May 1st, 2008 | 207 Entries

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207 Entries for “listen”

  1. I hear it, baby. That’s the new sound we’ve been waiting for! (As a DJ this comes only rarely. At first every new album excites you, opens some new musical door, but now I’m a veteran on the front lines and only the good stuff sounds out.) Hott 2 Deff by Lyrics Born is the new thing!

    By Tom on 05.02.2008

  2. I like to listen to sports radio in the morning.

    By ob on 05.02.2008

  3. listen to me speak my name and tell me it is not poetic justice. shining through the veil of mirrored sunshine you show your eyes to me full of sadness and want of something more than the apologies spoken by so many.

    By jb on 05.02.2008

  4. I love spring as there is so much to listen to outside after you have been cooped up all winter. the soft breeze in the trees and the sound of the woodpecker, robin and cardinal… what a happy sound.

    By SHM on 05.02.2008

  5. If you listen well you will learn well.

    By mike sheppard on 05.02.2008

  6. Listening is hte easiest and the hardest thing for a human being to do. A passive act requiring no action nor special skill but most people are unable to accomplish this simple activity for more than a few moments without having to speak or ignore what is being said.

    By Seth Spotnitz on 05.02.2008

  7. it’s really hard to do sometiimes especially when it’s someone you don’t like. but it helps ppl to get things out. takes some stress away, lets ppl know that others care. if you listen really closely to nature, it can change your whole life. it’s good to listen to your body too bc it can tell you valuable things.

    By lesleyhughes on 05.02.2008