    What he wanted to be.

    By Freya URL on 12.01.2012

  18. He himself was a rather nice gentleman. His mum adored him. His son looked up at him. Since the day his wife passed away, he changed.

    By Valen URL on 12.01.2012

  19. He thought about himself a lot these days. It was his favorite thing to think about, if he was honest. It wasn’t necessarily vanity, if he was being conscientious about his appearance, his manner of speaking. He was learning how to be himself well, to be his best self. Alice teased him almost constantly about it. When he’d whine about it, she’d say she was keeping him humble.

    By Hannah Spangler URL on 12.01.2012

  20. Himself really prefers his things. He also really likes hanging out with his friends, watching his movies and doing stuff that he enjoys. He prefers his own company to others, simply because he fits himself better than anyone. He knows that that in fact the dog is not is best friend, he is.

    By Sus on 12.01.2012

  21. He’s not himself anymore, she thought before leaving the abandoned house she had used to stalk him for the last 2 hours. “It’s just not as fun as it used to be” she mumbled walking away from the door. The truth was that he knew she would be watching.

    By Paulina on 12.01.2012

  22. He saw himself in a mirror. The mirror and the image contained did not belong to him. He asked himself what all of these impressions and ideas within himself meant.

    By Mike on 12.01.2012

  23. In the mirror the only thing that he could recognise was the mole from birth on his right cheek, but saw nothing of himself in the person staring back at him. He hadn’t faced a mirror in over ten years, being chained up and only exercised when needed to keep him alive. Ten years of lost time…and this was a horror story. This was not the man he knew staring back.

    By Fox URL on 12.01.2012

  24. being selfish being a man and everything about power and sex and sexuality people will think thqt you are nt a man so himself is everything that you are and be you and himself to be a manbe a man

    By okan on 12.01.2012

  25. was it the world, was it his girl friend?. If he tries to find himself, what would he discover? A new fantasy?, a new hobby? What would he find?…

    By Alex on 12.01.2012

  26. He himself and I, We form a group he himself and I, Strong like the tides and the rise of the sun. We shine like the moon, he himself and I. She is then other half of he himself and I.

    By Wolf URL on 12.01.2012

  27. “He who doesn’t lie to himself, even if a little bit, is perhaps the unhappiest person in the world.”

    He stood back and looked at the sentence he wrote down. Yes, it sounded about right. Little would he know though, he himself had never been there..

    By meep? on 12.01.2012

  28. Who is he? He, himself, didn’t know. He looks in the mirror, trying to come to a conclusion. He is a fairly tall man with brown, scraggly hair. He could use a bit of a shave as well. His eyes are a perfect shade of blue, and his eyelashes are fairly long. Moving down his body, he notices his strong muscles. But he cannot remember who he is. He stares at himself, or what he concludes is him, and cries.

    By Mary on 12.01.2012

  29. I am himself himself is referring to me he can be himself and I think he should stay himself for who is he if not himself. Are

    By Bridge on 12.01.2012

  30. I accidentally found her. By complete mistake. I never intended for this to happen, but it did. I found her, and then I lost her, and now I have me, myself, I, but no one else. Myself, but not her. And she was all I wanted, and I didn’t know it until I lost her on purpose.

    By clw on 12.01.2012

  31. Looks at himself and wants to be nothing else. Is it possible to just free himself and take everything he lives for out. the whole would see, and never let him be himself. Is he who he wants to be. how can he just be himself.

    By Joshua URL on 12.01.2012

  32. Himself, myself, herself, and they
    Themselves himself thought
    Brutish to say.

    Herself to himself changed, you see,
    Can such be applied

    Myself thinks it a mix of two
    Rather than one or other;
    Ignoring history just won’t do.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 12.01.2012

  33. He, himself and nobody else. That’s who he is and he doesn’t care. He is unique and he knows it. He is nobody else, just HIMSELF. That is all he needs. Nobody else. He is mature, and doesn’t care what anybody thinks or says about him. He says to himself “Me, Myself and I that’s all that matters to me”

    By Samantha on 12.01.2012

  34. He goes to work for his country leaving his family and friends behind he makes the sacrifice for them so they can live free and so he can feel as if he is contributing to something great

    By Adams on 12.01.2012

  35. The mirror can be a thing of great pleasure, or great pain depending on how you feel about yourself. As he stared into the reflective surface of the glass, he couldn’t help but notice the aged look of his skin, and the sunken, dead look of his eyes.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 12.01.2012

  36. I needed his patience; I needed him to understand how terrified I could be when it came to the dark room and the silence only those nights brought. But he couldn’t understand; he couldn’t wait any longer.

    And when I left, he was still thinking only of himself.

    By Marissa URL on 12.01.2012

  37. I wonder what the world is through his eyes, the face in the mirror, the one I see every day, his own now. The words on the page that I’m reading too, different and layered and a past and a future that is invisible to me. Every ghost that passes by in that room, an incalculable number, meant for no one but himself.

    By Rachel URL on 12.01.2012

  38. He does not likely see himself
    As ignorant
    As caustic
    As shameless
    He does not really know himself
    He can only show himself
    The casualties he routinely hurts himself
    Are only smudges in his hellish domain

    By recogirl URL on 12.01.2012

  39. he is always himself. never change and he even started abating and abandoning people much in life. he need to change and give a chance to people into his life and l

    By sreelekha on 12.01.2012

  40. All the time in the world and there was one thing on his mind.
    Don’t take him as selfish. He only wants to be better. Better for you, better for his family, better for anyone in the world who needs someone to be better for them. He wants to change only one thing.

    By jollymosh URL on 12.01.2012